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Love By Chance Bindass

Love by Chance is a romantic comedy backed by serendipity. The show covers real stories of people and every week a new love story will be shown.

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Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that love is like a stubborn child. He then talks about people – ‘true romantics’ are the ones who doesn’t shy at all in love for their own or for others. Kavi then starts to feel uneasy like a diarrhea situation and then says that love is more dangerous than diarrhea as the love can take you any place like restroom or boarding school’s terrace in cold weather. The story starts with 3 boys who are caught by a senior who make them sit like a rooster (rooster punishment) and he asks them his name, they call Hemant sir. He scolds them why they have called him Hemant yesterday, and they begin to apologize. Dhruv (“Apna True Romantic”) tries to boast that he knows Samiksha. The senior says that his girlfriend Samiksha has a project submission and Dhruv and his friends have to give Samkisha a teddy bear as a present.

Kavi (the host) says that as Dhruv spoke a lot therefore he faced problems, but he used to speak with an open heart.

The girl’s hostel security guard is Pehelwan singh, a very thin looking man, and Dhruv speaks with his friends about the entry into the hostel. He wants his friends to climb upto 2nd floor and one of his friends Duggi leaves and then he requests them to at least help him in getting the ladder and Dhruv himself decides to climb until the 2nd floor corridor. He wants his friends to inform him by shouting like an owl. When his friends makes a bad sound, he shows them the right way. Soon, he climbs and reaches the 2nd floor of the girl’s hostel and searches for Samiksha’s room with the teddy on his back. The teddy makes weird sound and as he enters one room, the lady matron wakes up with that sound, and he runs from there and hides himself in a ladies restroom quite unaware of its actual identity.

Kavi (the host) says that true romantics are the ones who faces lot of problems in life.

Next morning, Dhruv learns that girls are knocking the door of his restroom, and soon he learns that he is located in a girl’s restroom. He then encounters Vishy (“Sweet Shareef ladki”) and she sees him in the restroom while he prays for God’s help. She asks how does he came to the restroom ? She asks whether he is from boy’s hostel and he says yes. Both argue and then decide to not complain about each other. She then asks him about the teddy, and introduces herself as Vishy (Vishakha). He tries to remember the name of Samiksha, but couldn’t get her name, and after a while speaks that he came to drop the teddy to his senior’s girlfriend Samiksha. Vishy learns that he came to give it to Hemant’s girlfriend, and asks him why is he doing it on his behalf ? He suggests that he has to do such things and then speaks that he always wanted to see a girl’s restroom and then goes on to touch the wash basin and mirror and speaks on the cleanliness of the girls restroom. She taunts on his courier service, and he responds that he is doing a small bit. He boasts that if he had a girlfriend, and if he has to convince her, then he would have shouted her name like a Tarzan by showing his chest and tries to convince her very hard. She then asks why she would be angry with him ? He then forgets to clean his face, and Vishy laughs on him. Soon, she takes him inside as they hear the matron coming to the restroom. Dhruv wants Vishy to help him…

Kavi says that Dhruv was sweet but also irritating while sitting on a toilet seat.

Sooner, Vishy thinks of a plan to take him out from that restroom, and she then finds that he is peeing in his toilet room. She becomes annoyed with him as he is peeing without taking permission from her and speaks on his bad manners. He responds that he is peeing not in front of her and is in another room and there is a wall between their rooms. He says what’s wrong he did and asks what she wants to say ? She then informs him to clean his hands before going out. As they go out, he asks her for some food and they soon finds the matron coming in their direction. The matron speaks that today is a special day, and there should be somebody in the hostel as today is a project submission date, and also she says that her sixth sense is always correct, and even has her birthday the same day. She vows to find the person who has entered or will enter in some time.

He insists her to bring food for him, and she then speaks that she was also hiding because she didn’t submit her project. She says that her project was stolen when she took it for lamination outside, and even her mini-project about a small yellow-color fan powered by battery. She curses the person who has stolen her project. Dhruv finds some tiffin close to him, and takes it and eats the food. Meanwhile, Pehelwan singh the guard starts to look for clues and finds the tiffin left by Dhruv. Dhruv and Vishy are on the run as she speaks about losing her project. He speaks that there is no such thing like a good girlfriends and says that all are crap and soon finds matron walking towards them. He acts like Punnamma and covers his body with a red saree, and the matron thinks he is punnamma the cleaner, and as she speaks more with him Vishy comes to his rescue and both run away from there. The matron learns about Vishy’s lie. They come to a room and she speaks that he looks hot in red. He then realizes that the room looks to be a known one, and they then learn that the room is of the matron and they run away. After a while, the matron comes to her room, and then meets Pehelwan singh who comes to surprise her. She reiterates that if she couldn’t find people who are running from the project submission then all her frustration she will take it out on him, and scolds him.

She decides to rest for some time, and then Vishy and Dhruv who were in the same room frightens her with the teddy, and she thinks that she saw a ghost. On one hand, both of them again escaped and on the other the matron runs away from her room as well. Dhruv finds girl’s inners drying out in the sun and feels happy. She takes him away after taunting him on his thinking and calls him Despo. Dhruv learns that she is not submitting the project for a teacher – Pragiti who is also a teacher for him and says that Prags makes life miserable for students who don’t complete her assignments. He cites the example of “Ohm’s Law” which he didn’t know, and she told him to write 50 times and he thought that it was a prank from her. She then told him to write Ohm’s law for 100 times while sitting on knees in his class. She asks him does he know now ohm’s law ? He speaks – Physical state of the conductor…applied on the two ends. She suggests that current applied across two ends of a conductor is right and not on two ends and laughs that even after writing 100 times he couldn’t figure out the current definition.

Later, she speaks that he talks like a girl. He speaks about a girl Prerna with whom he has met, and says that she was flat for him. He says that she finds him very cute and he then wants Vishy to arrange his date with Prerna. He says that he couldn’t date her so prerna should be fine. After hearing it, Vishy becomes jealous and says that prerna doesn’t suit him. She wants him to listen to her. She then speaks that Prerna likes boy of some other type and not like him. He then asks her, whether she likes the boy of his type ? He persists and asks her to say straight, and suggests why she wants him to cut his relationship with Prerna ? Both come close and she also reciprocates her feelings for him, and he then tries to kiss her and instead puts his face much far from her face. She then asks him, with how many people did he came ? He responds and informs about his friends Vicky and Duggi. She saw his friends caught by the matron from the window and taunts him why did he wanted to become a romantic hero for somebody

Kavi shastri (the host) speaks that Vishy never wanted to leave him and suggests that he was right, love is more dangerous than diarrhea.

Vicky and Duggi are in a position of a rooster with their heads down, and both of them inform her that it is not their mistake. The matron speaks about last night when she saw a pink teddy bear, and also today she saw the same pink teddy bear because of which she got hurt. Vishy comes with Dhruv at the moment, and says that Dhruv wants to say something to her. Dhruv wants his friends to speak Happy.. and he speaks that they came to wish Happy Teacher’s day …and then suggests that his sister has learnt a lot from her, so he came to wish her Happy Teacher’s day and even prepared a song for her. They sing.. Happy Teacher’s… day in a rough voice. She stops them, and then cries and hugs Dhruv and calls him as his son. She says that he is a very nice boy, and he then suggests that it was Vishy’s idea to greet her personally for Happy Teacher’s day instead of sending a greeting card by post. The matron hugs Vishy, and suggests them to send greeting card next time because this is a girl’s hostel. Vishy before going with her matron winks her left eye pointing to him, and Dhruv becomes too excited on seeing it, and touches his heart. [Shak. Shak pe Chance]

Kavi Shastri (the host): says that true romantics are like Monsoon..Vishy was immersed in Dhruv’s thoughts after he left her.

Vishy remembers about her meeting with Dhruv in girls’s restroom and smiles on reminiscing the past moments with Dhruv. She comes to her room, and then meets a classmate who speaks that a girl haven’t submitted her project and got a punishment from their teacher Pragiti. She then speaks to herself that tomorrow is her project submission date, and even she will be punished and other girls will make a video on her. She then finds Dhruv in her room who was hiding below her bed. He speaks that he came in the same way as before, and she then sees him holding a project kit. He speaks that the project belongs to her, and she hugs him with excitement. He then informs her that somebody from his hostel has stolen her project [he remembered the yellow color project], and he in turn stole from that person and brought it for her. He then asks for her mobile to check something, and she responds is he asking her number ?

Dhruv then suggests that he was asking Prerna’s number and says that she is feeling jealous, right ? She responds that she is not jealous at all and becomes a bit furious with him. She asks him whether he was really looking for prerna’s number ? He wants help from her to go out and then he will disclose on why he was asking her mobile number..He also proposes a date to her to go to the market, and she taunts him to take Prerna instead. Dhruv now changes his gear and shows her the teddy with the red ribbon – I love you attached to it. She smiles after seeing it and calls him Cheesy. He speaks whether any boy has impressed her in this way, and says that some boys are special like him. She accepts his gift and holds teddy. She asks him about the 100-words poem that he promised to write when expressing love, he responds that next time he will write, and speaks that the poem copy is at his hostel. Soon after, she runs with him to the boy’s hostel with an excuse to take the poem.

Kavi Shastri (the host): finally gets some medicine for his diarrhea. He reiterates that true romantics are like Monsoon, who will come again once they leave for the first time. He goes on to say that love happens without checking time, place and love has no medicine, no cure, no need but it happens. Samiksha after learning that the teddy bear was sent by Hemant and was also seen by the matron, she decides to break her relationship with Hemant. But for Vishy and Dhruv, their love story has started. Finally, Kavi at the moment of signing off learns that he got a medicine to create diarrhea and not to stop it. LOL !!

Some Info on Cast:
* Vishy is played by actress – Shivangi Joshi and her Twitter page and Facebook page.
* Shivangi is playing the role of Aayat Ghulam Haider (Zain’s sister) in Colors’ Show Beintehaa.
Beintehaa Shivangi Joshi

Info on Host:
* Kavi Shastri is british film and television actor. Very soon, he will be seen in a fresh romantic comedy movie along with Vir Das, the movie name is Amit Sahni Ki List. Kavi’s Wikipedia page and Twitter page respectively.

Images credit: Twitter page of Bindass TV, and Facebook page of Shivangi Joshi.

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