Comedy Nights With Kapil 25th May 2014 on Colors TV – Written Update with Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu


Comedy Nights With Kapil

Guests on the Show: Veteran playback singers – Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu.


Kapil starts the show by singing the song – Dil Ka Alam Main Kya Batayun Tujhe.. and then welcomes popular veteran singer Kumar Sanu who comes on the stage while singing the song. Saanso Ki Zaroori Zindagi ke Liye..Bas Ek Sanam… Chahiye Aashiqui ke Liye. Kapil welcomes him and calls him Sanu Da. Kapil speaks that Sanu Da won 5 times back to back Filmfare Award for Best Male Singer. He replies that he thought of a good gesture and wanted someone to win the award next yea (6th year). But from 6th year onwards, he stopped winning the awards. Kumar ji says that he sang in 23 languages after Kapil said 18 languages. Kumar ji says that he even recorded a song in Spanish at London Studio which will come soon in an album – ‘Amor’ (Amor means love in spanish). In that album, he sang one song in Spanish and 6 songs are in Hindi. As Kapil and Siddhu insists, Kumar ji sings the Spanish song as – Unico Amor..Para Siempre. No Puede.. Yo..Tu eres se mi.. and Kapil says that he didn’t understood the language but he felt the song as Kumar ji sang with full emotions and heart. Siddhu wants Kumar ji to sing a Punjabi song henceafter and then recommends him to say – Chak De Phatte Nab de Gilli Savare Jalandhar Shaam ko Delhi. Kumar ji repeats those lines in a good way. Kapil responds that Kumar ji can sing the same lines in a romantic way as well as he has that talent and skillset.

Kapil then welcomes legendary singer who started singing 30 years ago and welcomes his favorite Alka Yagnik who comes in the song – Bole Chudiya Bole Kangna Hain Main Hogi Teri Saajna.. Soniya Leja Leja. Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik comes on the stage and sings Ladki Badi Anjaani Hain.. from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hain (KKHH 1998, Some Things Happen) with a thunderous applause from Kapil and the audience. Kumar ji comes close to Alka mam and Kapil welcomes both. Kapil asks Alka ji what does she eat ? She says she eats like him. Siddhu cracks a witty line and regards them as big sikandar in music industry. Kapil suggests that he doesn’t know much singing..Kumar Sanu speaks that he has never thought to come on Kapil’s show in his entire career. Kapil responds that instead of him speaking with Kumar ji about it, Kumar ji is playing the same trick with him.

Kapil says that there are many common things between Kumar ji and Alka ji and most importantly they came on his show together. Kumar ji tries to flirt with Alka ji. Kapil informs the audience that Alka ji won 7 filmfare awards for best female singer and also she sang 20,000 songs in her career which means roughly 600 songs per year and 50 songs per month. He then asks her whether she will record one more song after going home ? Kumar ji says that for today’s hero multiple singers are singing depending on the taste and behavior of the hero. Kumar ji says his and Alka ki voice frequency used to match well and this relates to the alignment of hero and heroine’s voice.

Comedy Nights With Kapil

Mrs. Sharma comes in and calls Bittu. Mrs. Sharma welcomes them in Bengali and speaks Bhale Lago Opna hi Ghar samjho, Kumar sanu and Alka mam becomes impressed, and even Alka mam starts to speak in Bengali – Maine Bengali Bolti. After seeing them conversing in bengali, Kapil interrupts and makes a joke by speaking that his programme has been shifted to DD Bangla (Doordarshan) invoking a laughter and also apologizing to his audience. Siddhu calls Mrs. Sharma as pinkie poo as she wore a pink saree.. Mrs. Sharma wants Bittu to calm down and says that she spoke in Bengali as she was having a good time with the guests and calls them as soothing and enchanting music-wise. Bittu taunts on Mrs. Sharma and says that if she repeats the sound Papa..multiple times then it will sound like a hen’s sound Papa..Papp.. invoking a laughter and making her embarrassed. Kapil cracks a joke on Mrs. Sharma’s father. Alka ji then also taunts on Mrs. Sharma and suggests her to create a hen’s Papa..Pap.. sound. invoking a laughter and making her embarrassed.

Comedy Nights With Kapil

Sooner, Alka mam and Kumar ji decides to teach singing to Mrs. Sharma (she calls her Manju) and Bittu respectively. Alka mam is confident that Mrs. Sharma will sing well and Kumar ji asks her on the romantic song which they are going to teach them. Bittu also cracks a joke on Mrs. Sharma’s lips as she wanted to do a lip-sync and wants Alka ji to sing the song. Alka ji tries to teach her Suraj Hua Madham song slowly. Kumar ji wants Bittu to be like Emraan Hashmi and wants Mrs. Sharma to be Bipasha. As the song was Suraj Hua Madham, so they want to enact like SRK and Kajol. Mrs. Sharma dances with Bittu while singing Surah Hua Maddham..Chand Dhalne Laga from the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (K3G – year,2001) in a cute way. Bittu at first cracks a joke and doesn’t want to sing the song – Suraj Hua Maddham and then sings in soft tone and looks at her eyes with love, and suddenly stops and wishes to drink water invoking a laughter. Mrs Sharma informs Siddhu that Bittu sang for her two lines for the first time and she is very happy about it.

Bittu taunts more on Mrs. Sharma’s father and even how he behaves with music records. Kumar ji comments that she is beautiful and she responds that she is beautiful as she listens to nice music which makes her happy and feel young. Bittu says that Mrs. Sharma listen to only song during her childhood – Atarya Pe Lote Kabootar Re invoking a laughter. Kumar and Alka ji says that romance between Mr and Mrs. Sharma is not possible as they are poles apart. Bittu accuses Mrs. Sharma of not trusting him and says that once he was taking bath and she was waiting outside and hearing him taking bath. She goes on to say that Bittu was using a ladies soap for which Bittu responds whether he was using a ladies soap which wore a ladies Maxi making Kumar, Alka ji and the audience bursting out in laughter. She says that she likes strawberry flavor that’s why she liked that soap. When Mrs. Sharma boasts of her brother, Bittu cracks a joke that actually he was made to sing multiple one song multiple times and not multiple songs as Mrs. Sharma tries to persuade.

Kumar ji shares an anecdotal experience of his singing in Patna where he was under pressure and forced to sing the same song multiple times as the people were having guns. He sang 4 times and repeat one Antara 16 times. He wanted to escape from singing by taking the role of a drummer. He then somehow managed to escape from there in haste while also taking two girls in his car. Kumar ji says that he didn’t take the drummer with him as the drummer would have not gone with him as he will not leave without the drum. Mrs. Sharma leaves from there by greeting Kumar ji. Kapil speaks about the fans of Alka mam and Kumar Sanu and opens the floor to the audience. A man from audience speaks that he is a fan of both of them and regards them as big and popular singers. He also praises on their participation in reality shows. His wife speaks that they sing the duet song from Kuch Kuch Hota Hain which Alka mam and Kumar ji sang at their home and wants to sing on the song on-stage.

Kapil then invites other couples on the stage and now they have 3 couples. The first couple sing the song – Ladkoi Bade Anjaani Sach Hai Koi Kahani Yeh To Wahi Anjaani hai.. Ladka Bada Deewana Hain..They sing the song with interruptions and even forgets lyrics. Kumar ji says that they lied about singing the song everyday but tells them hats off for showing confidence to come on stage and sing. Next couple, the man speaks that he is from Punjab and serves in the military. Both husband and wife sings- Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi mein Aaana. While the woman sings well, the man forgets the lyrics but remembers the tune during his singing. Kapil then taunts him by highlighting the man’s army background and his hold on strong dialogues and his weakness on singing a song. Third couple is a young one who sings – Tera Pyaar Mein Doob Gaye Hum Khud ko hi Bhool gaye.. Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kiya.. song. Alka ji says that he improvised the song and Kapil says that its democracy. Kumar ji then sings the song – Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana.. Dheere Dheere Se Dil ko Churana. Kumar ji greets the army man and regards his love for the army people.

Comedy Nights With Kapil

Audience (young man): speaks about the romantic song – Kuch na Kaho from his movie 1942 – A love story. The young man sings the song – Kuch Na Kaho..Kuch Bi Na Kaho song and also requests Kumar ji to sing two lines of the same song. Kumar ji sings the song with full fervor and intensity.

Audience: Ritika asks a question to Alka ji and asks her with whom her voice was best matched with ?
Alka ji: replies that only audience knows that and she cannot decide. Ritika wants Alka ji to show some acting and she responds by acting and speaks few lines.

Audience: young man wants to sing a song from Kishore Da and also tells that he worked in hotels during his start. The audience insists Kumar ji to sing the song from Kishore Da. Instead of him singing, Kumar ji wants the young man to sing the song. The young man comes on the stage and sings Phir Bhi Mera..Aaaaaa Mann.. Pyaasa very badly and leaves from stage after touching their feets.

Laccha comes on stage on the song Tumhe Apna Banane Ki Khasam Kahi hain.. Teri Aankhon ki chahat ki Nazar aayi hain while carrying a buffalo with him. Laccha says that he is very happy as he is in a romantic mood and Bittu says that sure he will be happy as he came with his girlfriend. Laccha welcomes Alka ji and Kumar ji and introduces himself as Laccha and his buffalo as Dayna. Laccha speaks that he read that if a romantic song is sung in-front of a buffalo then Buffalo will give more milk. After reading, he sang the romantic song, and instead of increase in quantity of the milk, actually the milk’s quantity decreased. Thus, he seeks a solution from Kumar and Alka ji. He wants some help and says that he has already sang their hit song in front of the buffalo which was – Ab Tere Bin.. Jee Lenge Hum.. Zeher Zindagi Ka…. They say that by putting Zeher Zindagi words in the song then how come the buffalo will give more milk ? Laccha then refers to buffalo (Dayna’s) brother as Piter and he many times he teased piter unknowingy that piter doesn’t understand his language but Laccha was taken away by piter on his head. Laccha says that if Alka ji sings, then he will show his smile. Alka ji sings Tum Paas Aaye..Yu Muskaraye Tum Najaane kya sapne Dikhaiya… while Laccha acts like Shahrukh Khan lip-syncing to the song.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Alka Yagnik singing

Bittu taunts Laccha on imitating SRK. Laccha says that because of Gobar he gets a glowing face and speaks on multiple uses of Gobar. Laccha wants Kumar ji to take the buffalo (Dayna) away. Bittu says that Laccha is a good dancer and Alka ji wants Laccha to sing and dance. Bittu taunts that Laccha can sing not only from mouth.. invoking a laughter. Laccha sings with romantic feel song Tujhe Dekha to jaana sanam while he is singing very discretely and not showing any romantic mannerisms. Laccha comes on the stage and wants to dance with Alka mam and Kumar ji and thinks that they will have fun. Laccha dances on the Dilbar Dilbar song from the movie Sirf Tum (1999, starring Sushmita Sen and Sanjay Kapoor) with lots of energy and moves with Alka mam and Kumar ji applauding him. Kapil signs off by sharing a quote from a smart poet – Umra Jawaani Phir Na Muskarayi Kabhi Bachpan ki Tarah Maine cycle bhi khareedi maine Khilona bhi lekar dekh liye.. [Once we passed our childhood and reach old age, then life didn’t brought to us the feelings of childhood again and even I tried to buy bicycle and toys but in vain]. Kapil suggests that time once leaves doesn’t come back therefore wants people to enjoy, have laugh and keep watching his show.

Comedy Nights With Kapil

Additional Info:
* Alka Yagnik:
She was born on 20 March 1966 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She is a noted playback singer of Hindi cinema with a career spanning three decades. Some of her accolades and contributions are,
– 7-time Filmfare award winner for Best Female Playback Singer out of 35 nomimations
– 2 time recipient of National Awards; She collaborated with many music composers. Some of them are Laxmikant-Pyarelal; Nadeem-Shravan; Jatin Lalit; Anu Malik; A. R. Rahman; Rajesh Roshan; Anand-Milind; Himesh Reshammiya; Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
– At Age 6, started singing for AkashVani (All India Radio); Read more on her Wikipedia page

* Kumar Sanu was born on 23 September 1957 in Kolkata, West Bengal. He is noted for his contributions as a playback singer of Hindi Cinema
– Won Filmfare Best Playback Singer Award for five consecutive years.
– Awarded Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian honour in 2009.
– Collaborated with music composers – Nadeem-Shravan, Jatin-Lalit and Anu Malik.
– Read more on his Wikipedia page

* Karan Tacker didn’t appear on the show today and for this weekend (24th and 25th May 2014) and his interactions and cute moments with Bua might come next week.

Images credit: Twitter page of Colors TV and Wikipedia pages of Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu.

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