Kokila to expose Radha and Tripti for Meera’s murder attempt in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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Everyone are in the family were expecting Kokila to get her memory back soon, after they have resumed her correct medication. The bitchy Radha is still in their house. Radha is still trying to harm Kokila and get rid of her permanently. The entire family thinks to take Kokila to a temple for praying for her well being and her memory to come back. While Kokila is misunderstanding Ahem as the manager Bharat, Radha has put in her mind that its Bharat who is trying to kill her. Kokila bumps into him on the road and gets hit by his scooter, she thinks he did this intentionally and gets more annoyed.

Ahem is missing his mum a lot, and just wishes she becomes normal again. Everyone’s prayers are answered as Kokila gets flashes of the past at the temple. She remembers how she saw Radha and Tripti admitting their crime at the temple which she overheard and when she confronted them, they tried to kill her and Meera again. That is how she met with an accident. Kokila hurries to expose Radha and Tripti and breaks this truth to everyone. The family is shocked knowing Radha has been cheating them since years and how could she try to kill her own sister Gopi’s daughter. Radha is speechless as everyone wants an answer from her. Let’s see Ahem’s reaction on this. Watch the show on Star Plus for this interesting and much awaited track.






9 responses to “Kokila to expose Radha and Tripti for Meera’s murder attempt in Saath Nibhana Saathiya”

  1. amirul Avatar

    finally the most awaited thing gone a happen i want to see what gopi and ahem do with this radha

  2. PRINCE AQIB Avatar

    ITS just A NEWz IT WILL TAKE TWO MORE MONTHS to reveal .. 😛

    1. Neeti Avatar

      Iss that true PRINCE AQIB this track take two months..?? or R u jokin

  3. sadiqa Avatar

    On which day kokila will regain her memory

  4. cuty m Avatar
    cuty m

    Am sorry 2 say, but no 2 much action in dis series, d radha is not much action, with gopi and ahem, they need more action on them, they are 2 slow. They act like am matures, they just open mouth all d time. Pls more action, but they have Gud story line.

  5. swathi Avatar

    it appears as if radha has producer on her side always she is present in all schemes of rashi and company they need hours to plan she fizzles them immediately. kaana ji shayad radha ke saath hai

    1. neeti Avatar

      Dnt talk like a non sense swati…
      God never stand with evil….
      Whether its real life or reel life…

  6. bhargavi Avatar

    m sure good gopi will forgive her but i dont want that to happen i want radha to get punished severely because to be away from one’s own daughterfor 8 years is not a small thing not only this there are many more mistakes made by radha

  7. mati bhanga Avatar
    mati bhanga

    The most awaited thing is going to take 2 months more…. I wish Radha and Tripti get punished as soon as possible and the Kokila’s memory issue is resolved soon. I want Urmila ben back to her tricks …

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