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Madhubala has been trying to win everyone’s heart by bringing Vivian back in the show. People were glad and were expecting to see Vivian and Drashti’s amazing chemistry on the show. But Raja Kuswa’s character, RK again, broke everyone’s heart by going morally wrong. A hero can’t go wrong, leave aside if he has some soul shaking helplessness. Madhu’s character was always strong since the beginning, how she has faced Abhay Kapoor and saved her husband RK from his torture. But the current track shows RK and his crazy family who knows no meaning of womanhood and does know respecting them. Even RK has no sense of true love and is totally blank about it, though he claims of his high love for Madhu. How can he justify the rape being called love. The show should not bring such mindset in people’s mind and should portray RK’s character to realize his mistake. What do you think about the show’s current track, you can leave your view as comment if you wish to.

People were going on toes willing to watch some good romantic scenes between the couple, but came across the miserable rape scene. It turned down their interest in the show. The makers were trying to show the power of a woman through the show by making Madhu an example for women who bear such injustice at home without uttering a word, passing down a social message to everyone. But the problem is with RK’s character going grey, we wish to see him turn positive again and not take revenge from Madhu and her family which he decided after Bhanu broke the news to him about Bai ji’s death because of Madhu.

The show is losing its charm by the revengeful track and we just wish to see a happy ending, with Madhu and RK sorting their differences by any possible way and being together happily. We request the makers to give the show a meaningful opinionated ending which can be accepted happily. The shows like Sanskaar ended in April, Bani ending in June and Madhubala ending in July, let’s see what Colors has to offer now in the race of winning hearts. We wish Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi (Replacing Bani) has some potential and good things to offer. Keep reading.


  1. if they wanted to show madhu’s strength they could have let it happen to someone else and madhu could fight for her, but making raja a villain has put off the viewers. i was so hoping that it’ll be proved that nothing actually happened and raja’ll be proved to be innocent but as usual the makers goofed it up

    • Hi Priyanka, We heard that its confirmed that a new show Shastri ji ki Betiyan (Shastri’s Sisters) is set to replace Madhubala, and the date is July 12, so keep fingers crossed and just wish RK’s character is shown clean before the show ends. We wish to see the couple unite. We know there are many big fans of the show, but we never know, we may see our fav stars in some great new shows. So don’t be disheartened and stay happy!!

  2. fan’s story:
    raja madhu applying for divorce legally,court telling them to stay together for 6 months………meanwhile madhu falls in love with raja but raja behaves like hating her hiding his love……………………..after getting divorced raja get to know the truth behind tauji’s death and going to madhu to ask forgiveness and rajbala marrying again traditionally withdida and bittuji as family heads……………..later on after a happy wedding nikhi lamha and bhanu again entering their lives to take revenge on them……..

  3. yes show has losed its charm by showing this rape and all,but channel should give one chance bcoz people luv vivian and drashti more than rk and madhu.there are so many stupid serials on colors like sasural simar ka,uttaran which should be ended and not meiej.

  4. Why Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is going off air. Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is the best show I have ever seen on colors infact it is the worlds best show. I only became a big fan of Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon because of VD. I only started watchinv colors channel because of VD now I am loving the new revenge track Raja is just Greatttt.

  5. Husband or not, rape is rape.
    A woman can never fall in love with her rapist, if Raja and Madhu get together in the future it will be disgusting.

    It sends out the wrong messsage to the public and youngsters, that it is okay to rape your wife or girlfriend because she is your property, and all she will do is be angry for a couple of days before starting to madly love you.

    It is an insult to the sacred relationship of marriage to have a wife touching the feet and fasting for a rapist husband.

    True marriage is not just a union of bodies but souls, a husband and wife should have mutual respect for each other and see their spouse as an equal.
    Husband and wife should be like Shiva and Parvati, one half of another, not one dominating the other.

    If Raja really loved Madhu he would never rape her, I understand that in his defence he was drugged, and that would have been a good enough reason for his redemption in Madhu’s eyes, and also the society.

    But his insensitive and emotionless reaction to the rape is unforgivable,
    he was not drugged then, so if he actually loved Madhu how can he feel no remorse, horror or even guilt for the huge crime he has done.

    Raja should have been ashamed, horrified and guilty. He should have been crying and begging for her forgiveness, and trying to do penance and punishing Bhanu.
    Only when it was revealed that Bhanu was responsible, Madhu should have realised Raja wasn’t in control, and since he is feeling guilty and knows that a crime was done to her, she would slowly start to forgive him.

    Then the show could have started the love track, and it wouldn’t be so sick and twisted.

    After lots of romance the show shoul’ve ended with Raja learning, and accepting men and women as equal, and the last scene should’ve shown Madhu and Raja living happily ever after.

    Because the creatives are sick the reality is going to be vomit worthy.
    They will have Madhu love a guiltless, rapist husband who vowed to kill her, and watched as goons attacked her.

    That shows just how much he loves her, which is none. It is all lust, possessivenes, and dominance, no love.

    It is all raja’s fault, if he had felt guilt for raping her while being drunk / drugged, and begged her forgiveness Madhu would have been more compassionate, and agreed to let him out of jail to see Bhauji.

    So he is to blmae that Bhauji died, not Madhu as she was only trying to punish her rapist.

    Why Bring Vivian back if they were going to make him a rapist villian? Abhay Kapoor is looking life a angel next to this Raja.

    RK never hit Madhubala or raped her, even though she slapped him, and humiliated the superstar in public.

    I’m not sayinng he should have or that it is right to do so, but RK had more reason to than Raja.

    He was also married to her but he respected her honour and body.
    Even when they were stuck in that village and she consented to spend the night with him, he refused to do anything sexual with her because it was only 4 pheras shadi, and he was planning to dump her.

    He could have taken her virginity as revenge, as she was willing and then told her to get lost. RK did not do that because he was not such a low human being.

    RK was a right kamina but at the same time decent.
    It is perfectly ok to love an ego filled arrogant man if he loves you back, and in time realises the error of his ways, but never a rapist that has raped with his full senses and has no remorse or guilt afterwards.

    I feel like crying when I see what they have done to my sharif right kamina.
    Vivian and Dhrasti’s chemistry and romance is what I loved the most about this show, and now it is ruined forever.

    If the creatives wanted to show rape that much, and have madhu fighting for justice, then why not have Abhay Kapoor rape her or Bhanu.

    Then have Raja and Madhu fighting togther for justice, and Raja learning women should be treated with respect and aren’t phero ki jhooti, as tauji says.
    After that start the track of Raja and Madhu slowly falling in love, and end the show happily,

    The creatives of the show have failed society by sending out the wrong message, there should be a warning message before the start of the show, saying rape or patni ko rape karna jurm hai, and that whatever is show is not acceptable in reality.

    Now I wish the show had ended with RK and Madhubala’s death.


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