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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing

The story begins during the time – 29 December, 2010 and Chang (the host of the show) talks about the city Dehradun – Army cadets, boarding school and local people which makes the city quite different and refreshing. The story is about Sid who is an army cadet and the one who is discipline but he has one wrong which he used to do always referring to his unspoken love. Sid is seen doing army training and after a while sees a girl – Piyali on the road who is with her friends and taking snacks dressed in a college uniform (Chand Taare song.. I love you..). He eyes her and is then seen that piyali leaving with her friends.

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Piyali comes home and speaks with her mother about some relative Shaalu’s marriage and her mother informs that she was also born in city and also thinks like Shaalu but when she saw Piyali’s father, she married him and it has been 24 years since then. She says that her father is not a hero but a true one. She reminds that all the things doesn’t have a full guarantee and it depends on how you use or deal with it. Next day, Sid approaches Piyali and asks for some direction from her. He asks her for a date to his Army Christmas Ball but before starts a dialogue with her on road by asking her the directions. He then introduces himself as Cadet Siddharth Rawat but before forgets his name. He speaks randomly that he forgot everything and says that he doesn’t know about her. He wants to befriend her and says that he will not take her to his home and suggests that he should be quiet as he is speaking rubbish. Sid’s friends laughs on him.. Sid again goes to meet Piyali and speaks with her on the road as she was buying vegetables. He speaks that he has been seeing her for 6 months and he is not a stalker and instead likes her a lot geuinely. After some courage, he wants to take her to a coffee before his army training ends. He asks for her answer..

Meiyang Chang (the Host/Narrator): says that Sid was the best army cadet and piyali was a simple girl. At piyali’s home, it was the responsibility of her parents to find her partner. Piyali’s love for Sid was now opening up in front of everyone.

Sid and Piyali are seeing spending time outside eating ice-creams and enjoying a cute walk. [jaise Andhera main chandni bhar diya.. I love you.. song]. She goes with him on his bike even though he tells her that somebody will see her. He talks with her about his friend Gaurav who is a childhood friend and has taken him before to the place where they came. Sid and Piyali are seen in the night and that place has water-fall and a lake. Sid speaks that in war, life is not taken but life is saved. Piyali doesn’t want to crack jokes on him. After some time, Sid wants them to go home but she insists to spend more time. Piyali calls Sid at his army camp and Sid informs that he will take the permission from his parents for taking her to the christmas ball. Sid comes to her home and speaks with her parents. Piyali’s parents speak about Sid’s courage in taking her out and speaking directly with them. Piyali’s father agrees to send her away with him on the ball with the condition that they should come back by 12:00 midnight.

Meiyang Chang (the host) says that piyali was very happy as Sid is taking her to the christmas ball party where every girl in Dehradun wishes to go.

At the Christmas ball, Sid introduces piyali with the army officers. Gaurav comes there uninvited and Sid informs him that it is an exclusive army party. Gaurav praises Piyali and calls her to be a devi (deity). Sid excuses from them so as to get drinks. Gaurav informs Piyali that Sid is boring and she tells that Sid is not boring and also not like him as she thinks Gaurav is a big flirt. She talks more on what he knows about Gaurav and says that he is a pilot, and a casanova who changes girls. Gaurav says that Piyali is Sid’s first love and she replies that Sid is also her first love and both believes in true love. Gaurav says that they are different and she says that he will not get a girl of his type in Dehradun. After the ball. Sid drops Piyali at home, and she thanks him for the ball. She then speaks with his new posting as he will be going away for 18 months. He says that he will come back after 18 months and will seek his hand for marriage from her father.

Piyali started missing Sid and the same goes for Sid. But Sid doesn’t show that he misses Piyali dearly though he does miss her since he is from Army. Next morning, Piyali receives a call from Sid and he disconnects the call abruptly by giving some excuse. Piyali starts to become sad and he receives a call from Sid again. Sid informs that his parents are happy with Piyali after he send them her photo. He says that he has informed his parents about Piyali two days ago and last night he was busy in attending an officer’s party. After hearing this, Piyali becomes annoyed as he didn’t share the happy news of his parents liking for her since last 2 days. She says that she was waiting for his call until 2:00 am and in anger disconnects Sid’s call.

Later, Sid calls his friend Gaurav and informs him that Piyali is bit frustrated and wants him to take care of her. Gaurav was with a girl in his car and was coming close to her at the time of Sid’s call. After the call, he decides to send the girl away at the same moment though they were in the midst of nowhere. Gaurav comes to meet Piyali at home and also plays chess with her father. He even loses the chess game with her father. Gaurav says that he has a party at home and wants to take her to his party and without her acceptance speaks that she will come with him.

Meiyang Chang (the host) says that Sid knew that Piya will be lonely once he goes far from her. And then thought that Piyali will get support from Gaurav and he regards Gaurav more than his brother and trusts him blindly. Hence, Sid asks for a favor from him.

At Gaurav’s party (Aaj Blue hain paani.. Honey singh song plays), Gaurav is seen enjoying in swimming pool and tells Piyali that its a wild party and says that in order to know the whereabouts of his parents, he watches news channels. He speaks about Sid, and she informs that Sid doesn’t have time for her. He says that he has said earlier that Sid is boring and tells that if she was with him she would be much better. When she asks him about a girl Rhea with whom he was seen last time, he responds that he hasn’t seen from that time and tells that girls come to him not to stay with him but because of all the leisure and environment around him. Piyali responds that not all girls are bad and he suggests her to prove him wrong. She asks him whether he sees Chutkule spoils and says that he is a flirt, casanova (Gaurav says he is trying to become), and spoilsbrat (he gives that credit to his parents) and also tells that he is a nice guy (which he says that heard for the first time). He informs her that he likes her as its very hard to find a combination of smart and gorgeous personality.

Next day, Piyali receives a call from Sid and she tells him about Gaurav. She says that everyday Gaurav takes her to different places and disconnects the call as she was in hurry to go with Gaurav. While in the army camp, Sid looks at Piyali’s photo, and Piyali is seen spending time outside with Gaurav. Gaurav takes her to the same waterfall lake place and she says that Sid has already taken her to this place. He tries to impress her by showing her some illuminating butterflies. She asks him whether he wants to impress his best friend’s girl friend. He says that its not him and he feels very different with her and nobody has made it feel in the same way. He then professes his love for her and she says that he is mad and suggests there is nothing. Gaurav speaks then why didn’t she spoke about Sid since last 1 month. Gaurav tries to persuade that this is only truth and she is going to destroy three lives. She wants to go home and asks him to drop. He says that he is sorry for hurting his friend Sid and tells that she loves him as well. Piyali’s friend suggests that she is confused. She says that she only loves Sid and cries and her friend is not convinced with her answer.

Meiyang Chang (the host) says that even a blind person can see that Piyali was drifting and gradually getting attracted to Gaurav. Gaurav’s small things for her has even made her to forget about Sid. Sid is unaware of what’s happening and Gaurav has already making plans to settle down with Piyali.

Piyali searches for Gaurav and finds him singing a song in her college. [Itne Bura Bhi Hum Nahi.. Zaamane Ke Baatein Much Uljho Na. Khud se Agar Tum Pucho.]..Gaurav again says – I love to Piyali and she hugs him thus giving her acceptance. They then share a night together and speaks with him that they have to disclose everything to Sid as otherwise they will be doing a wrong. Gaurav suggests that let Sid come and then they will inform her as there are some more days for him to come. Meanwhile, Sid calls her parents and gets info that Piyali is with Gaurav. Sid was approaching home in his jeep during his telephone call. In Dehradun, Gaurav and Piyali are sharing intimate moments by spending time at the swimming pool and drinking wine. Sid is happy while driving and even have a ring for Piyali. He reaches Gaurav’s home and finds Gaurav and Piyali in the pool sharing intimate moments together.

With a heavy voice, he informs her that her mother is waiting for her and he came to take her there. He goes back to his jeep and in teary eyes. Piyali apologizes that she doesn’t want to hurt him and asks him why did he sent Gaurav for her ? Sid asks does she loves Gaurav and wants to marry him? She replies yes while crying. Sid holds on to his emotions and doesn’t speak anything. She wants him to speak something maybe scold her.. She says sorry to him and leaves to her home. Sid drives back and remembers all the good time he has spent with her, his promise to marry her after 18 months, and also her intimate moments with Gaurav, and even her decision to marry Gaurav. Later on, Sid comes to meet Gaurav and he asks him whether he came to beat him. Sid speaks that as Piyali and Gaurav loves each other and even he saw love for Gaurav in Piyali’s eye so he will move away from them and will speak with Piyali’s parents regarding Piyali-Gaurav marriage. After hearing this, Gaurav reminds to Sid that does he forgot about him and his attitude with women ? Gaurav tells him to hang on and says that what kind of love ? He says that he has dated pooja, celina which run upto six months as well and after that it was finished. He says that Piyali has slept with him just after Sid was away for 2 months. Sid doesn’t listen to him and wants him to marry Piyali because she loves him. Gaurav wants Sid to beat him and says that Piyali is a packaged middle-class girl and says that he has done the same thing with Piyali the one which he did with Rhea.

Sooner, Sid starts to lose control over his mind and in a fit of rage kills gaurav by throwing a heavy pot on him. After killing him, he speaks that Piyali used to love him and he spoke about Celine, Rhea and says that Piyali is not like them and piyali is special.

Meiyang Chang (the host) says that Sid was the one even cannot kill an insect and the one who thinks the war is a form of self-defense became a murderer because he was forced to do so. Meiyang says that Sid killed Gaurav not because he hated him but because he broke Piyali’s heart. Sid has confessed to his crime and now is in prison. But it is to be noted that how much Sid has loved Piyali nobody would have done that much in today’s time for anybody. Thus, people reach at point in love where right or wrong doesn’t matter to them. Meiyang wants people to share their opinions about Sid’s action on facebook and twitter page of Zee TV using the hastag #PTKK. He signs off by saying – Keep watching, Keep Loving !

Info on Cast:
* Siddharth is played by actor Ayaaz Ahmed.

* Piyali is played by actress Chetna Pande
– She started her Bollywood film career with the role of Aayra who was a MMS victim in the movie I Don’t Luv U.

* Gaurav is played by actor Parth Samthaan

Image credits: Official Facebook page of Zing TV

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (PTKK) 23rd May 2014, 1st Episode – Full Episode
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14 responses to “Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 23rd May 2014 1st Episode on Zing TV – Written Update”

  1. suryaprakashkashyap Avatar

    This girl was very stupid ,childish that couldn’t realize her true love. And the viewer will not be satisfied while you will not show her guilt deeply for her childness and it better show a long seperation with sid, her realization of true love and her worst cdn that youth not hate to love someone with so crazyness… N one more thing though we know that his true love is piya, we want a far better girl for him who understand him with positive touch..

    1. chah mhjn Avatar
      chah mhjn

      ohh shit man… that girl she wasn’t stupid/foolish..she was just immature enough and obviously confused by situation that slut GAURAV … usne jaal bishaya just to use that girl.. he destroyed 2 Lil hearts….sid he killd gaurav..just because he was true on his part and can’t listen anything wrong about his girl.. really a good story.. godblesshim

  2. Rajan Kumar Avatar
    Rajan Kumar

    i want to know is this story is real if yes , i want the details because i want to save that army cadet …. n i m really serious so please contact me on

  3. ekta Avatar

    Ganni se pyar krti. Ho wo mujhse Ni krta Mai uske bina Ni reh skti I love ❤ gani humm. Dono Ki bhut ldai hoti hai hum. Dono me sab. Theek Ho. Jaaye. Bye

    1. Sandeep Avatar

      Kis ki baat kr rahi hoho ekta

  4. Anurag aggarwal Avatar
    Anurag aggarwal

    Its a heart touching story im started cry after seeing this

  5. Nitin ransing Avatar
    Nitin ransing

    Great story…the girl was really stupid

  6. chaaa Avatar

    she wasn’t stupid yaarr… she was immature and obviously confused by her choice.. gaurav was **** who played with her emotions and destroyed 2 little hearts… that soldier is really brave who took that step to kill him just because he can’t hear anything wrong about his girl..

  7. Chand Avatar

    He take advantage of abcents of his best friend……….and he reamins a bkack mark of the friendship……..sp plz dont beleave such type of dirty fellows………it is a teally heart touching love story…….i am still thinking if the cadet…..and the girl she just immatchured……….

  8. Emraan Avatar

    Emraan . . . Yakin khatm ho jata hai har ladki pe. Is episod ko dekhke . Piyali. Acha nahi kia.
    Sid meri trah hai .
    But tumne galat kia.
    Dil hai kaha fisal jaye
    But galat tha

  9. Sandeep Avatar

    This story was amazing but yee sahii nahi tha but dekha jaye too us ne sahi bhi kiya and this episode song is very good

  10. zala vijaysinh Avatar
    zala vijaysinh

    hello, sir my name is vijaysinh zala and i have many stories like this and i want to work in your sereal as a story writer.

  11. zala vijaysinh Avatar
    zala vijaysinh

    please contact me soon

  12. Abdul Razzak Avatar
    Abdul Razzak

    Hi mY story me bahut dard mila h me aaj bhi usse pyaar krta hu woha bhi hm se bahut pyaar krti h hm dono k bich bahut kuch aisa hua h ki aap sb yakin nhi kriye ga

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