Purab shoots down Sameer; Bebe holds strong spiritual and motherly believe that Sameer is alive

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Nadaan Parinde Life Ok

Purab shoots Sameer down after confessing his love for Meher and before shooting speaks that Sameer came between them. Sameer falls down on the ground and is on the other side of the border in enemy’s compound and Purab walks away from there into his home border. In Bebe’s village, Bebe imagines Sameer visiting her at home after the war mission in an army uniform. Meher informs Bebe that Sameer is not there. Bebe thinks that Sameer is wounded and wants to apply turmeric for fast recovery. Bebe speaks about seeing her son and says that she saw Sameer wounded and suggests he was there.

After a while, Bebe finds Purab and speaks that his father Veerji (bebe’s brother) has tried to call army base many times but in vain. She asks him about Sameer, and he informs that Sameer will not come again. She says that Sameer’s holiday was announced much earlier than him. Purab then says that Sameer is dead and became a martyr for the country. Purab again speaks that Sameer will not come and cites that enemy army have shot him down. Bebe falls down and becomes unconscious after hearing Purab’s words and Meher becomes standstill and hears Sameer’s last words where he said that he will honor his duty and the army wear.

Meher runs to her room and cries while Purab feels some guilt for shooting Sameer. People in their village comes to Bebe’s home. Bebe is lying on bed in an unconscious state and then suddenly wakes up. and wants to search for Sameer and wishes to seek an answer from God with whom she has trusted upon before sending Sameer for the mission. Bebe walks alone in a teary state towards the Dargah close to her home. Bebe goes to the Dargah and speaks that her confidence is shattered and speaks that it was God’s duty to protect Sameer and says that for so many years she worshiped, prayed, spoke and share everything, and even took constraints in her side, and was confident about the God’s justice. She wants to see a miracle and yearns for Sameer to be back..She informs God that next time she will come with Sameer to the Dargah (shrine) and until then she will not come and worship at the shrine.

Bebe finds Meher there at the Dargah and informs her that she is not afraid of this exam given by God and reiterates that Sameer will come back and God will send him back as she never fell short in her worship. Purab laments in shooting Sameer and speaks that he didn’t want to kill Sameer but there was no other option.. Bebe comes there and he speaks with her that it was his mistake. She replies Sameer will come back and nothing has happened to him and tells him to not feel bad as he has always taken much care of his younger brother – Sameer. Soon, there is a jeep comes to their home and Purab wonders why the jeep is there at the first place. The Army man speaks that 2 bodies are obtained at the battlefield and one of the person is alive, but both bodies are in unrecognized state as animals have bitten off the faces and asks her whether she can identify her son from those bodies. Bebe thinks and responds that there is no need to go and says that Sameer is alive. Purab suggests that we need some concrete proof, right? Bebe decides to not go as she thinks that Sameer will be back and says that Sameer has promised Meher and for sure he will come back.

Purab’s mother Simmi suggests his son Purab to go to fulfill the duty and as Purab is about to leave, she says that one of the person who found alive is Sameer and will come definitely. Thus, Bebe holds strong spiritual and also mother’s believe that Sameer is alive and feels that in spite of all the dangers and odds, Sameer will come back and it will be a miracle. Bebe is seen close to the border fence and shouts Sameer’s name and on the end of the border Sameer is seen recovering at the hospital and feels Bebe is calling him while he is in a semi-conscious state. Therefore, Sameer also reciprocates Bebe’s believe about him. Stay tuned to Nadaan Parinde on Life Ok @ 9 PM (Mon to Fri).


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