Purab's love with Bulbul faces first jitters; Suresh shouldering support to Pragya's troubles in KumKum Bhagya

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Purab and Bulbul KumKum Bhagya

Purab is worried and in big dilemma since Abhi wants him to marry his sister Alia. Abhi has reminded Purab about his promise of marrying Alia last year before she went to Australia for studies so Abhi in essence proposing a roka between Alia and Purab. Until now, Purab haven’t informed Abhi regarding his love for Bulbul, and Abhi thinks that Purab will do whatever he says thus will fulfill his promise. Alia is also interested to marry Purab and tries to woo him.

On one hand, Purab is the best match for her, while she thinks herself as the best girl for Purab. Daadi is also happy with the thought of Alia’s marriage with Purab. On another occasion when Pragya goes out with Bulbul for her marriage shopping, Suresh also accompanies them and there he sees Bulbul speaking with her boss. Later, some other day, Suresh speaks with his friend Arvind and reminds him about Bulbul’s incident. Arvind thinks that Suresh still harbour feelings for Bulbul because of which he becomes jealous or uneasy when he sees Bulbul with some other person. Suresh then shrugs off Arvind’s observation and suggests that he is very lucky as he will going to marry Pragya and cites that he is fully committed and true for his marriage. It has to be seen whether Suresh’s heart will overcome his mind, as on one hand he still has feelings for Bulbul while on other hand, he is also committed to marry Pragya, only time will tell how Suresh will react in future. Some of the leading questions are, How will Purab inform Abhi about his love for Bulbul ? What would be the reaction of Abhi ? Whether Suresh’s feeling for Bulbul will turn into something big ? Will Purab inform Bulbul about his dilemma and promise that he gave to Abhi and Alia an year ago ? Whether Purab’s love for Bulbul holds on to the test of time or will he succumb to honor friendship with Abhi ?

Meanwhile, Suresh and Pragya’s marriage is underway but it is hit by series of problems. Pragya’s maternal uncle (Mama) and his wife Sweety came to stay with them. Sweety is not happy with Suresh and Pragya’s marriage and she dislikes Suresh a lot and even wants to take revenge against Suresh as he helped Pragya’s family to keep ownership of the land, and she thinks her land is taken way by Sarla because of Suresh’s help. Coming to problems regarding their marriage, First, being that the Kundli (horoscope) of Pragya and Suresh are not matching and the pandit informs Madhavi and Rachna that if Pragya is married with Suresh, then Suresh will face lot of personal and professional problems. Upon hearing it, Madhavi decides to not inform Pragya’s family but Sweety informs Sarla and others about Suresh’s downfall if he marries Pragya. Though Madhavi doesn’t inform them initially, but Sarla informs her that they know already about Kundli mismatch. Madhavi accepts the fact that she is tense and worried regarding Suresh’s future and Pragya then suggests to Madhavi that she will accept whatever she decides. Though she loves Suresh and also agreed to the marriage with him but if the Kundli turns out to be true in future then both families will develop sour differences. Suresh steps in and reminds Madhavi that even they also went to Aakash’s parents and wanted that Aakash and Rachna’s marriage should be realized without looking at their Kundli. In the same thread, how come now they are becoming worried after Kundli suggests that Pragya and Suresh’s marriage is not suitable ? Madhavi then realizes her mistake and reiterates that Suresh will marry Pragya.

Another problem faced by Pragya’s family is the theft of Jewellery and Cash from their home. Suresh and Pragya learns that an outside thief haven’t stolen it since there was no signs of damage to the cupboard and the doors. The jewellery and Cash is stolen by Pragya’s Aunt (Mami) – Sweety as she wants to create troubles and bottlenecks to stop Suresh’s marriage with Pragya. Sweety’s plans to sabotage Suresh’s marriage is short-lived as she saw Suresh giving two cheques of more than 1 Lakh rupees (0.1 million INR) to Pragya for Bulbul and Rachna respectively. Thus, Suresh is undeterred with the situation at Pragya’s home and is pampering her with his support with which Pragya is falling for him more dearly and also giving more respect. Until now, Sweety’s crime is not revealed and in the promo it is seen that Suresh sees Sweety and her husband fighting over some belongings in a cloth. He then confronts them and there is a strong possibility that Suresh will get to know about Sweety’s theft and bringing much shame to her after revealing her crime of theft.

Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Bulbul Purab

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