Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 16th May 2014 1st Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V

The story starts with Cheeku in the bathroom who is doubting his destiny and says that he is the one who is stuck between his brothers. While in the bathroom, he is moving his body in different directions and says that nobody takes him seriously and whenever he speaks with them something wrong comes out from his mouth – like his praise for his teacher was misunderstood and she took it wrongly, and even getting a reprimand from his mother for staring at his maid. He talks about his fear from the reactions and expectations from people. He informs how did he came to the bathroom and also in a very rough look via a flashback.


Cheeku wakes up from bed to see his young brother DODO – Ishaan Khosla. Cheeku introduces Dodo and speaks on his traits to eye girls and do nasty stuff. Cheeku is seeing a girl with his telescope and speaks himself and wants her to follow him. Cheeku then introduces his elder brother Sid who does Dadagiri (bossing around) with them and with other people behaves like a Dude.

Sid then informs them that he is going to the bathroom first and talks with his friend about 29th April. Cheeku tries to think on the date – 29th April and by mistake his eyes were looking at his maid Sharda Bai..He then faults his destiny for that misunderstanding as sharda becomes a bit annoyed.

When Cheeku asked Dodo about the date 29th April, Dodo doesn’t reply to him and instead speaks that its a bad day since he didn’t find society’s girls taking a bath.. Dodo doesn’t respect Cheeku and when Cheeku insists much, suggests that his mother prepares breakfast which he will not like, and also taunts that he doesn’t have any friend. When Dodo speaks on Sid dumping his girlfriend (Pragati), Cheeku starts to get indigestion and wants to go to loo first before Dodo. Cheeku then realizes that Dodo will asks him for a favor as he has allowed him to go to bathroom before him. Dodo wants him to write a poem for girls and then sees Cheeku’s notes with the date 29th April and the letter K. Cheeku takes the note and runs as his mother called him after getting a complaint from Sharda Bai about him peeping towards her. With no option, Cheeku apologizes to Sharda Bai. Sid tells him to bring a new shampoo for him and also taunts that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Cheeku then goes to the bathroom and starts to remember about his plan to have a video chat with Kate while sitting on a toilet basin. He smiles on a thought where Kates compliments him on his shyness and cute nature of hesistantly agreeing for a video chat with her. She suggests that its a video chat and not marriage referring to his utmost shyness. The girl says he is very cute and on 29th April her exams are getting finished so they can have a date via video chat.

Sooner, she gets a call from his mother for breakfast and he starts eating with his family. Cheeku’s father wants his kids to finish breakfast and leave for college soon. When mother wants them to help in her emails, he hesitantly agrees as Dodo and Sid offers not to help her mother. Cheeku’s mother wants him to not stare at Sharda Bhai next time and his brother taunts him on that..

All three of them goes on a bike and Sid drives the brike. Cheeku talks on his care of the scooter as he already did PUC (pollution under control) which takes care of the environment and the scooter. Dodo says that Cheeku’s marriage will take place on world’s environment day as a taunt to Cheeku’s words on his care of bike. After some time, they are stopped by a traffic policeman who informs Dodo to take care of his brothers and suggests them to not do tripling, After paying the fine, they leave from there.

Cheeku comes late to the class and by answering the botanical name of rice gets entry in the class. He again sees the date 29th April 2014 on the green class board and then again to remember about Kate’s word on their date on 29th April 2014 and unmindful of what’s going on the class, he says No Way, and he is then sent outside the class as punishment for speaking illogical in the class.

When Cheeku’s goes outside the class, Cheeku is intercepted by his brother Dodo who wants him to write a poem for a girl. Cheeku agrees to write and decides to tell him a crappy poem as he is annoyed with Dodo and says – Tumhe Dekh Kar Lagta Hain Aaise Bhaad mein Jaiye Yeh Duniya Aur Bhaad mein Jaiye Duniya Dari. Dodo wants him to tell a line on a girl’s body..At this point, Cheeku’s teacher (Mangeshwar Mam) gives him a punishment with an absent mark for 3 days and with nervousness he says that he likes her. The teacher understands it in a wrong way (as Cheeku hitting on her) and leaves from there with disgust. Dodo taunts on cheeku’s action for Sharda Bhai and teacher..

Cheeku sits on his scooter and starts to practice the date with Kat. His plan was to help his mother on her emails at 6 pm and then a video chat with Kat at 6:30 pm. On the way he is lucky to not get a fine from the traffic policeman as he told about his date with a girl. At home, his mother tells him of her mail ID – Chatpati [email protected] and says that most of her mails are recipes. He wants him to read mails for her. Just after some time, he leaves from his mother citing to freshen up.

Cheeku then goes to the bathroom for a video chat with Kat as there is no privacy in his home. He first wants to get freshen up as he wanted to look nice for the voice chat date with Kat. First, he saves but he faced lot of problems like shower not working and powder falling on his head and face making him look very bad.


In that same rough and weary look, he takes the call from Kat on video chat to find a toy speaking instead of a real girl. He contemplates and thinks whether he has chatted for 3 months with a automated toy. Sooner, a girl comes up on the web cam holding the toy (Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri song..playing) and sees Cheeku in that dilapidated look and says Oh God and hides her face. Cheeku says as always he fell from the sky and got stuck to the bottom, and if continue like this, then his future will be in dire straits. But no one knows, maybe his adulthood situation will improve and get better.

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Additional details and Cast Info:

* Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri is a new show coming on Channel V India with a coming-of-age story about three boys who are brothers, Dodo (Ishaan Khosla) aged 16 yrs, Cheeku (Aditya Khosla), 18 yrs and Sid (Sid Khosla), 21 yrs. The show takes us on their path to discover adulthood where getting connected with the opposite sex becomes their top priority.

* Cheeku is played by actor Chirag Mahbubani. Chirag is also a director and dancer. Chirag’s Twitter page.
* Dodo is played by actor Anshuman Malhotra. Anshuman’s Twitter page.
* Sid is played by actor Mohit Sid Tolani. Mohit’s Twitter page
* Kimaya (Cheeku’s girlfriend) is played by actor Shritama Mukherjee, who is also dancer and singer as well. Shritama’s Twitter page.

Full Episode Video:16th May 2014
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