Bulbul continues to fall for Purab; Pragya confused with Suresh's confession of true love for her – Kumkum Bhagya

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Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Bulbul Purab

In her office, Bulbul was asked by a senior colleague to unwrap chutney from its plastic cover. As she began to open it, Purab comes and tries to help her. It then happens that chutney is splashed over Bulbul’s face because of which she needs to visit the restroom. Sooner, she encounters another problem in restroom as the tap breaks and finds water to flow out upwards in all random directions. She shouts and Purab comes to assist her. Instead of helping her, Purab begins to share an eye-lock with Bulbul and she even starts to fall for him and both share a sweet romantic moment. (suno na sangemarmar song playing in background from movie Youngistaan)

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Some moments later, Purab comes very close to kiss her, but both backs off from kissing. Bulbul and Purab were swayed away by their romantic moments, and when she comes back to reality, she argues that Purab was flirting with her and leaves from there. Purab on the other hand is also puzzled and asks himself why he was about to kiss her. Bulbul thinks that Purab has dated many girls and she should not fall in his trap. She is unmindful that actually Abhi dated those girls and not Purab. Though she speaks with herself to find a much better partner than Purab, but it doesn’t felt that she is yearning for some person other than Purab. Clearly, Bulbul continues to fall for Purab while he is also having the same feelings for her.

On a different note, Suresh has confessed his true love for Pragya and wants to marry her, and has given her ample time to decide and even said that he can wait all his life for her. He talks that love is not just seeing eye to eye or expressing explictly but its an aggregate of many unspoken and caring things for each other. He also says that love exists between two people when both have the same vision and look in the same direction. While, Suresh has expressed his love whole heartedly and is clear on his front, Pragya is taking time to answer him and even confused about Suresh.

After Pragya’s media interview, Abhi thinks Pragya as his top-most enemy as his market brand assignments are getting cancelled. Abhi now is in the same thread with his sister – Alia and thinks that Pragya and her family actually wanted to demean and damage his career. Therefore, Abhi is now looking to teach a lesson to Pragya for inflicting insult to him. What will Pragya reply to Suresh’s unconditional offer of love and marriage ? Will Abhi understand the righteous nature of Pragya and forgives her ? Will Abhi’s Daadi play a role of a mediator between two opposite and conflicting personalities (Abhi-Pragya) ? Stay tuned to KumKum Bhagya on Zee TV @ 9 PM (Mon-Fri).

Bulbul and Abhi’s romantic moments:
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  1. sam Avatar

    They both love each other they are good looking them two could get married to each other before it is too late they need to tell there family that they both love each other and then them two will get married to each other but i know that his friend will account them two.

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