Halla Bol 23rd May 2014 13th Episode Bindass Written Update – Fight Air Hostess' Harassment

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Halla Bol Bindass

Karan Tacker starts the show and speaks about 21-year old girl Ankita Narang who was an Air-hostess from Delhi. Now, who was the one who was controlling her and wanted to hurt her freedom. He says that Air-hostess is a glamorous profession but that doesn’t mean that people will look at them with bad intentions. The story starts with Ankita speaking with her family, and she informs her father that she is going to become an Air-Hostess. Her father suggests that she has studied Political science so why to work in a different area. She responds that she will study political science abroad and for now will work as an air-hostess to be financially more stable. She has also applied for an education loan and has long term plan for her studies and also for her brother’s studies.

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Ankita goes in a taxi dressed as an Air-Hostess to the airport and informs her father that soon she will reaching the airport. At airport, an influential man – Varun lal is being stopped by police who wants him to remove his jacket. He bluntly replies that if his jacket is removed then the police officer’s dress will also be taken away. During the flight, Varun lal is annoyed with the flight as it is very congested and he even scolds another air-hostess Ishita. Ankita sees Varun’s behavoir and asks why we don’t complain ? Her colleagues suggests that he is the son of aviation minister Digvijay Lal. Sooner, while serving drinks and snacks, Ankita’s tray falls down due to varun’s action but nevertheless she apologizes to him. He touches her and wants to help her and she says not needed and leaves from there while calling him an idiot. He stares at her body and calls her multiple times for pillow, soft drinks, chips, and she responds to all his requests with full dedication.

Varun speaks with his friends after landing about Ankita. He meets his father who wants him to work hard as elections are approaching and wants him to go to Indore. Varun decides to meet Ankita during his flight to Indore. Next day, during the flight Ankita realizes that she was put onto the flight at the last moment while other air-hostesses did’t got any urgent change in their roster plan. As she was speaking with her colleague, Varun comes to speak with her. He tells that they have met before and introduces himself as Varun. He then touches the badge of Ankita on her body and calls her Ankita. She wants him to leave from there. He then speaks that he has personally invited Ankita on this flight and wants her to thank him. When she speaks on a complaint, he responds by saying that does she know with whom is she talking with ? He calls her a mediocre air-hostess and wants her to cooperate with him. He touches her much to her displeasure and at that moment a male colleague interrupts Varun’s harassment.

After the flight, Ankita speaks with the management that she wants to file a complaint against a passenger – Varun Lal and he has harassed her twice and even changed her roster plan because of his influence. Her boss throws her written complaint in the dustbin and turns a blind eye to her complaint. She speaks with her colleague that all her complaints are not being listened and going via deaf-ears. Her colleague suggests that they cannot do anything as he is a minister’s son. She says that now all her flights and roster plan are adjusted according to the whims and fancy of Varun. Sooner, she encounters Varun who comes close after seeing her in the hotel lobby. He wants to celebrate as they met again and touches Ankita’s back. She slaps him hard after that. She tells that she is an Air-hostess and her job is to serve customers on flight, and it doesn’t mean that he will take undue advantage and doesn’t want to see his face. He goes from there by giving a threat.

Next, when Ankita’s takes a lift, Varun stops and comes inside the lift and says that now he will show his true color. He wants her to beat him. He forcibly molests and touches her amounting to a physical assault inside the lift. She hits him below the belt and she escapes from there by running. She reaches the hotel’s reception and shouts to call the police. The hotel staff calls the police and police reaches the hotel to speak with her. She informs the police that it is Varun who has harassed her in the lift and she cites the waiter as the witness. When police asks the waiter, he replies that the girl just ran from the lift and the police doesn’t take her words seriously and leaves from there. Ankita cries after seeing that true statement is not accepted and Varun has won though he did the wrong. In her room, Ankita remembers all the bad actions of Varun and how he molested her both in the plane and inside the lift. She looses confidence and wants to leave the job soon. Then, her brother Anmol comes and speaks on his admission in the private college thanks to his sister’s funding. She wants her family to be happy – mother and brother and doesn’t wish to take away their happiness and hence decides to not leave the job.

Next day, she is being told by her top boss that she is fired (terminated) because they receive lots of complaints against her. She says that its actually varun who did all wrong to her. After being fired from the job, she walks outside and remembers – her promise to father regarding education loan application and her support for brother’s education, and her top boss statement on firing her. She meets Varun in a bar and says that he cannot forced her to do things and calls it a blackmail. Varun tells that girls like her join the profession just to attract the attention of men like him. He says that what he wants he gets either by force or without force. He wants her to cooperate with him so both can be happy and tells that now her job is gone but soon she will suffer more. She speaks loudly and warns him. He informs her that now anything can be possible, and tells her to call her family to inquire about their well-being. She hurriedly calls her family and her brother speaks that their father is arrested by police and even their home was searched and the people who did this has made a taunt. They suggested that this happened because of speaking against Varun lal. She runs from the bar to bring back her father from police custody. She manages to pay bond and brings her father back to home. At home, she is being scolded by her mother for working as a Air-Hostess and also her brother informs that his private college admission will be cancelled because of Varun Lal. He then goes on speak that Varun is also going to contest elections and soon will become a minister and taunts on her foolishness.

Both mother and brother wants her to apologize to Varun. At that moment, Ankita’s father steps in and reminds the family that she is the one who has been supporting the family, and when she in in distress, you are blaming her which is unjustified. He calls her as a Tiger (Mera Shaar) and tells that every person’s destiny is in one’s hands and suggests her to not let anyone write the destiny for her. She runs away to her room and cries.

Karan Tacker (the host): says that Ankita was at a point where her fear was very big and she knew that if Varun wins an election then she cannot confront him and will lose her fight against Varun.

Next morning, Ankita finds some people demonstrating on the road who wants independence from corruption. She looks at them and soon finds one colleague Shazia from her political science batch 2013 who comes to her. She hugs her and joins that party as a candidate and prepares to fight an election against Varun lal. Meanwhile, Varun holds a press conference and when being told that Ankita narang is standing against him in the election. He replies that nowadays filing a nomination for election has become a style statement and says that the people in his constituency are backing him. Furthermore, a leader will be victorious because of his honesty, one who delivers, and have solution for the common people. He speaks in another forum the importance of women in society as they bind the world together. He further says that the world will go on even we don’t have men, and only women exists. He promises women empowerment after coming into power and will look into their safety and jobs.

Sooner, Ankita comes into that forum and interrupts Varun. She says that he speaks quite eloquently but his actions suggests otherwise. She speaks to the people there that Varun thinks women in a very low esteem and calls him a Dhokebaaz (cheater, liar). She says that if we give power to him then we will not be able to step outside our home and requests everyone to differentiate between right and wrong. She goes further and wants to show the people there a small example of his attitude and actions for women. She shows pics of Varun having lavish and extravagant time with women and even abusing them. People there starts to make a noise and Varun’s men breaks the laptop and Varun says that its all the plan of Ankita to malign him. He then shows his true color in front of everyone by holding the neck of Ankita and threatening her. Thereafter, people there starts to throw (hurl) shoes at him and they appreciate Ankita’s courage and claps to support her.

Ankita remember her father’s words and wins the election and she pledges to empower women (safety being the top-most priority) and also to nab all the offenders like Varun who abuses and disrespects women. Varun is arrested by police and taken away. She says that women has so much power that they can change men’s attitude of the entire nation and such change we will bring.

Karan Tacker (the host): Ankita won with a big margin in her constituency and realized her dream which she longed for. Varun got exposed in front of everyone and even his father also faced inquiry. Karan says that victory is guaranteed for the one who fights and the one who is not fearful.

Asha Negi (Guest on the show): She says that as fashion is a glamorous profession and the same goes to Air-hostess profession which is also a respectful one. But people think the profession with a different mindset and we see in newspapers that air-hostess are sexually abused and they keep quiet. She suggests girls to not be silent and say Halla Bol.

Karan Tacker (the host) says that if all girls think like Ankita then change will definitely happen. This win is not of Ankita alone but of all girls who instead of keeping quiet, stands up and fights. He says guys if one believes in oneself fully then anything is possible. Karan signs off by saying – Don’t be silent, stand up, raise your voice and say – Halla Bol, Badlaav (Change) Aayega.. Hum Laayenge..

Halla Bol Karan Tacker

Info on Cast:
* Varun Lal is played by actor Kanwar Dhillon
He played the role of Raghu’s son Vidhaan in Life Ok’s Do Dil Ek Jaan (ended on 24th Jan 2014). Kanwar’s Twitter page.

* Ankita is played by actress Neha Sargam
Read more on her Wikipedia page and Twitter page.

Images credit: Official Facebook Page of Bindass

Additional Info:
– Roster: A roster is a list of names of people involved with some organization or assignment. It can be a list of people and additional information such as the time required to work. Read more on different applications of roster on its wikipedia page

Full Episode Video:
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    Nice episode..
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    i hate varun lal on the episod but i like him in the real life
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