Shikhandi – Commander of Pandavas' Army prepares to trap and kill Bhishma

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Mahabharat Star Plus War to begin in 3 days

Pandavas decides to choose Shikhandi as their Army commander on the 10th day of the war because even Arjun or other Pandavas cannot defeat Bhishma and they ought to have someone who will make sure that Bhishma gives up his weapons and surrender. With this, they can defeat and kill Bhishma who is the strongest force of Kauravas. Bhishma already knows that Pandavas has the person who will make him surrender leading to his downfall and death.

Coming to the Shikhandi and the reasons of Bhishma surrendering to her. Bhishma thinks Shikhandi as the re-birth of Amba. Amba was the eldest daughter of Kashiraj (king of Kashi) and Bhishma has taken her by force along with her sisters from their Swayamvara [Swayam is a sanskrit word means ‘Self’ and Var means bride-groom, it was the practice of choosing the husband]. Bhishma took them to the king of Hastinapur – Vichitravirya but he only married Amba’s sisters as she informed Bhishma and the king that she had made a promise to another king Shalva and will not marry anyone else. But, Amba’s tryst with destiny was such that Shalva declines to marry her as he got lost to Bhishma in Swayamvar, later she wants to marry Bhishma but he declined citing that he opted for celibacy – a condition of voluntarily remaining unmarried. After that, Amba was devastated and wanted to kill Bhishma, and sought help from many kings but in vain. There is more history about the blessings she receive, but at end she vanished with pain and agony. Thus, Shikhandi is a re-birth of Amba to King Drupada who is an ally of Pandavas in the Mahabharat war and she is participating in the war as the army commander. For Bhishma, it is a sort of History repeat as he will think Shikhandi as re-birth of Amba, and will be going to surrender and put his weapons down after seeing her as he cannot fight with a woman.

Shikhandi also informs Shakuni that she will participate in the war as she is serving as the army commander of the Pandavas. And also she will make sure that Bhishma surrenders to her. After hearing this, Shakuni is stunned. Shakuni informs Duryodhan not to worry about Shikhandi as he believes Yudhishtir’s Dharm will help him win as Yudhishtir will follow his Dharm and hence will not allow a woman to fight in the war. During a meeting 3 days before the war to talk on the rules of the war, Shakuni questions Yudhistir whether he will follow his Dharm or sacrifice his Dharm just for the sake of victory ? Shakuni informs him that Hastinapur’s army (everyone) will not hold weapons against Shikhandi. After contemplating, Yudhistir announces that no woman will participate in the war. Shakuni and Duryodhan are happy as the trouble from Shikhandi is now gone. Shikhandi and Pandavas’ brothers other than Yudhishtir are dejected. It is certain that Bhishma will die with help from Shikhandi and Arjun being the person attacking and killing him during the course of the war not necessarily the first day of the war.

Some Info: Shikhandi: is played by actor Shikha Singh. Incidentally, Shikha played the role of Amba in Colors’ show Na Aana Is Des Laado. Shikha is currently playing the role of Alia, Rockstar Abhi’s sister in Zee TV’s KumKum Bhagya.

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Read on -> Karna to give up his Armour as a charity and other importany developments before (preluding) the start of Mahabharat War, in the following three paragraphs.

Karna gives his painful reluctance to take side of Pandavas and is commited to serve his friend Duryodhan, He seeks the blessings of Kunti but she takes much time as she was in her helpless situation after which Karna shrugs off and goes without her blessing. Meanwhile. Pandavas are informed to reach a common place for the war and Yudhishtir informs Arjun, his other brothers and even their sons to get ready for the war. Krishna comes to the common place where Kauravas and Pandavas army are aggregated and located. He meets Bhishma, Drona, Duryodhan, Yudhishtir, and other Pandavas. Krishna first speaks on the location of the war which has the blessing of Lord Indra and whoever dies here will go directly to Paradise. And then suggests that this land will bring in Dharma (righteous and justice). Krishna then informs that the start date of the war is already chosen by Draupadi and the war Mahabharat will start after 3 days from the current day.

Before their arrival to the location of the war, Duryodhan got motivation from Karna and Shakuni and Karna has even said that he will die first before him thereby showing his true commitment. Duryodhan got the blessings of his mother Gandhari and father though Dhritrashtra was initially circumspect in giving the blessing as he has lot of inhibitions about the fate of the war and his sons death. Bhishma speaks with Vidhur in the assembly hall that it will be the last time that he is standing there, and he is bounded by his oath to defend Hastinapur’s King. Bhishma also said that though he has the blessing to seek wishful death but now he himself wishes for death. In Virat’s kingdom, Draupadi informs Pandavas that she along with Subhadra and other women will accompany them and live in the battlefield region while also serving the injured and the needy.

All the above developments and events are prelude to the war, and another development before the star of the war is Karna giving away his Kavach (armor) and Kundal. Karna is the son of Kunti and God Surya (suryanarayan). In the upcoming precap of 30th May episode, Suryanarayan informs his son Karna that his promise to offer charity to anyone who comes at his doorstep should haven’t been done and asks him to not make such promises again. He then informs him that Indradev (God Indra) who is father of Arjun will come in disguise as a poor Brahmin and will asks for his Kavach and Kundal. Karna being a man of his word will give his armour and kundal. Karna will also reveal that he knows the brahmin is actually Indradev and not a poor person. Karna in turn will get a blessing from Indradev for honoring his words by means of Indradev’s strongest weapon – Vasavi Shakti but he can only used it once. Thus, after being void of the armor and kundal, Karna is not invincible and can be defeated and killed by Arjun.

Mahabharat Star Plus Shikhandi Shika Singh

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Mahabharat – Karna donates his Kavach and Kundal to Indradev (Arjun’s father)
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