Raghu engages in a fake marriage with Sumitra in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

Raghu’s search for finding a suitable life partner for Shivani came to an end when he saw Karan in his office. Karan is his boss and Renuka’s son. Later he comes to know that Karan is Shivani’s childhood friend and her silent lover. Raghu determines to get Shivani settled with Karan. Shivani tries to get close to Raghu and confesses her love to him so many times. Raghu makes it clear to her that he is her mere servant and nothing else. He tells her that he wants her to get married to someone of her status. Shivani gets shocked.

Raghu makes plan to hurt Shivani so that she starts hating him. He embarrasses her infront of her school friends in school reunion party, but Shivani supports her husband’s acts. Shivani tries to make Raghu jealous and befriends with goons. Raghu beats them and gets angry on Shivani. Shivani tells him that it was love which he was declining all the while, which compelled him to take such a step. Raghu refuses to love her. He feels he is not made for her because of his low status. Raghu asks her to marry Karan. Shivani agrees to marry him on one condition. She asks him to get married to Sumitra first, if he wishes to see her married to Karan. Raghu gets shocked.

Raghu comes home with Sumitra wearing a bridal attire and garlands around their necks. Everyone get shocked. Bella confronts Raghu for marrying Sumitra and hurting Shivani to the core. Shivani cries and recalls her words. She gets hurt. Raghu tells his family that Shivani asked him to marry Sumitra and that’s why he married him. He asks his family to respect Sumitra as she is his wife now. Well, some of the family members accept Sumitra while Bella doesn’t approve of the marriage. Shivani tells Raghu that she hates him very much.

Later it will be revealed that Raghu has entered in a fake marriage with Sumitra. He didn’t marry her, but is just pretending to marry her. He thanks Sumitra for helping him and acting with him as a married couple. Sumitra is known for her evil ways will determine to throw Shivani out of house and make a place for herself in Raghu’s life. Even though Raghu doesn’t want to hurt Shivani, but hurt her inorder to get her married to Karan. Raghu loves Shivani, but is unaware of his own feelings or don’t want to accept it because of his status.

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se will be having a Maha Episode on Saturday where Shivani will demand Raghu to marry her leaving Sumitra. Raghu gets shocked.

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