Mahabharat – Draupadi, Ek Agni Pariksha on 25th May 2014 – Maha Movie



There is going to be a special episode of Mahabharat this Sunday. It will show the journey of Draupadi from her beginning to her quest for revenge against Kauravas. The episode with story of Draupadi is titled – Draupadi, Ek Agni Pariksha. It will show the following parts,


– Birth of Draupadi from Fire
– Her marriage to Pandavas upon Kunti’s advice
– Draupadi’s Cheerharan in the assembly hall by Duryodhan and her protection by Krishna
– Draupadi’s quest for revenge against Kauravas which leads to the dawn of the Kurukshetra war

This episode will be telecast on Star Plus @ 1 PM IST with repeat @ 8 PM this Sunday. Thus, Star Plus’s offering Ishq Kills will not be telecast again this week. Star Plus’s schedule has already updated about Mahabharat on its schedule page .

Mahabharat – Maha movie episode about Draupadi
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