Duryodhan to shrug off Krishna's divinity again, leads to the dawn of Kurukshetra War

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Krishna Hastinapur Assembly

In the Hastinapur Assembly, Krishna’s suggestion that war can be avoided only if Duryodhan and his brothers apologizes to Draupadi by touching her feet but it is out rightly rejected by Duryodhan. Krishna then proposes one final suggestion to the king Dhritrashtra which is to give 5 villages or autonomous regions to Pandavas with full autonomy and with this the war can be avoided. Karna, Bhishma, and Drona agrees with Krishna’s suggestion of giving 5 villages to Pandavas. Dhritrashtra then requests Duryodhan to accept Krishna’s peace proposal. Duryodhan doesn’t agree to his father’s request and says that now the war is his personal one and he will not give 5 villages to Pandavas at any cost. He tells Krishna that even a space of needle will not be given to Pandavas. To prove that Krishna is weak and without power, Duryodhan orders his soldiers to arrest Krishna.

Krishna informs Dhritrashtra that he will not kill Duryodhan on that day as it is written that Bheem will kill Duryodhan. Though Krishna was well aware of Duryodhan and Shakuni’s arrest plan but he wanted them wishfully to realize it. Duryodhan’s soldiers are unable to lift the chains due to Krishna’s power, and Krishna suggests Duryodhan to lift the chain himself as he has to bore his own sins. Karna advices Duryodhan to not chain and arrests a peace messenger and even Dhritrashtra but he doesn’t listen to them and goes ahead to chain Krishna and even Dushyasan helps him in doing that. Later, he imprisons Krishna and as he is about to leave from the jail finds out that Dushyasan is chained instead of Krishna. Krishna will be going to appear in his Vishnu Avatar (form) in front of Duryodhan and punish him on his thighs. Krishna’s lord Vishnu avatar suggests that Pandavas are having the support of God as they are having Dharma (righteous, pious in life). Duryodhan has earlier shrugged off Krishna’s divinity after Draupadi’s cheerharan (disrobement) in the assembly. At that time, Krishna saved Draupadi from disrobement and also saved her dignity, and Duryodhan thought that Krishna has done some trick to save Draupadi, and still continues to live in that myth.

Thus, now Duryodhan will work to find more allies to help Kauravas in the war and he currently has the support from Bhishma, Karna, Drona [forced to help due to their commitments], Jayadratha (sindhu king)[brother-in law of Duryodhan, Dushala’s husband whose head was shaven by Bheem for his attempt to abduct Draupadi during Pandavas’ vanvaas – stay in forest].

Additional Info: Krishna has already told that Kurukshetra war is inevitable and also told the outcome of war to Draupadi, Kunti, and Vidhur’s family. On one side, Kuru clan will perish, and on other side, Shantanu’s clan of Pandavas will perish along with Draupadi 5 sons, Abhimanyu, and only 5 Pandavas brother’s will survive at the end of the war.

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