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Comedy Nights With Kapil

Guests on the Show: Himesh Reshammiya (Music director, Singer, Actor, Producer, Lyricist); Actress and Model: Sonali Raut and Zoya Afroz – the team of Xpose.

Bittu starts the show by attending a phone call which is from a kidnapper who informs him that if he didn’t pay 10 lakhs INR by evening then his wife will be kidnapped. Bittu says that the to-be kidnapper can look at his wife by lowering his eyes down since his wife is very short invoking a laughter. He then challenges the caller for a face-off if he has drank his mother’s milk. Bittu goes on to say that he is Bittu sharma, a poor fellow. Bittu speaks if his wife is Kidnapped then that’s the best thing for him so why he should be fearful ? Bittu speaks with Siddhu that he learnt to not have fear from his Guruji (teacher) Shree 420 – Gabbar Singh has said to him jo dargaya wo margaya invoking a laughter. He speaks on his wife Mrs. Bittu sharma (Manju) who once got fear because of a cockroach. He says that some girls are fearful because of no reason.

Bittu also pokes out fun on people who are afraid to go to the restroon. Bittu then says that people are also afraid of Ghosts, and asks people to share of the things with which they are afraid of. The audience speaks that he is afraid of his wife, the wife complains to Bittu that as he taunts and teases to his wife Manju that’s why her husband also teases her. She wants Bittu to respect his wife and Bittu responds that he has love for his wife. He speaks whether she is a relative of Manju invoking a laughter. Bittu says that he decided to not be fearful of anybody. And the same moment, Bittu’s land owner comes there and Bittu becomes petrified and afraid. Bittu starts to cry and speak that now he doesn’t have anything and says that there was a theft in his home and all the things were stolen and also 3 lakhs INR cash. The owner says that the rent is only 2 Lakhs INR and bittu suggests that 1 lakh INR was an advance which he wanted to give him.

Bittu says that he cannot pay the rent as he doesn’t have his mother’s jewellery as well. The house owner (Paresh) suggests Bittu to stop his acting and melodrama and speaks that he didn’t came for rent but for some other thing. Bittu now comes back in his own self, and both sits together on sofa. When the house owner asks if there are any problems at home ? Bittu responds that please do not call it home as it is a paradise and is very lucky since many top stars like SRK, Salman have came here and their films went on to become top hits and even Kiron Kher became a MP. The house owner then wants Bittu to leave their lucky home as the owners will come home to stay there. Bittu cracks jokes on the floor and the construction. The owner warns to call the police and Bittu asks the currency exchange with which he should pay the rent, and then says that he is just asking the exchange for the sake of knowledge. The owner gives him a court notice, and informs him to leave the house by evening after paying the rent.

Raju comes on stage with wheat flour spread over his face, and Bittu thinks him as a Ghost. Raju says that he will adjust with any new owner and Bittu asks him for a suggestion. Raju suggests an idea and wants Bittu to take his own life and by that time they will think of another idea. Raju then says that he wants to become ghosts and will try to follow Bittu if Bittu harasses him further. Bittu realizes now that he has idea of ghosts to send his owner away in the night and convinces Raju to enact as a ghost. Bittu says that Raju has to listen in any circumstance and Raju leaves from there after hesitantly agreeing to it. Mrs. Sharma (Manju) comes in a Yellow Saree and asks Bittu how can she become a witch ? Bittu wants her to wear the marriage dress which will be fine for a ghosts. Bittu and Mrs. Sharma now gets involved in a petty fight and Bittu says that still he prefers ice-cream over her, and says that she doesn’t go even though he doesn’t take her seriously. Bittu then comes to taunt her father by reminding about the marriage days and Bittu stops Manju and explains to her that she needs to do make-up of ghosts. He promises to drop her at her father’s house once the owner’s problem is resolved.

Daadi comes on the stage with a torch upside down and facing her face. Daadi shows how she will make the owner afraid. Bittu asks her does she know the traits of a Ghost ? Daadi speaks about the Amavas ki raat (dark night) and explains about different things she saw on that night and says that somebody fell in a well after seeing the ghost and Bittu says it was Dada. Raju comes as a head-less ghost and Mrs. Sharma also dresses in a witch dress. Everybody is ready and the door bell rings and Bittu finds the owner. The owner asks Bittu whether he has already packed and preparing to go. Bittu wants the owner to play cards. The owner then sees the cards coming up on its own – first King, Queen and he thinks there is something amiss here. The owner wants Vodka with lemon, and he gets utensil cleaner soap..The lights on the stage becomes dark and red, and Daadi suddenly appears at the kitchen and is dressed in a ghost attire and make-up and holds a candle. She says that she will not allow anybody in that house and she is the house’s Bajirao Singari.. After that Daadi disappears and lowers behind the table, the owner becomes afraid and thinks there is a ghost in the house. Bittu tries to calm him down and says that there are no ghosts at this home. Sooner, Mrs. Sharma comes on stage as a witch and speaks that – he doesn’t need to go to the graveyard as she came for him at the home itself. Bittu shows a drink glass in the air and the owner after seeing it becomes worried and Bittu again tries to calm him down. The owner then asks Bittu for some spicy food, and Raju comes there dressed as a waiter in a black suit but without head. The owner again becomes worried as the waiter doesn’t have any face. Sooner, Daadi, Mrs. Sharma who are enacting as ghosts come on stage and after seeing them the owner runs away. Daadi, Manju and Raju celebrates for sending the owner away, and then Bittu realizes that the head-less man is not Raju and thinks that man as a ghost and Bittu’s family runs away from there.

Kapil starts the show again and says that he had wanted to start the show with a song but now his guest will sing a song. Kapil now speaks of the guests on the show and introduces Himesh Reshammiya by saying that he is a superhit music machine and he will be coming to celebrate his movie Xpose. Himesh comes on the stage and Kapil welcomes him. Himesh sings a remix version of Dum Maaro Dum song, and even Kapil joins him and sings the song. Laccha then comes on stage while driving a rickshaw. When Bittu asks Laccha whether he has left his dairy farm business, Laccha taunts Bittu by saying that his clients doesn’t pay the bills for milk thus he has to sold off his buffaloes and therefore driving a rickshaw. Bittu taunts on Laccha and calls him a Rhinoceros. Laccha says that Bittu is a fraud and tells all lies. Laccha informs Himesh to be careful from Bittu as he can take away the songs from his CDs (album) and even says that Bittu could also take out Resham (silk) from his surname (Reshammiya) invoking a laughter. Laccha wants to ask a personal question – He asks how Himesh looks so thin, slim and crispy ? Himesh says that indeed he has to follow a diet and also stop eating Rotis. Laccha also wants to try to become slim. Bittu and Laccha fights with words and laccha says that Himesh ji’s song Tera Tera.. Suroor was being directed for many people discretely and not to all of them in one shot. Laccha says that Himesh ji’s song Aashik Banaya hain.. Laccha mixes and doesn’t understand Composition and thinks it as constipation invoking a laughter. Laccha then sings — Tujhe Gaana Nahi Aata.. To Iss Pe Mera Kya Kazoor.. and calls the song as his own composition. Laccha leaves from there.

Kapil speaks why he is serious off-screen when not working in films? Himesh says now he ponders why he became so serious. Kapil says that with fat Himesh ji has also lost laughter stone, and Himesh praises Kapil and says he becomes Mantar Mukd (standstill) after seeing Kapil. Siddhu cracks a quote (falsafa) of their show which they believe in and speaks – Zaamane Wala Kitabe Gham Mein Khushi Ka Fasaana Dhoondh Dho Aur Jeena Hai Zaamane Mein To Hasee Ka Bahana Dhoono. After hearing that witty and philosophical line, Kapil and Himesh appreciates it a lot. Dhamaka comes on a POAA…POAA song while wearing a school uniform and Himesh also dances with him. Dhamaka sits on the stage and wants Himesh sir to help him in his homework. Himesh says that he always fail so he cannot teach him homework. Dhamaka takes out food tiffins from his bag and Himesh ji speaks who has given the name Dhamaka ? Dhamaka asks Himesh Uncle if you divide 117/13 then whats the answer ? Bittu says that Himesh ji might have not thought much for giving 40 back to back hit songs. Dhamaka walks like a bull as Bittu called him Humpty- Dumpty. Himesh sings the song – Chalao Naino se Bandre Jaan Leno.. Kahi Nikal Na Jayee…. Hamre Body se Praan Re… and Dhamaka dances on the song with much energy and shows excitement even after the song.

Kapil then opens the floor to the audience. The young boy says that he is from Amritsar as well. A young man speaks that he has heard that Himesh ji can compose many songs in a day and he wants Himesh to compose a song for him right away for the lines that he wrote. Himesh agrees for the request. The young man speaks the lines that he wrote – Raat ke Andhere Main Mila Hain Ullu..Mujhe Kaha Gharmi Main Chale Kullu..Le Gaya Mera Se Ticket Ke Paise.. Aur Haat Main De Diya babaji ka Thullu.. Himesh tries to compose a tune for that lines and then sings on-demand a song created from those lines. Kapil signs off the show by saying that all the people at home – continue watching his show and Be Happy. Kapil even sings that song and both sings well and Kapil even says Yo Yo Thullu sings.. Kapil then sings a punjabi song and then wants to sing a classical song version from those lines. Kapil and Himesh sings a classical song from those lines in a very funny way.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Himesh singing

Kapil speaks about the newcomers that are leads in Himesh’s film. Himesh speaks about his co-stars Zoya Afroz (Miss India winner) and Sonali Raut (sister of Ujjwala Raut). Both female leads come on the stage and Kapil welcomes them. Daadi comes on the stage – I love you lady.. Jo Haan Tu Karde then I am fine..Apna Dil to Awaara song.. Daadi comes to Himesh and pampers him and then meets Sonali and Afroz and calls them Hotties. She says that Himesh loves new wine in new bottle. Daadi wants Sonali to show a ramp walk to prove her confidence and she challenges them. Zoya walks first on the stage.. (Sach Batada. Hota Ho jaane do. Oh Priya song. ), then Sonali and finally Daadi also walks on the ramp. Daadi and Himesh dances on the stage and Daadi is in full mood. Kapil says to Daadi that only walking ramp is not enough for a model and we need beauty with brain. Bittu first speaks with Sonali and first says that he likes her style. She says that she will marry if her husband has 200 crores.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Daadi and Himesh

Bittu says that all questions are over, and Daadi confronts Bittu and says that if his grandfather doesn’t have girlfriend then Bittu would have not been there. Bittu wants Himesh to show his talent and Bittu wants to dispose off from the stage. Himesh sings the song – Teri Akhiyon Ka Maar.. Hooka Mar song while Bittu dances with Sonali.. Kapil wishes them the best for Himesh’s film Xpose and Daadi showers a Shagun ki Pappi (a kiss) to Himesh ji and says that he will become victorious (Muqaddar Ka Sikandar). Himesh before the end of the show sings the song – Jhalak Dikhlaja Ek baar Aaja… song. Zoya grooves and dances with Laccha and all Bittu’s family comes on stage and Dhamaka even turns upside down and dances over his head. Himesh then sings Aashiq Banaya. Zara Jhoom and finally sings Tera Naam title song..Kapil also joins Himesh in singing.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Team of Xpose on CNWK

Next week: Sonakshi sinha is a guest on the show and she introduces Kapil as his Bhaiya (brother) from her childhood. Siddhu speaks a witty line that the paradise has itself came to the earth. Sonakshi dances with Dhamaka and Chaddha on stage on the Govinda song..

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