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Comedy Nights With Kapil Dev

Guests on the Show: Kapil Dev – Cricket Legend and former Indian Cricketer, Captain of India’s 1983 Cricket World Cup team and one of the greatest Cricket all-rounders of all time.

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Kapil welcomes all on the show and tells Siddhu that his heart will be very ecstatic (garden, garden analogy) after he comes to know about the guest. Kapil then welcomes Kapil Dev on stage by saying – entire nation is proud of him, Cricket Legend, and the one who has made us win the cricket world cup for the first time. Kapil sir comes on the stag with a Chak De India movie song and gets a standing applause from audience and Siddhu and even got a hug from Siddhu. Kapil sir thanks Bittu (Kapil) on his show as it makes everybody happy and also make them laugh every Saturday/Sunday.

Note: We refer Kapil Dev as Kapil paaji or Kapil sir as well in our text.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Dev pic

Kapil sir then gives advice to Siddhu that there should be a change in Siddhu’s normal dialogues like Thoko Tali (clap your hands) became old-fashioned and repetitive and suggests a transformation something new. Kapil sir then cracks a joke on Siddhu and says that when Siddhu attends a phone call instead of saying Hello, he will say Thoko..invoking a laughter. Siddhu cracks a witty line and says that Kapil Dev is the fighter through which India is identified with. Siddhu speaks about his moment when Kapil Dev has lifted the 1983 world cup. At that time, he was a young boy wearing a shor in his street and chanting – Saare Jahaan Se Acha Hindustaan Hamara.. Kapil Paaji cracks a joke on Siddhu and says he was very small when he first met him. Bittu (Kapil) also welcomes Kapil sir’s wife and daughter- Amaya on the show as well.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Dev

Bittu first speaks that in Indian cricket team there were only spinners – Bishen Singh Bedi, Prasanna during kapil paaji’s time. Kapil paaji responds that he got craze of fast bowling from his school days but later realized that fast bowling has equivalent efforts of a labourer. He shares an experience about his wife wearing a necklace pedal with his photo on it. She came to watch a cricket match to see him and there the security staff informed her that many other girls wore similar necklaces with kapil sir’s photo invoking a laughter. After that, his wife became annoyed and then decided to not attend his cricket matches.

<p style="text-align:justify;" Bittu speaks with Kapil sir and informs the audience that Kapil sir was the first one to introduce in-swinging yorker. Bittu then asks how did he came up with that kind of yorker -from coach or his own invention ? He says that only now he realized about that yorker. Siddhu shares an experience of Kapil paaji where Bishen Singh Bedi has referred his attribute as the one of Hanuman. During their first Pakistan cricket tour, only 2 hours were left and Kapil paaji was sent as nightwatchman (as he used to bat at number 9 or 10) to face last 2 overs of the day but instead of defending quietly, he hit many runs much to the surprise of Bishen Paaji and hence he referred his attitude to share similarity with that of Hanuman. Kapil paaji says that Bishen Bedi was captain but he did’t know that Kapil paaji cannot defend as he has the tendency to hit as he was a bowler and only knows to hit. Kapil paaji says that he even doesn’t know the meaning of nightwatchman at that time.

Siddhu says that he laughed the most with Kapil paaji. Siddhu wants Kapil paaji to do mimicry as he is very good at it. Both Dev Anand ji and Vajpayee ji has accompanied them on a cricket tour. Kapil shares about the tour to pakistan was for building relations and around 30 people went there. He and Javed Akhtar were seeing Vajpayee saab and Dev Anand Saab two different personalities of the same age around 70 yrs old. Kapil paaji then enacts a scene of Dev Saab with traits – speaking like him and also in same body language (dialogue: Aapne Acha kiya hame lekar aaye, body language: moving body: hands and legs while speaking) and even walking fast like him. In that scene, Kapil paaji who is acting as Dev saab is referring to Bittu as Vajpayee ji. Kapil says that Javed Akhtar has a very far looking thinking as he is a writer, javed ji asks Dev Saab how does he make a movie ? Dev saab responds that after putting romance, action and writing then you make a 3 hour movie. Both Kapil paaji and Javed Ji appreciate Dev saab’s dedication and thinking about movies.

Bittu asks Kapil Paaji whether he thought of winning the world cup in 1983 during his air flight to reach the world cup venue in England. Kapil paaji says that he never imagined in winning the world cup at that moment since they didn’t have expectations because they never won a match in the world cup before. Kapil paaji is also uneasy to refer Bittu as Kapil. After winning 4 matches and half-way in the tour, they develop a thought process of winning and really that thinking has shaped the tournament and made them realize about winning with sheer confidence.

Bittu speaks about an important match in England where 5 wickets were down for 17 runs. And Kapil paaji went in that situation, and scored 175 runs. That match was very essential because of which they qualify for the world cup. He shares his experience of that match where 5 wickets were already down, and before going into batting he was taking a bath and not in his dressing room. As he received news, he went to batting fast even without having a proper bath. He dedicates that 175 runs knock to the team as the team understands the captain well and were with him fully. Bittu says that match didn’t telecast on TV but we were lucky to get first-hands experience of that match from Kapil Paaji.

Daadi comes with a bang calling Bittu’s name and informs him that she lost the match but won the promise from Palak’s mother – Pankhudi. Daadi wants Bittu to congratulate her. Daadi then sees Kapil paaji and comes to him and asks him whether they should have 6-balls each. Kapil paaji replies at this age 2 balls are enough invoking a laughter. She says that entire nation is proud of Kapil paaji and taunts on Bittu (Kapil) by saying that the entire neighborhood is angry with him.. She played with hindi words Naaz vs. Naraaz to compare Kapil Dev and Bittu. Bittu responds that Kapil paaji has good upbringing as he has a good grandmother but that’s not the case for Bittu as his Daadi is a drunkard and taunts furthermore that Daadi has drunk more rum drinks than the total runs scored by Kapil paaji. Kapil paaji says that he has stolen the dialogue of Daadi and has said to Siddhu as Itna sa Tha. (very little fellow). She improvises that dialogue and repeats with Kapil sir. Daadi says that some young men while playing cricket with her hit the ball on her bums instead of normal bowling towards the batsman. Daadi then talks on two benefits of using Scooter helmet – Snacks, no challan. Daadi says that Kapil sir is becoming naughty and wants him to play with her team and cracks a joke on her team bowler’s bad performance. Just before going, Daadi asks for a photograph on her bat and she gets one from Kapil sir. She wants to return the favor with her Shagun ki Pappi (trademark kiss). Kapil sir cracks a joke and wants her to decide what is her thinking before the kiss. She kisses him as his fan on his cheek. Daadi speaks that Kapil sir always does Bhangra dance after winning the match in his dressing room. She then dances with Kapil sir on Mundian To Bach Ke Rahe punjabi bhangra song.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Dev

Bittu shows many delightful photos of Kapil Paaji on cricket field and off the field. Kapil sir says that the first photo shows him hitting a lemon cut short and the bowler is wandering on the pitch. The next photo is of Sachin, Azhar Uddin, and Kapil paaji standing together with Kapil paaji’s hand over Sachin. Kapil paaji says that it is the first tour of Sachin and never thought that Sachin will reach so great heights and Sachin giving so much happiness to the country. Next photo shows Kapil paaji in a dance moment which also shows Siddhu paaji at the back. Kapil sir responds that he was dancing on the occasion of Azharuddin’s birthday in 1994 at Ahmedabad during a test series. There was one photo with Kapil paaji playing football along with filmstars (SRK was seen) for some charity match.

Bittu speaks on his organization – Khushi which serves food to 2000 children a day. Kapil paaji says that children comes there for education and food is served for them. He says that if you can give happiness then there is no other big thing. Bittu shows photo of Kapil paaji’s marriage. In that photo, his wife looks a bit angry towards him and Kapil paaji replies that he was late on his marriage day. His wife says that he was late for his marriage and even on his daughter’s – Amaya birth (which happened after 15 years of their marriage).

Bittu speaks with Amaya on her experience where she told the policeman to challan (make a fine) her Dad as he broke traffic signal which is an offence. Kapil sir talks about that experience where her daughter insisted the traffic policeman to challan her father and do not consider him as a top cricketer and excusing him from the fine. Bittu says that her decision was good. Mrs. Sharma comes in and welcomes Kapil Dev Sir and hugs him.. She wants to talk a lot with Kapil paaji and Bittu then cracks a joke on Mrs. Sharma excessive talking and regards her to talk even with a tap in the bathroom. She speaks on her brother’s batting and Bittu cracks a joke on her brother. She asks him whether he has made food for his wife. Kapil sir recollects about going to meet at his wife home for lunch (before their marriage) and recounts that at time she didn’t know about cooking as she cannot ignite the stove as well. His wife called from London to a chef in Mumbai asking about the procedure to make Rajma curry. Even after getting the procedure from the chef – Murthy, she didn’t follow properly and the cooker hit the top floor. He says that it took for his wife 2 years to learn cooking with a sort of reasonable quality, Kapil paaji talks on his trip to Australia and his inability to understand english accent. Kapil paaji shares an anecdotal experience of his trip to Australia and there Dennis Lillee spoke with him – Have you came here today ? But he misunderstood because of his not so good english as ‘Have you came here to die’? and gave a reply to Lillee that he came to Australia to play cricket and live invoking a laughter… Bittu taunts on Mrs. Sharma and how their marriage was realized.

Bittu introduces Chaddha, his neighbor who boasts lot of things like knowing Kapil paaji well. Chaddha comes on the stage while shaking a bit with cheer girls (aaj din bhi saani.. aajaoo song.. Honey sing song).. Chaddha greets Kapil paaji in a formal way and not informally as expected. Chaddha says that when he hit 175 runs against Zimbabwe, he then clapped his hands with fervor at the stadium and as well on TV after watching highlights. Kapil sir says that how can you watch the highlights as that match was not even telecast and highlights are not available. With this, Chaddha accepts his lie. Chaddha sits beside Kapil paaji and shows him a white kookaburra cricket ball and calls it the winning ball of the world cup. Kapil paaji again catches his lie as the ball at that time was red in color and of different material. Chaddha says that after rubbing the red ball many times with his Dhoti, the ball color changes from red to white.

Audience: Harshini speaks about the bigwigs of Cricket – Kapil paaji and Siddhu. She wants to dance on a romantic song with Kapil paaji after knowing that he is a big fan of Dev Anand saab. Kapil paaji agrees to their request and the audience comes on the stage and Siddhu joins them as well. They dances a bit together on Ishq Wala love song from movie Student of the Year (SOTY).

Audience: man with big moustache facing upward from Agra asks an interesting question about the role reversal of Kapil Sharma (Bittu) and Kapil Dev. Bittu says that he can never be like Kapil paaji and cannot play cricket like him while Kapil paaji says that he already did comedy on the show.

Audience: a girl requests Kapil sir to sing, but he says he cannot sing and can do Kabbadi. Bittu sings on behalf of Kapil paaji – Phoole ki Rani Bhaaron ki Mallika Tera Muskarana Ghazab hogaya.. Bittu thanks the girl for coming.

Siddhu then comes on the stage to sit with Kapil paaji who calls Siddhu as his partner. Kapil paaji says that a partner brings confidence. At this moment, Palak comes on the stage on a Dhinka Chika song after seeing Kapil paaji and wears a sports dress – yellow top and blue skirt with a red cap and holds a cricket bat. She welcomes Kapil sir and Palak cracks a joke on Siddhu that he looks like a Pinky Poo. Palak informs him that she is a big fan and is very happy. Her younger brother is a fast batsman and she herself a slow bowler. Bittu cracks a joke on her body size and compares her to an 1983 world cup final stadium. She speaks that her mother Pankhudi has met him during the 1983 world cup final days. Both Bittu and Palak fights on petty issues and sooner she speaks her trademark Oh..Oh.. sound.. She funnily says that elephants are related to her. She calls herself all-rounder like Kapil paaji. She has lot of knowledge of different sports – Badminton, cricket. Bittu asks her what is the full form of LBW. Palak replies L – Lunch, B- breakfast and W -winner. Upon Kapil Paaji’s advice, she puts her collar up and exudes confidence as Kapil paaji wanted her to show confidence.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Dev  and Siddhu

Furthermore, Palak goes on to say that Bittu’s Daadi only likes alcoholol, Bua is not liked by any man, and Bittu again wants her to go back. Palak responds that she is expert in developing poems as she is a mastermind. She then speaks the poem with a rhyme – Main Aur Bhi Khoobsurat lag sakti hoon laga loon main Bindiya.. Kapil Dev ko dekh kar chillane ka mann karta hain India.. India…(chanting by clapping hands). Palak wants to bat while Kapil Paaji becomes a bowler. Kapil sir bowls the ball which hits Palak’s leg instead of the bat. Bittu (Kapil) ends the show by urging the audience to respect women, love animals and as well to watch his show. The show ends with a Rang De Basanti title song playing in background with Kapil paaji, palak, Chaddha, and others grooving to it in a jovial mood.

– Palak’s poem in english: She will look more beautiful if she applies a Bindi (forehead decoration) to her forehead..After seeing Kapil Dev, she wants to chant India..India slogan.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Dev and Siddhu

Images credit: Kapil Dev’s Wikipedia page, Twitter page of Colors TV

Additional Info:
* Hanuman is a Hindu god who was an ardent devotee of Rama according to the Hindu legends. He is a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana and also finds mentions in Mahabharata, the various Puranas, some Jain texts and several other texts. Read more on its Wikipedia page.

* Inswinger delivery in Cricket:
The grip for an inswinger needs holding the cricket ball with the seam vertical and the first two fingers slightly across the seam so that it is angled a little to the leg side. Read more about it on its Wikipedia page.

* Bindi or Bindiya: a forehead decoration worn particularly in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Mauritius and also South East Asia. Read more on its religious significance, traditional and modern use at its Wikipedia page.

* Paaji: refers to elder brother or to call someone as brother with respect

* Nightwatchman: In cricket, a lower-order batsman who comes in to bat higher up the order than usual near the end of the day’s play is called a nightwatchman. The nightwatchman’s job is to maintain most of the strike until the close of play. The highest score for a nightwatchman is 201 not out by Jason Gillespie of Australia against Bangladesh in 2006. Read more about it on its Wikipedia page

Next Week Guests:

* Kanika Kapoor and Meet Bros Anjjan (who are seen to groove on their Baby Doll song composition from Ragini MMS 2)
Kanika Kapoor, an Indian Punjabi Sufi folk singer from the United Kingdom and was born in Lucknow, India. Her forte in music genres are Sufi and Bhangra. While, Meet Bros Anjjan is a trio of Indian Music director which includes Harmeet Singh, Manmeet Singh and Anjjan Bhatacharya. Their recent song composition ‘Baby Doll’ for Ragini MMS 2 was an instant hit among youth. They also did music composition for movies like Satyagraha (Janta Rocks song) and Paan Singh Tomar (Kero Mama).

* Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu are seen to talk on their anecdotal experience and she reminds Kumar sanu on leaving in haste with two girls in his car for which he doesn’t have an answer and smiles. Audience are also seen to sing a song – Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi mein Aaana. While the woman sings well, the man forgets the line during his singing and kapil therefore taunts him by highlighting the man’s army background and his hold on strong dialogues and his weakness on singing a song.

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