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Hi all. Snapshot Reviews have been discontinued on Monday, 19th May 2014. We will be resuming it once we get free. Right now, we got much busy for some other work commitments. Time is not allowing us to serve you the best at this point, but it does not take ample time for time to change its track. On this note, TellyReviews requests all its readers not to lose faith in us and keep following the site. You can still catch the exclusive updates of shows like Halla Bol, Heroes, Ishq Kills, Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Mission Sapne, Star Verdict, Comedy Nights with Kapil, Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri etc. What we are within, is how we appear to you. You are our roots which can make our tree beautiful, strong and fruitful. No one can go far from their roots, hence we will be back in best possible form soon. Keep us green!! Keep TellyReviewing!!


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  1. No problem because I dont miss my fav shows.. I know tat u work hard to bring these many posts and follow many shows.
    Hope that U wnt drop anymore shows.


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