Comedy Nights With Kapil 8th June 2014 Colors – Sonakshi Sinha, Written Update

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Comedy Nights With Kapil

Guests on the Show: Actress and Superstar Sonakshi Sinha for Holiday movie promotion, and loved actress on Indian television/Jhalak 7 co-host – Drashti Dhami.

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Kapil starts the show – Oh masti Bari Raat Hain aur Sone Kudiyon ka Bhi Saath Hai.,Oh Jeena Ka le la Mazaa..Oh Darna Ki Kya Baat Hain.. Na Na Ra Re.Ra. Kapil says that he is happy and Siddhu asks whether any women is coming ? Kapil replies yes and speaks that as Siddhu is from the same city like Kapil (Amritsar) so he knows him well. Kapil promises to have lots of fun as his wife and Daadi will not be here. Sooner, Raju comes on stage and Bittu wants some drinks for him, but instead Raju wants Bittu to bring drinks for him. Raju also cracks a joke that in the refrigerator he will find Daadi’s petticoat instead of drinks. Bittu taunts on Raju’s style of walking and compares his style to that of cockroach and insects.

Raju then speaks that he wants 2 weeks vacation as he is going on a holiday. Bittu asks him about the spelling of Holiday, and he responds whether he knew the spelling of Sonakshi. Raju also speaks how Bittu dupes him in the market and Bittu taunts on Raju’s uncle and aunty (Mausi) and says the aunt puts Sindoor on the other side instead of putting at the center of the head. Kapil speaks that children like summer holidays. He speaks that a young child has also burnt Daadi’s hairs. Siddhu speaks that children likes holiday and doesn’t bother much about the rest of the world. Kapil says that everybody likes holiday but when an official employee gets a festival holiday (like Holi) on a sunday, then he becomes annoyed and cites that he will even scold his child. Kapil asks audience about the experience of holidays which they went to share.

A man from audience speaks that he was going from Geneva to Bern (Switzerland) and instead of taking his wife he took some other women. After reaching Bern, both realized their mistake and apologize to each other. He says that as the train was running fast, he took that other women with him, and his wife spend all the money in his absence. He is married after 28 years and his wife is not bothered with him. His wife speaks that because of the rush there at Geneva, he took other women’s hand, and she knows that he didn’t do intentionally. He asks a question to Siddhu and says it is a question of a child and asks about the difference between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Siddhu speaks that in Lok Sabha is chosen by people, and Rajya Sabha is chosen by nominee. The audience man responds that the main difference is the color of the carpet, while Rajya Sabha has a red carpet, the Lok Sabha has a green carpet.

Next, a young girl with her husband speak with Kapil, and she speaks about her honeymoon experience after marriage, and Kapil asks what was the urgency for ? (invoking a laughter). She says they forget their identity card as they went in hurry, and they went to Shimla. Kapil says that lust is very bad just taunting him on their hurry. She then asks for a hug and gets one from Kapil, and he thanks them for coming. He says that holiday feeling is like the one when you are with an old college girlfriend who came to you in the absence of your wife who has gone to her mother’s home (maika in hindi). He then cracks a joke on his wife and her mother’s home. Sooner, Drashti Dhami comes on the stage and Kapil realizes that she is indeed there, and speaks that just after seeing her, he feels that she is in so much love with him. He further adds as she is so much in awe with him so she puts sugar in the Kheer and salt in vegetables while cooking. She responds that right, sugar is needed for the kheer and the salt for vegetables.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Drashti

When she asked him, can he plug moon/stars for her ? He responds that’s too difficult and instead he can plug Amrut (fruit) invoking a laughter. She wants to learn anchoring from him. He wants to go to some mountains and spend some good time and enjoy. He even wants to develop a duplex house and live with his family but she ticks to talk on anchoring. She says that he is not interested in married men like him, and he tries to shrug off that he is not married and Manju (Mrs. Sharma) is a far-distance wife and he doesn’t relate to her. He wants her to close the eyes as otherwise her hands can lift at him because of his activities. After closing the eyes, he wants her to think of the most handsome person on-stage. Drashti says from the time she came on stage, she is just thinking about Siddhu. Kapil then informs her that Siddhu is like a Saint, and he and laughing Buddha only go on walks together. And even laughing Buddha gets knowledge on how to laugh from Siddhu. Drashti walks away from there as she thinks her time is getting wasted and gives her charm and word of meeting to Siddhu. Siddhu is excited with her charm and to-be meeting.

Soon after, Bua comes on stage with her small luggage and wants Bittu to call taxi as she is going to Paris. She speaks on going to honeymoon and cites that as there is one-sided love in the same vein there is one-sided honeymoon invoking a laughter. Bittu says that all one-sided things are wrong, and asks her who will take care of her well-being in Paris ? She speaks on sharing the room with people in Paris like Kangana Ranaut shared in the movie Queen. On a serious note, she speaks of her friend who is a famous designer in Paris and equates her to 10 designers. Bittu speaks that she has 6 friends (4 of them stays in old-age home and 2 are always drunk). She says that her friend is coming to pick her up so he can see her. Bua’s friend comes there and showers kisses to the audience and introduces herself as Miss Paru from Paris, Bon journee. Bittu speaks on the size of her, and compares to the pear fruit. Bua speaks that they became friends through Internet, and then chants Mera Pyaar.. Internet Internet (like Washing Powder Nirma…Nirma dance move). Bittu taunts on her friend’s face and says that such friends are only made via Internet.

Miss Paru first taunts on her friend Bua and speaks that she stays in Eiffel Tower. From Eiffel tower, her house is visible, and Bittu taunts that she cannot stay in Meera Road. She speaks that she is famous in Paris fashion world and works by selling Papad at homes. Bua comes in and says that Miss Paru is indeed famous and takes her side and calls her as the model. Bua wants Miss Paru to show her the entire Paris, and Bittu speaks that there are no autos or you can catch the buses by running. Bua decides to go and leaves with her friend.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Sonakshi

Kapil informs Siddhu that Sonakshi Sinha is coming tonight. Siddhu in turn informs him about his sister (Pyaari Beheniya) who are with them at his set and the one waiting for him since morning. Sonakshi who is sitting in the audience and disguised as a girl speaks with Kapil. She is wearing a red dress and covers her face with the dupatta while speaking with Kapil, and refers to him as Kapil ji. She speaks that from her childhood she has thought Kapil as his brother and has made a promise to herself that until Kapil doesn’t call her as his sister, she will not lift her Ghunghat and show her face. She even wants a pinky promise invoking a laughter. Kapil speaks that pinky promise, she is his friend. Kapil hits his heart with dejection and people call him Bhaiya Bhaiya.. (brother brother..) [Tu hi To Ghumar Mera song playing in background]. She comes on the stage and hugs Kapil. Siddhu speaks a witty line and refers her as the paradise itself came on the earth today. Kapil taunts Siddhu whether he has the same feeling for his wife. Siddhu responds of course he got the feeling and therefore he made her as the mother of his kids.

Kapil speaks that Sonakshi is shrinking and becoming thinner, and asks her if his love is the reason for her slim look ? Am I really blind in love or you are reducing so much ? She responds that then everybody will be blind with him, and he replies he doesn’t care about people..invoking a laughter. He informs the audience that Sonakshi has worked in 4 movies with Akshay paaji (Akshay Kumar) and also she came on the Comedy Nights for the fourth time as well. He asks her to decide whether she wants him or Akshay ? People there chant Kapil..Kapil and he says that his victory is their victory. Siddhu says that if Akshay would have been here the people would have chanted bhaiya bhaiya for Kapil. Kapil speaks that she has 2 brothers Luv and Khush, and she says now three including Kapil. Kapil cracks a witty line and speaks that first love and then marriage right ? But in her family, there was first Luv and then Khush, and she further adds that both are elder to her and are twins.

Kapil speaks that he has recently seen an interview of Shatru sir (her father) who was talking on how to-be the eligible groom for her daughter. She responds it was her, and Kapil points out that why she spoke so much if she wanted to say about him. She ticks to calling her Bhaiya and he decides to change the topic and also jokes that they will do some satsang. Sooner, Chaddha comes on the stage with a man and Bittu asks him the umbrella is fine but where is the horse ? She wants to say Namaste to him, and he wants her to say Hello. Chaddha speaks that he came to wish her good luck for Holiday. He speaks that he is afraid of Akshay sir, and sonakshi speaks that she has also done some boxing in the movie. Chaddha speaks about a film and wants to give her the movie role, and says that he has signed Prabhudeva. Dhamaka comes on stage on the Chinta and also dressed and looked like prabhudeva with some rustic beard and dress. Chaddha says that Dhamaka is china made and he couldn’t get the real one because of the cost. Chaddha wants Sonakshi to dance and she then dances with Dhamaka (Govinda Re song..). She enacts the dance and Dhamaka replicates her dance moves well. Chaddha falls down after seeing her dance moves and runs from there citing an excuse of a phone call.

Kapil opens the floor to the audience and speaks that boys should not be much frank with her. He says that ladies are most welcome, and the boys can go outside.

Audience (young boy Raunak Jain): first gives a complement that she is looking nice, and then speaks that she has worked in her movies with male actors both married or single but in real life she is single. He then asks her, whether she doesn’t like unmarried co-actors or likes to be single ? Kapil tries to speak why he is asking if she is single, and Raunak responds that this is India, questions are asked so vividly now and then ? Kapil asks her whether she is single just to hear a NO from him. Sonakshi speaks that she has already called him Bhaiya and with that taunt she made kapil quiet.

Sonakshi: says that she is happy to be single, and the boy then asks so many people might have flirted with her ? Siddhu comes in and says that if somebody flirts with her then a voice will come from Delhi from her father – Khamoosh. She wants Siddhu to not speak that line about her father as many young boys are afraid to speak with her. She in turn wants some boy to speak and woo her. Kapil then wants to shoot a question to the audience to clear his confusion and asks them the question and seeks an opinion – Are you happy to be single (bachelors) ? OR Are you happy to have a partner and living a married life ? A woman from the audience speaks that single time is good and when the time for double comes, then double is needed. Siddhu cracks a joke that triple is also needed at the right time. On the contrary, a young man speaks that he is happy to be single and he learnt from his married friends that they are unhappy due to compatability problems. When asked, he responds that he is preparing for an IAS exam in August. Kapil taunts that is he preparing for the exam after attending his show ? invoking a laughter. When posed a hypothetical question to him that what would be his decision if Sonakshi sinha wants to marry him ? He then replies that in that context he has to think and ponder on his decision to remain single.

A middle-aged woman who didn’t came with her husband speaks that she is happy with both phases of life before and after marriage. She says that her husband is very happy with her. She feels that people should marry as they are many benefits and lot of things can be done between couples. Kapil then asks her what kinds of things can be done together ? She responds that the married couple can come to his show (though her husband didn’t came with her). He asks her whether they have done tooth-brush together ? She has no answer, and Sonakshi comes to her rescue a bit. Kapil then asks for a married man in the audience to share what he has done together with his wife. The man says that he has eaten food invoking a laughter, and also spent 23 years of their life together. Siddhu speaks that she does Aarti to him, and the audience man says that they have visited touristic places together. At that junction, Siddhu comes in again and wants him to say that he did Lovee-Dovee with his wife invoking a laughter. Sonakshi after that lies on the sofa and rests. Kapil thinks that all the audience are diplomats. Sonakshi wants a conclusion regarding the single vs. married dilemma and speaks that she will work for some years and then will find a tall nice boy (so tall that he doesn’t need to stand on the stool) and then she will marry. Kapil speaks that her dressing sense is good and asks her to pinpoint the best dressed person in the audience, and she taunts on the audience man who said that he will think on her decision to be single and to marry her.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Sonakshi Sinha, Holiday movie

Sonakshi decides to choose a woman in the audience who wears a saree with the same color – ‘Orange’ like her dress. Kapil responds that here orange is choosing orange invoking a laughter. He then asks her about the worst dressed person in the audience, and she pinpoints the same man who thinks a lot and currently preparing for an IAS exam.

Audience (young boy) speaks that he has seen almost all her movies and calls her Sonakshi mam and speaks that his favorite movie is R. Rajkumar and wants to dance with her on Saree Ka Faal Ka song on stage. Sonakshi agrees and he comes on stage, and kapil puts a condition that he has to wear a saree and dance (though he hasn’t put a condition to audience before). Sonakshi wants him to wear colorful Saree to depict women more realistically. She shares a secret that she even doesn’t know how to wear a saree or to put saree on others as well. Kapil wears the blue color Saree and acts like the boy’s mother. The boy is dressed in Pink Saree and then both dances on the Saree Ka Faal song.. He is unable to hold on to his saree while dancing but dances with passion and follows all the dance steps from Sonakshi. Siddhu appreciates the boy’s efforts. She says its not easy to dance in Sarees but she can do it.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Drashti

Daadi comes on the stage with a bang while wearing boxing gloves and also the dress of a boxer. Daadi greets Sonakshi but gets a lukewarm response from her. Daadi continues to speak to her, and Sonakshi responds that the Daadi spoke with Akshay sir that she is insecure with her, and thats why she didn’t came on the show. She taunts on Daadi’s behavior and Daadi thinks that Akshay cannot keep things inside and cannot be trusted. She speaks about having good relations with Sonakshi’s mother and much better relations with her father. Daadi wants to clarify what’s cooking between her and Shatru ji (sonakshi’s father) and then tells that a boy and a girl can never be friends invoking a laughter. She speaks that her father is just a platonic friend, and he has said it multiple times, and gets much annoyance to repeat the same. Sonakshi speaks that she also faces the same problem and has to speak the same words about friends. Daadi and Sonakshi becomes friends, and Daadi then calls her Gurudev (teacher) and says that she is inspired with Sonakshi. Bittu speaks that Daadi after seeing Sonakshi’s film – Lootera started to roam around with pick-pocketers and Daadi responds that if Sonakshi can roam with Lootera so why can’t she roam with petty pick-pocketers and asks Siddhu ?

Bittu speaks that Sonakshi has roamed with Ranveer in that movie, and she has roamed with some petty pick-pocketer of the neighborhood. Daadi speaks that she is much inspired from her, and then calls her Halki-Pulki (thin and slim). She then wants to give Guru Dakshina (gift to the teacher) like Eklavya gave a gift to his teacher – Dronacharya. Sonakshi asks her some tea, and Siddhu taunts Bittu and Daadi that the goat’s milk has dried. Daadi speaks that she could have given her thumb if it was asked, and then suggests Sonakshi to ask something other than food items and wants her to ask in Bindass way. Sonakshi asks her for some diamond ring, and she switches back to offer he tea instead. Daadi goes to Kapil and speaks in private with him that she could have got diamond ring for her but now the shops might be open (referring that she would have stole it if the shop was closed) invoking a laughter. Bittu asks why is she learning Boxing ? She responds for self-defense, and Bittu asks who will tease her at this age ? Daadi responds that she always had fight whenever she goes out for shopping and Bittu taunts her by saying that she purchases things like Saree not with money but with some punches and slaps (Mukkas and Tapadd).

She shows confidence and speaks that she can beat 200 people in one go, and soon Pankhudi (palak’s mother) speaks from behind and challenges Daadi to first fight with her before fighting with 200 people invoking a laughter. Pankhudi (palak’s mother) also comes on stage wearing the boxer dress and gloves and shows some boxing moves. She shows some boxing moves. She introduces herself as the number 1 heavyweight champion, 8th time winner, and even stronger than Halakh hogan (spoofing Hulk Hogan). Bittu calls her Pankhudi Aunty, and Daadi calls her the size of 450 men and bearded women and wants her to stay grounded. Daadi also suggests that she doesn’t fight with weak people thereby taunting Pankhudi. Pankhudi falls on the ground and asks for the blessing from Sonakshi. Kapil then introduces opponents – Daadi Dolly and Pankhudi and calls for the boxing match whose referee is Sonakshi Sinha. The boxing match starts and both Daadi and Pankhudi fights it out inside the boxing ring, and even Bittu hits Pankhudi after coming inside the ring..invoking a laughter. The show seems to be hilarious with Daadi and Pankhudi’s cute fight and Sonakshi’s presence will bring much humor from Bittu. Kapil signs off by saying continue to smile, and keep watching his show. Kapil and the audience applauds Sonakshi and the show ends on a happy note on the song – Aaj dil shayrana from her movie Holiday – A solider is never off duty.

Comedy Nights With Kapil- Selfie with Sonakshi

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Comedy Nights With Kapil (CNWK) Episode of 8th June 2014 – Sneak Peek with Sonakshi Sinha
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