Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 6th June 2014 7th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V

Recap (Preview): Cheeku remembers about the video chat with Kimaya on 29th. Sid flirts with Devika and wants to be her boyfriend. Parineeti breaks up with Sid by informing him in the class via phone call. Cheeku meets a new friend Hansraj. Billu taunts Cheeku and also destroying his garden. Sid confronts Billu while Devika is seeing them. Sid is beaten up badly by Billu. Dodo helps Cheeku to get rid of Billu, and also makes Billu to be away from Cheeku. Sid to invite Devika for Cheeku’s birthday and Dodo wants to invite Radhika and Cheeku on the other hand feels that the party will be a success and also boosts his own confidence.


Cheeku attends the school and ponders that from tomorrow his life will be good and then chats with kimaya over a video chat and she informs him about Rohan who is table tennis captain and wants him to wait as she is changing to go to meet Rohan. She asks him how does she look in a red maroon dress ? Cheeky sees her and also sees her butterfly tattoo. She speaks that she doesn’t want to give a wrong impression to Rohan. He pampers her and says that nothing will look cheap on her. She applies lips gloss and Cheeku sees it with a watchful eye. Before going, she wishes him in advance for his 18th birthday and promises to ping him at 12:00 midnight today.

Cheeku speaks that Kimaya knows his birthday and then ponders about Rohan. Dodo meets Radhika and asks her about the party. He tries to convince her to come to the party and says that he will argue with her father and goes to Radhika’s father who is a teacher in his school. He speaks with her father that other students suggests that he is partial to Radhika and also strict with her. Dodo wants him to break his image, and wants him to give the permission for going to the party. The teacher taunts that he will show him how much strict he is when exams comes. Dodo becomes worried and goes in hurry from there.

Sid speaks with Devika and talks with her about the party and wants to invite her as she is a close friend. She says that as it is thursday @ 11-12 noon and she doesn’t tell lies and doesn’t want to come to the party. He then invites her to a private class and shows the biggest invitation card and shows her the invitation written on the board. Devika writes a NO on the green class board though Sid is happy that Devika has touched him. Dodo and Sid’s plan to invite their friends have failed miserably. Cheeku comes home and tries to call Kimaya and also learns that Kimaya even has not sent a message to him after her dinner. Cheeku thinks that at 12:00 midnight he will get a birthday wish and anticipates her wish to come soon and even repeats 3-2-1 but in vain. Cheeku remembers Kimaya’s words that she will wish him @ 12 midnight. He then thinks that he will go to US for Kimaya’s marriage and there her husband will give a speech and her children will say to him as India wala Mama. Cheeku then receives a call from Hansraj who is eating Pizza to celebrate Cheeku sir’s birthday. Hansraj wishes Cheeku Happy birthday and they end the call.

Cheeku says that Kimaya might have confused because of the time difference and decides to inform Sid and Dodo that his birthday has started. Dodo speaks that alcohol will be served by the neighbourhood guy and even took money from Cheeku’s wallet. When Cheeku asked about friends to invite, then Dodo tells him that he has no friends. Sid says that Devika is not coming so there is no party. Dodo suggests that the Devika – hottie and then Bhabhi will come to the party and he will bring her to the party. Cheeku says that his brothers haven’t wished him as there are busy in organizing the party.

Dodo thinks that he has to convince Devika and soon he finds a girl Kattu who always taunt him and he doesn’t want to invite her. He says that one side Devika and Radhika doesn’t want to come and here this girl wants to come. She says the girls wants exclusive places and for sure the girls will come there. Dodo gets an idea and calls Sid to inform the same.

Next morning, Cheeku speaks with an auto driver and before paying that his brothers has robbed him of money and cannot pay the auto driver. The auto driver asks him whether he is thinking of suicide ? Cheeku says that until now he didn’t thought but now he will think. On learning that, the auto driver runs away from there and wants Cheeku to not say anybody that they’ve met. Hansraj greets Cheeku sir and gives him Apple Fizz and Cheeku thanks Hansraj, and he tells that he will come for the party tonight. He speaks whether Cheeku has spoken about his invitees. Cheeku says that the party’s will happen or not is not sure until now. Hansraj says that they will only need to convince Devika, and soon Cheeku meets Devika. Cheeku says that he is not flirting with her, and only wants to invite her for his birthday party. He says that Sid wants to invite Devika, because if she comes then everybody will join as well, and the party will rock. He requests her to come for 5 minutes, and says that he will bring a piece of cake for her if she cannot come. Devika says that she will think about the party and he introduces himself as Cheeku. Cheeku ponders whether Devika will come for the party or not, whether Kimaya will call him or not, party will happen or not ? Will he become Aditya Khosla from Cheeku or not ?.

Next Episode: Cheeku’s birthday party materializes and in the party, Dodo is happy with his friends and tries to flirt with girls, and even meets Radhika, and Sid is anxiously waiting for Devika, and seems she is coming there as he becomes excited at the door, Cheeku feels alone in the party and in the process drinks alcohol and then speaks why has he drank it and thinks it was a bad idea..

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