Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 24th May 2014 4th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V

Recap (Preview): Cheeku sees Hansraj in trouble as some students gets hold of him. Cheeku ponders on winning some new friends. Sid is drifting towards Devika and tries to impress her and on the verge to have a break-up with his girlfriend Parineeti. And, Dodo is busy in eyeing girls with his telescope.


Cheeku wakes up and Sid wants him to mediate with Parineeti for his break-up. Sid warns him to help him while Dodo is eyeing girls with his telescope. Dodo says that he is looking at girl’s bathroom and Sid taunts on his bad nature. Sid warns Cheeku that his laptop will be taken away if he didn’t help him.

Cheeku starts a video chat again with Kimaya and hesitates in speaking about his efforts for realizing a break-up of Sid and parineeti. He tells Kimaya that even his laptop will be taken away if he cannot realize Sid’s break-up. After a while, Kimaya asks him whether he has a crush on her ? She comments that the break-ups are over-rated after which he asks her did she had a break-up ? She replies that her first break-up was in 4th standard. She suggests that Parineeti and Sid’s love was one-sided as only Parineeti loves Sid so she suggests him to tell her directly.

Dodo eyes girls with his telescope and the girl at the other end reciprocates to his moves and also looks at him with her telescope and even shows him a placard. Cheeku informs Dodo that he is going to execute a break-up. Dodo says that Cheeku cannot realize a break-up and even taunts on him. Dodo continues to eye the girl and becomes confused as she is also doing the same.

Cheeku goes to the cafe in order to realize Sid’s break-up. At the cafe, he finds Hansraj being beaten by some other fellows. Hansraj calls Cheeku Sir for help, and those students call Cheeku. Cheeku introduces himself and calls the other man as Billu and says that he can take that table if he wishes and also even the college as he is very fearful of Billu. Billu calls him a Baby Doll and wants to show him, how to poke ? Billu revolves the knife around his hand and makes a hand symbol on the table by hitting the table with knife. Billu warns him more and drags him away from there. Cheeku (Mann Ki Awaaz) speaks that he was about to get beaten up badly. A gardener informs that he is looking fine and he then meets Parineeti there who asks him what he wants to speak with her ? He shows her some pit in the garden instead of talking about the break-up. In the college, Sid looks at Devika and tries to impress her. He boasts about himself and Devika says that he is uneducated and wants him to put a silencer in his mouth.

Meanwhile, Cheeku helps parineeti at the garden and hesitantly informs Parineeti about her relationship with Sid. He thinks to tell her the truth as Kimaya has taught him. He then says that she is good and also Sid bhaiya is also good. he then speaks that Sid bhaiya speaks a lot of things about her and compares them as a celebrity -Saif-Kareena. She says that Sid is a good guy but all other things are wrong as they are not like celebrity. She says that Sid is selfish and says that now she has learnt the true face of Sid. She becomes angry on Sid and Cheeku tries to speak good things of Sid. Parineeti warns that she will teach a lesson to Sid thus before cheeku explains to her directly about the break-up, parineeti herself became angry and frustrated with Sid. In the class, Sid attends a class on Macro-economics and he receives a call but he avoid and instead tries to impress Devika by throwing paper notes at her. Parineeti’s friend receives a call from her and she puts the phone call on microphone so everybody can hear it. In that call, Parineeti speaks that Sid Khosla is very mean and has tried to avoid her on multiple occasions, though he is very embarassing himself and people should avoid him…she also says I hate you. The professor wants Sid to have his personal matters outside the class. Devika throws his notes back to him and taunts that as he is now disgraced. She says that she likes men and not like him who is publically humiliated. Sid nonetheless thinks that her connection with Devika will work soon.

Cheeku speaks with Kimaya on video chat about Sid’s break-up in the class via Parineeti’s phone call. Kimaya is dressed as a cheer girl and she calls him Cheeks and after hearing it he feels like getting a current (electric) sensation in the body and also feel special. She says that it was good that Sid’s break-up with Parineeti happened in the class. She says that once Cheeku gets a girlfriend, the girl will be happy with him as he is a nice guy and also the chance of break-up is very small. Cheeku ponders on first to get a girl friend and most importantly to win some friends. Sooner, Cheeku receives a SMS which says that he became special for them. He greets Kimaya the best for her exams and then ends the call.

Cheeku wakes up from his sleep and thinks about Kimaya’s suggestion that one-sided love will not prosper. He thinks that his love with Kimaya is also one-sided and gets some fear about its success. He goes back to sleep after clearing his mind from fears. Next morning, at the garden, he meets the gardener and wants some help from him. The gardener finds artificial ketchup instead of water and cheeku finds some wrong. At that moment, Billu comes to play football though Cheeku wants him to play elsewhere. Billu calls him Baby doll and reminds Cheeku about his SMS that he sent him last night. Billu says he will come to garden everyday and will also trouble cheeku a lot.

Next Episode: Cheeku is beaten and harassed by Billu. Sid advises Cheeku on how to tackle Billu’s might and plans a strategy with Dodo. Kimaya asks Cheeku about 23rd and asks him what will he doing on that day ? He asks her does she know about that date ?

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