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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V

Recap (Preview): Cheeku decides to make new friends but at his college, students doesn’t want to make friendship with him. Even, when he wants to share his tiffin with a peon there but he also doesn’t take his food invitation. He wakes up from a dream and sincerely thinks to win friends. While sitting as he speaks on food, a fat boy hears about food and befriends him. So, at last Cheeku found one friend.


Cheeku starts a video call with Kimaya and she calls him Cheeks which he likes it a lot. He asks her what she wanted to say last time. She says as they are far from each other, so she wanted to see Cheeku’s world through his laptop. He asks her what she wants to see. She first asks about his college. Cheeku shows his botany lab and kimaya says that she knows that he wants to become an environmentalist.

She says that he has passion which is good. He says that his brothers taunts on him. She then asks him about his friends and sooner he receives a call from his elder brother Sid who calls him urgently to the library. Cheeku disconnects the call with Kimaya and goes to meet Sid in library. He wants Cheeku to deal with his girlfriend Parineeti and tell her that he is away. Cheeku then receives a call from Parineeti and informs her that Sid is away at gym and she asks him whether Sid has changed or not. He says that his brother is the same. Cheeku receives a SMS and laughs. He wonders on how to tell Kimaya that he doesn’t have many friends. Sid speaks with a friend on phone and soon his girlfriend sees and comes to him and ask why didn’t he attended her call. Sid starts to give some fake excuse that his friend Harry called him earlier in the morning. Cheeku comes and says that Sid Bhaiya never lies. Cheeku then remembers to find friends. He goes to the canteen and shows his vegetable paratas (Mooli – Radish Rotis) and introduces himself as Aditya Khosla and all the students there says that they don’t know him. He then speaks himself that either he is a loser or her mother’s paratas are not impressive. He then goes to meet his younger brother Dodo to seek his help for winning friends.

Sid is seen with his girlfriend on College’s stairs and the girl says that Sid is only for her. Sooner, Sid finds another girl who asks the direction of the Peon. Sid starts conversation with her and tells himself as the peon in a casual way, and calls her name Devika. Parineeti says that Devika is famous for her magazine covers. Devika taunts on Sid and Parineeti as a couple. At this point, Sid has started to drool over Devika’s beauty and charm. Cheeku sits in his canteen alone and laments that nobody will make him as their friend. A boy hears his conversation who starts talking with him. It turns out that boy is Hansraj who is Cheeku’s neighbor and befriends Cheeku as he offered him his Chapati (Rotis). Hansraj says that he became a fan of Cheeku Sir. Cheeku introduces Hansraj to Sid.

Cheeku speaks with himself and ponders again about Kimaya who has asked him about his friends. He again starts to look for friends. Sid talks that the time has come to improve his level of love but there is a problem which is his current girlfriend – Parineeti Thakkar. Cheeku asks Sid for sharing the sandwich. Sid decides to break the relationship with Parineeti and to begin a new relationship with Devika. Cheeku speaks with Kimaya on a video chat and talks about his brother’s nuisance. Dodo and Sid comes into his room and Sid shares his experience with Parineeti in College. When Sid went to Parineeti to inform her about his decision for break-up, instead of listening to Sid, she talked on other things and takes his words lightly by discussing on apples and bananas. She doesn’t want to have a break-up with him. She laughs on his seriousness and calls him funny and cute and says that how can she leave him so easily. She then kisses him and their break-up didn’t realize thereafter. Sid calls his brother Dodo as Mastram as he tries to inquire more on the break-up.

Sid talks more on getting Devika and says that she deserves him. Cheeku suggest that he cannot do like this and Sid replies that he is the best. Cheeku contemplates on Sid’s thinking and confidence in ditching parineeti and confidence in winning Devika. Sid gives some money to Dodo and Cheeku promises to give money to Dodo next time from his pocket money. Sid and Dodo leaves and Cheeku starts again to chat with Kimaya and informs her that now Dodo will try to win Devika for Sid by creating a break-up between Sid and Parineeti. Dodo meets Parineeti in order to start the break-up between Sid and her. Kimaya speaks that on Sid’s name there should be a movie – Break-Up Sid. Cheeku honestly says that he doesn’t have any friends and Kimaya says its ok. He says that he has one fan in his life and Kimaya says that he has actually 2 fans including herself. Sid comes home and tells Cheeku about Dodo’s blunder in College. In the college, Dodo meets Parineeti’s sister Diksha who came with Parineeti and tries to flirt with her. Parineeti asks him did he came to talk about her relationship with Sid. Diksha steps in and informs that now Sid and Parineeti will settle, and asks, right Dodo ? Dodo instead of putting efforts to break-up the relationship between Sid and Parineeti agrees to Diksha’s suggestion after falling for her charm and beauty..

Sid beats Dodo at home as instead of a break-up he made sure that a Rokka will take place. Dodo wants Sid to continue his relationship with Parineeti so that he can win Diksha (Parineeti’s sister). Now, Sid wants Cheeku to help him in his breakup with Parineeti as he became very desperate. Cheeku speaks with Kimaya that he became a side-hero in his brother’s breakup. Regarding friendship, Kimaya tells Cheeku that she will help him in winning friends so that he is a friend to himself and others as well.

Next Episode: Cheeku is seen to help some students which will lead him to win some new friends. While, Sid is drifting towards Devika and trying to impress her. And, Dodo is busy in eyeing girls with his telescope.

Cast Info:
* Cheeku is played by actor Chirag Mahbubani. Chirag is also a director and dancer. Chirag’s Twitter page.
* Dodo is played by actor Anshuman Malhotra. Anshuman’s Twitter page.
* Sid is played by actor Mohit Sid Tolani. Mohit’s Twitter page
* Kimaya (Cheeku’s girlfriend) is played by actor Shritama Mukherjee, who is also dancer and singer as well. Shritama’s Twitter page.

Additional Info:
* Rokka: Rokka is a pre-wedding ritual, an unofficial engagement ceremony where the family and friends come and give present, money and blessings to the couple. Read more about it and Punjabi wedding traditions on its Wikipedia page.

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