Saurabh to come back to ruin Saachi’s life in Balika Vadhu – Promo

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Balika Vadhu

While Vivek and Saachi were starting their new life together, Saurabh has some other plans. His mum meets him in jail and he asks her to bring Saachi home. He asks her to convince Vivek to come back by doing emotional blackmail. Saachi’s life was moving towards happiness but Saurabh plans to ruin Saachi’s life. He gets freed from jail and meets Saachi.

He reminds her of the rape and tells her that he will make her life miserable. He threatens her and plans to hurt her once again. He tells Saachi that this time even Anandi and Shiv won’t be able to save her. Will Vivek be able to understand Saurabh’s evil intentions and save Saachi from him? Watch it tonight on Balika Vadhu @ 8 PM on Colors TV.

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