Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 7th June 2014 8th Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V

Recap (Preview): Parineeti breaks up with Sid by informing him in the class via phone call. Cheeku meets a new friend Hansraj. Billu taunts Cheeku and also destroying his garden. Sid confronts Billu while Devika is seeing them. Sid is beaten up badly by Billu. Dodo helps Cheeku to get rid of Billu, and also makes Billu to be away from Cheeku. Sid to invite Devika for Cheeku’s birthday and Dodo wants to invite Radhika and Cheeku on the other hand feels that the party will be a success and also boosts his own confidence. Both Sid and Dodo fails to impress Devika and Radhika respectively. Cheeku tries to convince Devika to come for the party and seems that Devika is planning to attend the party.

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Cheeku comes home and thinks that his party is ON and then finds the party at his home and the boy opens the door and says that the party is waiting for him. He asks Cheeku about the cold drinks and thinks Cheeku as the delivery boy. Cheeku says that his name is Aditya Khosla but the boy is not convinced. Finally the boy understands about Cheeku and his birthday. Sid and Dodo dances and grooves at the party and Dodo says that it is psychology, and he has spread a rumour that rapper Yo Yo is coming so the girls are coming there. Dodo says that Devika bhabhi will definetely come but he speaks to himself that Devika is not coming. Dodo soon finds Radhika and she thanks him for inviting her at the Yo Yo rapper party. Sid asks Dodo about Devika more and Dodo dances with Radhika and drinks beer. Sid meets Devika’s friends and one of them says that they don’t like Cheeku. Sooner, Dodo speaks with Radhika who asks him about Yo Yo. And after that Dodo finds Kattu and she tells him that if Yo Yo singh doesn’t come then he will be in a big problem. She says that soon the boys will become violent if Yo Yo singh didn’t come.

Cheeku goes inside his room and tries to have a video chat with Kimaya and finds Kimaya online. When he asks about her dinner ? She first apologizes for not wishing Cheeku at 12:00 midnight and talks bad about Rohan’s behaviour and calls Cheeku a shy and cute person. She explains to him that she came late so she couldn’t talk with him. One of the boys find Cheeku speaking, and though she asks him about the gift but he thinks as lift of his home. He then plugs into headphone and then voice becomes clear. She inquires why he doesn’t close his roo, he says that he is not worried about his brothers, and soon some boys come in his room and have an elbow fight. While Dodo tries to flirt with Radhika and she in turn wants him to get some ice for her. Kattu says that he has to kept ice for himself to recover from the injury. Dodo again flirts with Radhika, and he is then interrupted by a boy who says that if Yo Yo singh doesn’t come then he will fire the place.

Kimaya laughs on Cheeku as he is unaware of things happening at his back, and Cheeku says that those boys and girls are not his friends. Cheeku says that he wants to come at her place and then shows her the party via the webcam and now says that Kimaya can enjoy the party. He then shuts off the screen while she is looking at the party. Some boy flirts with a girl faking himself as Cheeku and goes with a girl. Cheeku tries to introduce himself to boys there but nobody recognizes him and even runs far from him. Sooner, the door bell rings, and Sid becomes too happy after seeing Devika through the narrow door hole, and then opens the door to find Devika with her bodyguard. He asks she could not control herself, she says that Cheeku has invited her with so much care, so she decided to came. Sid speaks that today is special, and says that it was the first time she came to his home and wants to freeze the moment and wants to capture her moments. All the boys are impressed and in awe with Devika while Sid is taking her photos with his camera. He continues to take her photos, and Dodo on the other hand informs Radhika that Yo Yo is on the way and soon she will get his autograph. Dodo flirts with her and says she is hot. Cheeku interrupts Dodo and says that nobody is speaking with him and he suggests him to speak with Hansraj. Soon, Radhika goes away from him citing the room is too hot for her Kattu thinks that Dodo will not succeed but he responds that he has more opportunities to impress Radhika.

Cheeku tries to speak a joke and thinks humour will help him in find friends. A boy speaks that alcohol is one of the wish in his life. Cheeku tries to share a joke about an elephant and an ant but nobody is impressed with him. Cheeku tries to speak humorously but all his efforts goes in vain and thinks that all the confidence that Kimaya gave him becomes waste now. Sooner, Cheeku learns that by drinking alcohol, confidence is boosted, and before drinking he thinks on moral and physical harm but then decides to drink without any calculation and thinking. He drinks couple of shots and he then feels headache, and says it was a bad idea and he should never repeat it.

Next Episode: Dodo is threatened by boys there that if Yo Yo singh doesn’t come there then they will thrash him badly. Cheeku after drinking the alcohol feels bad, and contemplates to take his life and holds a knife. While, Sid is slowly drifting towards Devika by impressing her.

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