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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Bindass

Rithvik welcomes all and says that today’s story is different from all the episodes on Yeh Hai Aashiqui. Rithvik says that the girl was very far from love and doesn’t know anything about love as she never experienced it.

The story starts with Jayshree walking on the road in night and is followed by a boy – Rohit. When she confronts him with a Deo spray, he says that he was just checking cricket news on his mobile. Jayshree is annoyed with him while tries to make her calm.

Rohit comes home and gives his room-mate Mutton biryani and informs his friend that he got the catering position at Mayur College. Jayashree at her home starts to look at the map and sooner her room door is knocked by an old neighbor women informing her about the parcel she received. She takes her parcel from her and shuts the door quickly. She looks at the certificate found in the parcel and then receives a call from a man (Anna) who wants her to join the canteen at Mayur college as it is close to their target which is a polling booth. He wants her to remember her family and be strong. She remembers about her family and surely wants to take revenge (family’s sounds of pain plays in background).

She looks for an auto to go to her college and join the work there. She then finds Rohit who invites her to join him as he can drop her and even she can use the Deo spray in case of danger from him. She drives his bike and goes but its a prank as she comes back to him giving him only some initial jitter. She says if you flirt with somebody without thinking then this type of thing can happen and wants him to keep his Heropanti with him. She then goes in a taxi while making Rohit stunned..

Rohit starts to work at the canteen as the canteen Head and is informed by his colleague that a new girl has came there to work with them even though she has a hotel management certificate. Rohit’s boss informs him about Jayshree and says that she will be her assistant on a temporary basis and its upto him to make her permanent. Rohit starts to have humorous talk with her but she doesn’t understand at first. He then says that he has pardoned her for yesterday’s theft of his bike.. He again cracks humor for which she responds by saying sorry with some anger on face. He wants her to be happy and smile and talks that their work is at canteen in college and which needs to have regular smiles at customers. For this reason, he wants her to look happy and smile, after that she smiles and Rohit finally is happy and impressed.

Rohit’s colleague suggests to him that he has flirted with 10 girls within one month and doesn’t want him to flirt with Jayshree anymore. Rohit says that for him Jayshree is full and final. Jayshree speaks to herself that she has to win the confidence of Rohit as he shouldn’t suspect her. A senior meets Rohit and suggests to empty one room in canteen for polling booth purpose. Rohit agrees for the same. Jayashree goes to that room where Rohit is trying to empty things and making it ready for polling. Jayashree offers her help to pack things and just then a big load was about to fall, and Rohit in the nick of time protects her from that falling load..At first, she pushes him and he talks that why her first reaction always is to hit somebody. Jayshree doesn’t have an answer and she leaves from there by saying a sorry. (Itna Bata Tuchko Chahat Pe Apni Muchko yo to nahi. song playing.)

Jayshree and Rohit Yeh Hai Aashiqui Bindass

She receives a call from her Anna and speaks with her about getting the confidence of canteen head – Rohit. She replies about Rohit’s confidence in her and talks that Rohit is a simple guy and suggests that rohit will not suspect her in any way. She stops to talk with Anna as Rohit comes there holding cold drink bottles. He says that if her family gives a good report about him, then should he think that their relationship is concrete and complete for marriage ? She says him shut up and smiles. (Tu hi Mujko song).. Rohit goes to speak with his friend and says that his parents will be ready for his marriage with jayshree. As Jayshree is about to leave, he suggests that he will drop her as it is too late in the night, she agrees and he drops her.

Next day, she finds in the canteen police officers who came on an inspection and talks with Rohit and his colleagues on the polling day preparation and security staff. The police says that they will keep ballot boxes in canteen and wants the kitchen to be open always. Rohit agrees to their demands and Jayshree listens their conversation. The police office eyes her..

Rohit comes to Jayashree and informs her to not come out and serve the customers. She then remembers her Anna’s words about not having emotional connect with people, and wants her to be independent, fighter and with a closed heart and only work with her mind. She begins to feel like crying and in that process touches a hot plate for making bread. Rohit sees that and helps in cooling her hand.. Both then goes on a bike and he drops her at home. (Tere Labo pe Mili Labo pe Zindagi Tera Bina Saans liyo munkin nahi.). Before leaving, she thanks him and is stopped by Rohit. He says that he has feelings which he had never before, and he thinks only about her. Before developing that feeling, he just wanted to drop her and make her sit on his bike but now he has care for her. She wants him to not worry about her. He says that’s evident but if somebody else takes care of her then what.. He says that he wants to take care of her and also everything about her. He says that he doesn’t know what she feels about him. But for him, he has to something for her. He then professes his love for her by saying – I love you. After hearing this, Jayshree doesn’t want him to share his emotions with her as she will be staying in Mumbai for only few days. He tells her to be quiet and wants one chance from her. He says that he doesn’t know how many days she will stay but just want to take care of her until she stays. He requests her to allow him to take care of her until that time…

Jayshree comes to her room and speaks that she is not a normal girl and doesn’t want to give hope to him. She then sees some posters in her room and finds out that Anna is in her room. He tells her whether Rohit will take her inside. She replies that everything is possible and she can easily plant a bomb on her own and they don’t need Rohit. Anna asks her, does she fell in love with Rohit and tells her to be away from Rohit ? He then shows a poster of a man who has killed the entire village because he thought the villagers are terrorists. Anna says that that poster man doesn’t have the right to live. He says that attack will not happen in the polling booth as the security detects any bomb easily and then suggests her to work like a suicide attacker to take revenge from that man Rathod. Along with her, the polling booth will be destroyed. He then hands over the bomb wrapped to cloth which she need to worn on the attack day. In the morning, she receives a call from Rohit who asks her about Sunday’s morning plan. She says that she doesn’t have any plan. Rohit speaks on his plan for Sunday – catching fish, movies, eating full, roaming around in college. He asks what she does on sunday. She first tells about training and stops. She decides to spend the sunday morning with him just for one last time and to see how other normal people enjoys their sundays.

Jayshree meets Rohit, and he sees if he has to choose between chicken curry and Jayshree, he will choose her. He then takes photos of her sitting on the bike. They then spend nice time at their home teasing each other (Waise Kabhi Pehle Hui Nahi Khaiyashaein.. song) and Rohit speaks about the Tomatina festival in Spain (in Bunyol, valencian town) where people throws tomatoes at each other. He says that he just want to make her laugh and says that they can do more fun things if she gives the signal. He then wants them to see a comedy movie..(Abhi Na Dekho Khaab….. Mujhke Na Jabna Muchko Itna Dil.. Hone Laga Aitbaar..)..Rohit puts his hand across her and he hugs her warmly bringing smile on her face..

Rohit talks about his marriage in December with her. She responds that she has not accepted his proposal yet. He then goes on to say that he has already planned his Honeymoon as well in Rann of Kutch. He says that Kutch has the best night view and they will talk during the entire honeymoon night. She asks what more, he then kisses her and tells that love is beautiful and promises to change her tears to smile..

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host): Jayshree spent 15 days without thinking much and she didn’t have any idea. She wanted to throw the thought of her death and of people who will die because of her attack.

Jayshree continues to work in the canteen and Rohit holds her hands but she shrugs of his hand. He thinks to call police as he think there is a human rights violation because of her reluctant nature to gel with him well which was a joke. He then wants her to confess love for him. As she is about to say I love to him, her Anna comes in and sends Rohit away by asking for a sandwich. Anna tells that now he understood why she was uncomfortable and uneasy and tells that love makes her blind and weak. And she cannot be weak as he will not allow her to be weak. She agrees to only listen to him. Anna blackmails her that if she deviates from her plan then Rohit’s life will be taken away.. She begins to wrap the bomb jacket to her waist (Ras Hasrato ka Dil Chod Doon…) by looking at the mirror and hides it inside.

She takes the order from Rohit’s friend Krish and wants to serve the order at the polling station. She goes to Rohit and confesses her love – I love you for Rohit in heavy tone. Rohit is stunned and doesn’t understand. Sooner, Rohit leaves with his friend for some other order and Jayshree goes to the polling booth with tea order and serves tea there. The polling office finds a note from Jayshree informing them about the bomb in the polling room. Everyone starts to run away from there as police wants to check it for verification. Rohit also receives a SMS telling him to not go to the polling booth and also informs him that he should not hate her in future.

Rohit comes to the polling booth and he understands that Jayshree was about to perform a suicide attack. She tells to him about the man Rathod killing her family when she was 9 yrs old and the entire village. She tells that because of Anna she has grown and got support and always had the intention to take revenge from Rathod and tells that he cannot win the election. She goes on to say that she is becoming weak because of him and holds his face. She wants to go and Rohit says what she is doing is not correct though her hatred is justified but the common people will bore the brunt. She says that there is no option. She then asks him to stay away from her as she is wearing a suicide jacket. After she admits her love for him, he wants her to forget the hatred and revenge. He then tries to remove the jacket from her waist and she informs that she doesn’t know the deactivation and only know about its activation. Rohit takes the jacket towards the police and then calls Rathod and informs him that Jayshree has saved his life though she first came to take his life away. The bomb disposal person takes the jacket away. Anna sees jayshree and shoots Rohit and Jayshree. They die very close to each other. Anna is arrested by police for his crime in shooting the couple.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host): says that Rohit has succeeded in removing the hatred from Jayshree’s heart and has instilled a feeling where everything is pardoned. Both of them have understood the importance of other’s lives and wants to give up their own life for saving the life of others. What they did is love. Rithvik signs off by saying – Keep falling in love.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui

Info on Cast:
* Jayshree is played by actress – Payal Rajput
Payal Rajput is an Indian television actress who is currently playing the role of Ishaani in Life Ok’s Gustakh Dil. She has also played the role of Siya in Sahara One’s Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Hee Hai.

* Rohit is played by actor – Siddharth Shivpuri who has worked in Zee TV’s Fear Files and Sony TV’s Crime Patrol earlier.

Image credit: Wikipedia page of Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Twitter page of Bindass.

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    Sad story..
    In the name of Revenge, Anna was killing commom innocent people.. Revenge shd be man to man. Nt frm behind

  2. pari Avatar

    tragic ending..
    ek bar daldal mein phas jao to bahar nikalna mushkil hota hain..thats what happened with jayashree.

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