Pragya foils Aakash's marriage with help from his brazen attitude; Suresh decides to go-ahead to marry Pragya


Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Bulbul Purab

Pragya brings Rachna to Abhi’s home on Aakash’s marriage day to stop his marriage and also to bring back Rachna’s self-respect. Pragya somehow manages to enter Abhi’s home though at first she encounters Abhi who was about to leave for a urgent promo shoot as he was getting double his fee. She goes to give Aakash’s fiancee and to be wife Sukriti her marriage gift which is a fake report that states Aakash is impotent and cannot become a father. Pragya succeeds in demeaning Aakash in Sukriti’s eye and Sukriti blindly believes that report is true. Sukriti goes to confront Aakash and shouts loudly that Aakash cannot become a father as he is impotent which is written in the report.


Sukriti informs everyone there, and Aakash loses his temper and because of his stupidity and brazen attitude speaks out the truth about he dated many girls and has fathered Rachna’s child. He admits in making a fake DNA report to proof that Rachna is wrong. After all his confessions, Rachna comes forward and he asks whether he is the father of her child ? Rachna gives a positive reply, and after that Sukriti’s parents cancel their daughter’s marriage with Aakash. Rachna informs Abhi’s Daadi that she doesn’t think of marrying Aakash again since he has left her in dire conditions after their first marriage so she has lost trust in him. She informs Daadi that she will go back to her village. Daadi understands Rachna’s point of view and supports in her decision.

Abhi’s Daadi meets Pragya and identifies that she is the one who has helped her in crossing the road earlier in the day. Pragya informs that Rachna is her neighbour and Daadi becomes in awe of the good nature of Pragya. Pragya might have forgotten to say that Rachna is her fiance Suresh’s sister. Suresh sooner comes there in Abhi’s house and Pragya again protects Suresh from media’s taunt about Rachna’s pregnancy. She confronts media and speaks all the wrong of Aakash and even suggests to media that Abhi is different from how he projects himself. She says that Abhi fully supported his brother Aakash though he was well aware that Aakash was wrong. She suggests media to not put Abhi on a high pedestal and says that her family doesn’t need publicity and rather Abhi needs the publicity. On that note, she leaves from there and both her and Suresh’s family watches her on TV and salutes her spirit. Abhi comes home from his shoot to find out that Aakash’s marriage is cancelled and Aakash himself has admitted his wrong.

Sooner, Daadi also falls sick because of the traumatic night, Abhi felt pain and then confronts Aakash. As he beats Aakash more, his sister Alia comes to his home and stops him from beating his brother. Instead of suggesting Aakash’s guilt, she says that all the fault goes to Rachna as she blindly entrusted in Aakash without fully knowing about him and his family became pregnant with his child. She informs Abhi that she will never do something like that as first through inquiry is needed. She thinks that Abhi is following an old-fashioned approach for this problem and says that Rachna like people intentionally do these things to harass rich people. Abhi listens to her sister as he is very fond of her, and leaves from there with some guilt in his heart as he has beaten an innocent fellow Suresh.

Pragya reaches home with Rachna and Suresh, and Rachna informs her brother in the presence of their mother Madhavi that Pragya did so much for her that even her own sister would have not done that much. She insists that they will not leave the city until his marriage with Pragya. After hearing it, Suresh remembers all the good moments he shared with Pragya, Pragya’s selfless love for him, and even all the efforts that Pragya has put in to bring back Rachna’s self-respect. He decides to speak with Pragya about the marriage. Sooner then, Suresh meets Rachna and informs her that now they don’t need to inform their parents for breaking their ensuing scheduled marriage. Pragya seems to be amused with Suresh’s change in heart and newly fond feelings for her. Some of the questions that remain are, How will Abhi apologize to Suresh for his bashing ? How will Abhi react after seeing the TV footage where Pragya bluntly blames Abhi for protecting Aakash and also speaking on his fake personality ? Will college authorities re-incorporate Suresh and Pragya after Pragya’s public bashing of Abhi on-camera ? Abhi’s Daadi is in awe of Pragya and also Abhi loves his Daadi a lot, therefore, What could be her strategy to bring Pragya closer to Abhi ? Will Rachna give a second thought about Aakash ? How Aakash’s mother Pammi will defend her son, whether she would take the help of Alia ?

Preview of 21st May Episode
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