Saras and Kumud land in Mumbai to start a new life in Saraswatichandra

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Saras and Kumud - Samud




Post Ghuman’s arrest, everything fell into place at the Desai house. Laxminandan got well and have accepted Kabir by his heart. Laxminandan came to know Ghuman’s truth by Vidyachatur and he has kicked her out of his life. He forgives Kabir knowing Kabir misunderstood him and held him responsible for his mum Saraswati’s death. Now that everything is clear, and Ghuman’s sins’ pot is broken, she landed in jail and Kabir landed in Desai house. Let’s see when Ghuman returns with a bang. We will keep you updated about it!!

Saras gets a new project in Mumbai. He convinces everyone to let them go and achieve their dreams. Saras and Kumud shift to Mumbai and start a happy married life which they deserved long time back. Now, they will be able to have some good quality time between them. Saras and Kumud make a beautiful home and Kumud gives her personal touches to it.

In the promo, Kumud’s new look is shown. She got a makeover and got rid of sarees. She is seen wearing modern clothes and looks beautiful. She will be wearing trendy kurtis to set off a mark. Saras looks awesome in the promo and the passion is his voice is clearly seen. Saras tells her that Mumbai’s high winds will bring them more closer. We hope to see some great romantic moments between the couple. Watch out Saraswatichandra on Star Plus.

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7 responses to “Saras and Kumud land in Mumbai to start a new life in Saraswatichandra”

  1. pari Avatar

    kumud is looking nice in new we will get to see samud romantic scenes which was missing since longtime.

  2. rainv7bow Avatar

    Kumud s dashing n promo.. Jenny rockz… Love U Samud

  3. Alidadda1982 Avatar

    Where i can see the rest if the episode…..? It stope when kumud and saras left for mombay, please answer my question i like this serie so much

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      The couple will be shown in Mumbai in June. Keep watching the show to see their amazing love track.

  4. Priya Avatar

    Can I know wht type of style kumud is wearing in mumbai episodes?

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      Hi Priya, Kumud is shown wearing Long Kurtis and leggings, having turned modern according to the Mumbai track. She looked gorgeous in Ghagra cholis and sarees too before, but even now she is stunning as ever.

  5. Peu Avatar

    where do we get the same style kurtis from

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