Baawre – Yamini to learn that Nikumbh is a theatre artist thanks to their destiny, Life Ok

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Baawre Life Ok - Nikumbh and Yamini

* Yamini’s father Raghavendra continues to take her freedom away.
* Nikumbh turns out to write columns in a newspaper with fictitious name focusing on love stories with sad ending.
* Yamini hits Nikumbh’s scooter leading to his arrest; Yamini then becomes apologetic
* Yamini and Nikumbh shares the same mansion of Nasrullah for their respective rehearsals
* Nikumbh finds Yamini singing at the same mansion; Yamini to learn that Nikumbh is a theatre artist
* Nikumbh and Yamini met at the mansion thanks to their destiny and not of co-incidence
* Will Yamini help Nikumbh in getting back his participation in the Umang festival ?

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After Yamini’s singing performance, her father starts to prepare for her next performance. Yamini’s father Raghavendra singh is very strict with her who controls what she eats and wants her to stay looking good in appearance. Yamini finds some time away for her and speaks with her grandmother (she calls her Daddu) by reading a favorite column from a newspaper which is about a love story of two characters – Feroz and Shama.

Yamini reads that love story and informs her Daddu that though Feroz feels incomplete without Shama but says that there is no love between them making Shama heartbroken and sad. Though, Yamini wonders whether such a love story do really exists but says that she loves the column. It turns out that the column is written by Nikumbh with a fictitious name thus do not reveal his true identity. Nikumbh writes those column in a way to express his own heart-break condition as he has earlier gone through a love break-up and has been dejected since then. Yamini is again told by her father in high voice to focus on her assignments for the day – photoshoot and while going for the photoshoot in her car she gets reminded about her past. She remembers how her life changed after she won the singing competition at her school at an early age. From that instant, Yamini’s father made up his mind to make Yamini a famous singer, and has even stopped her to behave like a normal school girl – like eating outside the school at some joints, and at home she never got chance to spend time other than singing lessons (even her parrot was send away from her). Yamini never wanted to become a singer and instead she wanted to lead a normal life but she has been directed and pushed into becoming a singing star. Her freedom was taken by her father, and she is leading a life of a rajkumaari (princess) just to fulfill her father’s dreams under a caged environment.

She comes back to the present and encounters some people distributing some refreshing cool drinks on the road just opposite to the prayer zone (mosques) and she gets the urge to have one of them as she continues to possess attributes of a common individual. She is helped by her car-driver who after seeing her sadness agrees to bring a cool drink for her. After waiting sometime in her car, she goes out and meets Nikumbh by co-incidence who was also there to take drinks for some children. He asks her how come a singing star came to such a common place ? She replies that he doesn’t know what it takes to sing in-front of thousands of people and suggests that he will become a frightened cat. After that, as some people wanted her to move her car as it was causing inconvenience, she goes to the steering wheel hesitantly, and applies the reverse gear hitting Nikumbh’s scooter who was just behind her car. Sooner, a policeman instead of finding fault with Yamini (as she is a star) thinks it was mistake of Nikumbh. Nikumbh is annoyed with Yamini as his scooter’s front is broken, and he then confronts the police man who in turn thinks that Nikumbh is stubborn and takes him to the nearby police station.

Baawre Life Ok - Yamini

Yamini leaves from there, but soon realizes her mistake and wants to apologize Nikumbh and comes back to the same place but doesn’t find Nikumbh at the same spot. Azam learns that Nikumbh is taken to the police station and goes there to bring him back. Azam speaks nice words with that policeman and even offers a Paan to him thereby convincing him to release Nikumbh without any traffic fine. Soon after his release, Nikumbh and his theatre group gets a chance to perform at the Umang Festival in their city Lucknow, and the organizer Rastogi informs Nikumbh that the play duration is only for 15 minutes. Nikumbh hesitantly agrees for such a short duration as he doesn’t have an option since his play at Benaras festival was cancelled earlier (the organizers gave the slot to Bollywood performance). Meanwhile, Umang’s organizer Rastogi is informed by Yamini’s father Raghavendra that she will perform for atleast 1 hour and not less than that. Rastogi at first speaks that Yamini’s performance is for 30 minutes, but her father puts a condition that Yamini will perform for 1 hr or not perform at all. Raghavendra informs Yamini that her new songs rehearsal place is a mansion of a Nawab. Rastogi with no choice decides to accept Raghavendra’s demand and plans to cancel Nikumbh’s play to accomodate Yamini extended performance. At this junction, Nikumbh is unaware of Rastogi’s plan to cancel his play.

Nikumbh starts to prepare and rehearse for the play at his father-like figure Nawab Nasrullah’s Haveli (mansion), and he calls Nawab as Babajaan. For Nawab Nasrullah, Nikumbh is like his own son, and his actual son Asif is in America for studies. But Asif has lost touch with his father Nasrullah as he became busy in his life there in America and Nawaab saab feels the loneliness of a father at his Haveli. Nikumb’s father Yagyadutt Sharma and Nasrullah wre best of friends, and Nikumbh used to spend almost 29 days out of 30 in Nawaab’s mansion during his childhood days. As Nikumbh’s father has passed away, so now Nikumbh’s showers the love of a son to Nasrullah. The mansion is big and to recover its costs and to maintain its elegance, Nawab rents portions of his mansion to different sets of people – artists, shops for rent. Nikumbh does rehearsals for his plays at one portion of the mansion. Nikumbh greets Nasrullah who informs him that he has rented one small portion to some artists on rent and also wants Nikumbh to buy a personal computer for him as he wants to have a video chat with his son Asif. Nikumbh agrees to help him.

Baawre Life Ok - Nikumbh

Nikumbh starts to direct lines of the play with his colleagues. Sooner, Yamini comes to the mansion and prepares for her rehearsals in an adjacent portion to Nikumbh’s one. Nikumbh rehearsal for the play gets started and soon interrupted by Yamini’s singing – Sun Raha Hain Na Tu.. Kyu Ro Rahi Hu Main.. song. Nikumbh hears her song and finds out Yamini singing the song and doing rehearsals with her troupe. Both Nikumbh and Yamini share an eye-lock [while Nikumbh’s group members enact the play and speaks the lines – Who are you to whom I always look after, and always think ? Is this surreal or truth, who are you ? ] While Yamini’s heartbeat seems to beat faster but Nikumbh is looking at her with much depth. On another front, Azam to-be love story is moving forward with Shaheen, as he gets a chance meeting with her. Shaheen has a problem with her mobile, and she visits Azam’s mobile shop and inquires him about the repair and ponders to buy a new one. Azam is happy to see her and even shows his excitement, and thanks God for arranging the meeting.

Thus, both Nikumbh and Yamini met another time thanks to their destiny and should not be regarded as a mere co-incidence. She will now learn that Nikumbh is a theatre artist as he is also rehearsing at the mansion with his group members. Yamini is apologetic for hitting Nikumbh’s scooter and also landing him in a problem with the policeman. Thus, some questions arise are, How would she react after knowing him as a theatre artist ? What would be the reaction of Nikumbh towards Yamini now ? Will Yamini decides to help Nikumbh in getting back his opportunity to play in the Umang festival ? Will she return such a favor to him so as to make it as her apology ? Will Nikumbh agree to take her help since he is also stubborn and have his own principles ? If she decides to help Nikumbh in his participation, then how would she convince her father about it ?

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