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Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Trisha happily asks for all the rituals to be done in her engagement. Ishita says this happens in marriage, its engagement now. Raman says let her do what she wants, let her enjoy, we are Punjabis, not madrasis. Mihir comes to Ishita and asks about Mihika’s marriage. Ishita says we will do all functions soon, as Vibhu has to leave soon. Mihir says my relation ended, but I care for Mihika and want her to be happy. Mihir says why did you choose a guy from US, how will she adjust there. Ishita says relax, concentrate on your engagement, as Raman takes care of you, I m there to take care of Mihika. Ishita makes Raman and Mihir jealous by talking to Appa about Mihika’s engagement arrangements. Ishita asks him to help them, as they are going for Trisha’s shooping, so will buy for Mihika too. Romi meets Bala. Romi gives him some money asking him to give it to Appa saying Ishita gave it. Romi says for Mihika’s engagement. Romi’s friend takes his pics. Mihir helps Trisha in shopping. Mihika shops with Vibhu and Ishita. Mihika and Trisha like the same dress. Raman and Ishita come to take that dress and start arguing. Ishita brings the dress to Mihika and asks her to try. Raman comes to Vibhu. Raman backbites about Mihika and then says but she is good at heart. Vibhu says thanks I did not know this, I always wanted a girl like this, good at heart and somewhat angry, he hugs Raman and says she is my dream girl. Pathak comes and informs Raman that Parmeet got bail. Raman is shocked and says its not possible, who did his bail. Pathak says Ashok Khanna. Simmi comes to meet Parmeet. She says I m there to get justice for you, but you joined hands with Ashok, he is our enemy, how can you join him.Parmeet pacifies her by getting her in his cunning words. Mihir sees Mihika in the compound. She says I have to give these gifts which you gave me. He says I gave this with my heart, don’t return this. She says I m marrying Vibhu, I have to leave old things and move on, I want to start a new life with Vibhu.Raman and Ishita have a cute fight and Ruhi ends it.



Vidyachatur tells Saras and Danny that their dad is fine now. Saras hugs Danny happily. Everyone smile. Yash’s mum says its good he came to his senses, now Ghuman won’t be spared. Danny hears this. Ghuman comes to Laxminandan in the hospital. She says will your sons take you from me, before they tell you the truth, I will lie to you such that you don’t believe them, you are my life’s earnings, how can I lose you. He wakes up and says you lost me. Vidyachatur told me everything. He says you wanted to kill my Kabir, you took away my Saraswati, I should have killed you that time. She says fine, if you are not mine, then no one is mine, now see what I do if I have to take revenge.Danny fools Ghuman and asks her to meet him and take Dubai tickets, to leave India asap. Ghuman is shocked to see Kumud, Saras, Kabir and Menka with Danny. Danny says how can you put such a bad blame on your son. He says you are not my mum, I thought you love Laxminandan, but you tried to kill his son. If you were a woman, you would have not given money to keep Kumud at Chandni Bazaar. If you were a human, you would have not tried to kill Kumud, Saras and Kabir in London. She says this is lie, its Saras and Kumud’s plan, to make me fall in Laxminandan and your eyes. Saras asks how does it feel when anyone cheats you, now do you feel what dad and Danny felt. The inspector says you are under arrest. Saras says its your victory Danny more than ours, as you walked on the right path in so tough time. Danny says I have someone who loves me like mum, I call him Bhaiya. Saras is touched by his words and hugs him. Laxminandan meets everyone at home. Saras hugs him and apologizes to him to his rude behavior before. Kabir looks on feeling restless and dying to hug his dad.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Astha serves the burnt bhajiyas to Mrs. Naik and says it tastes bitter. Mrs.Naik says Anjali your bahu is smart and beautiful, did she give any good news. Shlok comes and says good news, till we love each other, how can we have kids, and what will you tell others, lets go out and make my mood good. Astha is in kitchen and says how to tell Shlok, I m a girl right now, how can I give him a child, was he talking about first night. Astha comes to Jyoti with the water glass and says have the juice. Jyoti says but this is water. Astha says is it my age to give good news. Jyoti says did nothing happen between you and Shlok. Astha says no, we were always fighting. Astha says he was very romantic today, I m afraid. Jyoti explains her that its good to take love ahead, don’t tease Shlok, he wants to spend time with you. Astha comes in her room and sees the flowers on the bed. Shlok comes to her and hugs her. Astha thinks she will get a heart attack or she will faint. She pushes him and falls on the bed.She avoids Shlok and sleeps. He says I know Astha you are a big drama queen, I will see how many days you can do this, like you made me helpless to say I love you, I will make you helpless to come to me, that’s a challenge. Shlok asks Astha to give her bathrobe. She knocks the bathroom and says Shlok. He pulls the bathrobe and says thanks. Astha closes her eyes. He says do you want to come in. She says huh. He pulls her and she runs. hlok smiles and breaks the button of his shirt. She gives another shirt to him. Kalindi calls Astha and asks about Jyoti. Kalindi says give her gond laddoos and milk. Astha and says Aai, make laddoos for Jyoti, as I can’t make them well and Anjali is busy in managing the home. Anjali gets jealous as she is Jyoti’s mum and she should do all this. Astha looks at Anjali and smiles. She thinks Anjali will not leave her Nani’s rights.

Tumhari Pakhi:


Deepika and Pakhi have a talk about the old lady who is sharing their room. Anshuman comes in his room and sees Pakhi’s letters. He hugs and kisses them. He keeps them in a drawer and sees Pakhi behind him. She smiles and he imagines his routine life with her. He smiles and sees her keeping his clothes. He closes his eyes and opens it to see she is gone. He touches the bedcover and smiles. Pakhi could not sleep. Anshuman reads her letters again. Pakhi feels restless. Anshuman hugs the letters and sleeps. Its morning, Lavanya and Girish come to meet Anshuman. Anshuman says I have hurt Pakhi, she does not want to see my face, she did right, I deserve this, but I will bring her back, I promised myself and Ayaan. Anshuman says I want to start from my mum, to understand Pakhi and her love, I want to respect my mum, by finding her. Anshuman’s mum is shown playing music. Pakhi and Deepika get up and see a lady giving training to some dance students. She says hi, I m Anuja, your room mate. Pakhi and Deepika are shocked to see such a fit aunty. Anshuman says we will get mum, she might have missed us a lot, I promise you I will find mom. Lavanya tells him how their mum used to be, such an ideal wife. Lavanya says her name was Devki. Anuja is completely opposite of Lavanya’s description. Anuja says I want to be free, not bound by relations. She says hope breaks and it hurts. She asks Pakhi am I right. Anuja talks in favor of woman. Anuja feels Pakhi’s pain. Anshuman says mum and Pakhi’s fate are same, but I will find them. Anuja says she has travelled all over the world. Anshuman says I will find mum before Pakhi. Lavanya hugs him.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


RK comes to Madhu and says what you did today, everyone is praising me to have such a smart wife, the one who loves animals can love humans even more. She scolds him and says its not a ritual to sacrifice animals. He says when we got married, I was a 8 year old, you accepted me and loved me. He says love is necessary between us, as we will be like husband and wife after the puja. She says you hate me, you can’t touch me showing your strength, don’t dare to come close to me. Bhanu talks to Ashok and tries to fill his ears against RK.RK gets a call and leaves. Bhanu says I made this house, I was 16 years old, I used my mind and helped Dau ji to make this empire, I won’t let him give all this to RK, even if you don’t support me, I won’t let this happen. Madhu gets ready in the morning and applies sindoor thinking of RK. She gets RK’s letter that he is going for important work and she should not tell this to anyone. Dau ji tells Bai ji about Bhanu and RK fighting, they are one for me, I can’t see this. Bai ji asks him to favor Bhanu as he is his son in law, its good to explain RK to respect Bhanu. Agni makes Dau ji angry on Madhu by complaining about her. Dau ji asks Madhu to say where did RK go. Madhu says I don’t know. Dau ji says but I know you are spoiling him and making him like you, so fine I will make you like us, you are showing much attitude. Dau ji scolds her and says you have to get punished today of a illiterate woman then see how hard it is to become a villager. Madhu says I respect you, but people do their work on their own in city, I did all the work alone. Agni challenges her to do all the work in one hour. Dau ji says there is no Chakla Belan, roti should be made round and not burnt, else your hand will be burnt. Madhu says you can punish me, if I can’t do, but what will you give me if I do this work. Dau ji says what you ask for.


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