Snapshot Reviews on 17th May 2014

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Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
And Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita and Raman have an argument on Trisha. They go for dance practice. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Jai Kakkad and extracts his love story about Mrs. Iyer. Simmi informs Parmeet about Ishita trying to break Mihir and Trisha’s engagement. Parmeet tells Ashok that Ishita is breaking Trisha’s engagement, who is Tandon’s sister. Ashok says Tandon will be angry knowing this. Ashok says Tandon is Raman’s biggest financer, Ishita do this work for us. Raman and Ishita start dancing.Romi comes and Ishita understands it was Romi with Trisha at the café. Ishita thinks no Romi can’t be with Trisha, its common jacket. Raman talks to Appa. Appa says I felt good seeing you both dancing. Raman says she can’t dance salsa. Appa says she is salsa champion. Raman talks to Mr Iyer. He says I felt good seeing you both dancing. Raman says she can’t dance salsa. Mr Iyer says she is salsa champion. Raman is shocked. Mrs. Bhalla fills Mr Iyer’s ears against Mrs. Iyer and Jai Kakkad. Mihir and Trisha dance. Mihika comes with Vibhu. Mihir tries to make her jealous but fails. Ishita comes to meet Vandu. She tells her that Trisha is having an affair with Romi telling all the instances. Vandu says if this is true, its good for us. Vandu says Raman is a donkey, mad and fool. Ishita says don’t say this, then even Bala is a fool. Bala hears them and says Ishita whats this, you called me a fool. I support you always. She goes out and falls on Raman. Raman gets hurt. They start arguing. Ishita takes him inside. Raman lies down as she is about to apply balm. She gets Bala’s call and she praises him a lot. Raman hears this and gets jealous. He gets up and asks do you find Bala handsome. She says yes, he is very handsome. He says my back pain is fine, as I have seen your choice and class. Ishita smiles thinking Raman got really jealous.



Everyone take much care of Kumud and asks her to rest. Kumud is puzzled seeing everyone’s behavior. Danny shows a tshirt with tag Soon to be Daddy. He says its Kabir’s idea. Everyone smile. Yash’s mum asks whats for Kumud. Danny shows a strap with tag Soon to be Mommy. Saras comes with the reports and says nothing to worry, everything is normal now. Saras says I have to tell you all something. Saras says our lives will change with this news. Guniyal says its biggest happiness for husband and wife, its good for the whole family. Danny says before you tell anything, wear this. Saras and Kumud are shocked to see the tshirt and read the tag. Saras says you are misunderstanding. Kumud says I had food poisoning, so doctor asked to do the tests. Everyone become upset. Saras says I got a business opportunity in morning, but we have to shift to Mumbai for six months. Kumud says I won’t leave Ratnagiri. Danny says how can you take this decision. Saras says our business will grow wih this joint venture, then we will stay together after six months.Everyone are against Saras’s decision and are unhappy. Guniyal says how will they live there alone. Kabir says they will make new friends and take care of each other, I think we should give them a chance. Saras says Danny and Kabir will take care of dad’s business.Saras tries hard to convince Kumud but fails. Saras says Kabir can come closer to dad and Danny by spending time with them, in our absence. She says we can help him staying here too, we are together after so much time, I don’t have strength to go far from everyone. Everyone tease Kabir asking does he have any girlfriend and talk about finding a good girl for him. Saras acts with Kumud to convince her. Saras asks Vidyachatur to talk to Kumud. He asks Saras to try, as he failed to comvince Kumud in her childhood.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Astha talks to Jyoti about Shlok being annoyed with her. Shlok comes to Niranjan and says I told you there is a plot near Mahabaleshwar for our institute, the owner is a woman, so I was thinking I should take Astha. Niranjan says fine, take her along. Astha calls Shlok and he acts rude. He is planning a surprise for her. Jyoti says Astha she wants to have chaat which she used to have at Kalindi’s house. Sid comes there to give Varad’s file. Sid brings chaat for Jyoti saying she likes it a lot.Sojal asks Sid to leave. Astha gives the chaat to Jyoti. Astha thinks Sid really worries for Jyoti. Jyoti sees out of the window and thinks Sid went. She sees him and smiles. Sid sees her too and says hi. Jyoti hides behind the curtain and says what happened to me, why do I get happy seeing Sid. I feel restless when he leaves. Shlok packs his and Astha’s clothes. Niranjan comes and tells Shlok to cancel his trip ad they have to go Kolhapur for puja. Shlok says why Guru ji had to keep the puja tomorrow, my plan flopped. Astha says I m happy to go with the family. Shlok says my excitement is over, duffer, I m thinking to spend time with her and she is happy with family. Niranjan asks Anjali to take Jyoti’s sign on papers to take the complaint back and free Abhay. Shlok acts ill and dips the thermometer in tea. Astha comes running and says Baba, Shlok has very high fever 102. Niranjan and everyone come to see Shlok. Niranjan says fine, I will ask Guru ji to do the puja any other day, we can’t leave you. Shlok asks them to go, as Astha will take care of him. Niranjan says fine, take care of him Astha. Astha says now your forehead is cool. Shlok coughs and says its internal fever. She says I will bring kada for you. Shlok smiles.



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