Comedy Nights With Kapil 14th June 2014 Colors – Saif Ali Khan, Promo Snapshot

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Comedy Nights With Kapil

Guests on the Show: : Actors and Stars: Saif Ali Khan; Riteish Deshmukh; Ram Kapoor – the team of Humshakals movie.
* [Esha Gupta; and Tamannaah Bhatia – Actresses of Humshakals will come tomorrow on CNWK]

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Kapil starts the show and informs Siddhu that today’s guest is the one who has started from television, and now a famous movie director and calls Sajid Khan – referring to him as the funny man and the director of the movie Humshakals. Sajid Khan comes on the stage on the song (Tujhe Apna Bane Le Caller Tune.. from his movie) and dances with Kapil. Kapil speaks with Siddhu that there are both advantages and disadvantages to have similar looking person. He then cites a funny note, the benefit that you can take money from somebody by acting like him, and on the downturn, he can do the same with you invoking a laughter.

Kapil wants the audience to share their opinion about having Humshakals (lookalike people). Riteish is seen sitting at the audience, and Sajid wants to prove that he is indeed Riteish and not his lookalike. Riteish comes on the stage and Sajid wants him to speak a dialogue from his movie Humshakals so as to validate his identity. Riteish asks for some water, and it turns out Saif is coming on stage with a water bottle. Sajid speaks that the audience will think Saif as himself or ponder whether he is a lookalike. Saif reiterates that he is himself (Saif). Riteish then speaks that he is Asli Riteish but not sure whether Saif is really Saif. Siddhu comes in and wants Saif to say a ‘Wow’ to validate his identity. Saif speaks that everybody knows his famous line ‘Wow man’. Riteish steps in and says speaking Wow is easy and anybody could say and then speaks Wow man while opening up his hands.

Soon after, Saif takes out his wife Kareena’s photo to validate his identity further but Kapil doesn’t buy it as truth and speaks that fans carry their stars photos with them. He cites that his drummer Pandey carries Katrina Kaif’s photo in his pocket and it turns out that Pandey to be Ram Kapoor. Ram calls himself as Ram Kapoor, and he tries to convince Siddhu, Kapil and others. Sajid decides to prove whether he is really Ram Kapoor or his lookalike. He speaks that there is one thing which is only known to both of them and nobody else, and by leveraging such info truth can be revealed. Ram accepts his suggestion, and speaks that he has a mole in his left leg and only Sajid Khan knows about it. Sajid becomes a bit surprised and accepts Ram’s revelation of the secret and calls him as Ram Kapoor.

Kapil cracks a joke and speaks whether they want to do shooting or interested in seeing each other’s legs and also has suspicion about them being Humshakals. Sajid speaks that he will go out with his 3 boys and will find out about other boy’s lookalikes. Kapil agrees to his suggestion since there is a lot of confusion and he thought that all lookalikes will come together from Sajid’s movie. The Humshakals team leaves from the stage. Kapil then speaks about olden times when friends of to-be bride always pamper her and suggests that her to-be husband looks like popular stars like Jeetendra. Kapil speaks that after the marriage, the girl will find out that her husband doesn’t look like Jeetendra at all, and instead she became the wife to some fellow like Khirati Lal invoking a laughter.

The Humshakals team comes back on-stage, and Sajid informs that all 3 boys are genuine and not lookalikes. After hearing this, Riteish mimics like yesteryear actor Sanjeev Kumar and speaks that he has some suspicion on Sajid. Furthermore, Riteish informs that the original Sajid Khan mimics yesteryear actor Ranjeet sir very well. Sajid then mimics like him, and utters the Yaaah.. sound (which even Akshay Kumar has also done in a movie). Even Siddu generates the same sound. Kapil also speaks that whenever Sajid Khan makes movies he takes 3 Heros, 3 heroines, and a big supporting cast and sometimes even takes Chunky pandey invoking a laughter. Kapil cracks another funny line (political sattire) that if people see Sajid’s film then for them it looks that Kejriwal saab have given a Dharna.

Soon after, Kapil asks Sajid whether all the three actors also acted as girls in the movie. Sajid replies affirmatively, and adds that even they did waxing as well to remove the hairs. Ram steps in there, and speaks that all three of them have done waxing but Saif liked the most as he doesn’t like hairs. Saif replies that it was his summer treatment making other guests (Ram, Sajid) and the audience in splits. Ram goes on to asks what does he mean ? Saif tries to give more solid explanation on his suggestion and says that without hairs the body becomes cooler and is also backed by science. Moreover, he speaks on how air faces difficulty in cooling the body because of hairs. He then speaks that whenever he is distracted, he caresses both of his hands emoting to the wax-driven feelings and pleasure invoking a laughter.

Thereafter, Sajid speaks that Riteish is the one who used to freshen them up by mimicry at the set after a day’s work. Riteish mimics and acts like Shatru ji (Shatrughan Sinha) while Saif mimics that of Sonakshi Sinha as per Sajid and audience’s request.
* Riteish (Shatru ji): Khabardar Betiyan, Doon Kya Tujhe (while moving his hands)
* Saif (Sonakshi): Mujhe Thappad Se Darr nahi lagta hain Babuji, Pyaar Se Lagta Hain (in a soft and with much finesse) invoking laughter.

Kapil then asks them some questions since they gel together well. He first asks who is the most laziest person ? Sajid points out at Ram Kapoor. Kapil second question, Who is the one that flirts more with girls ? Sajid again points to Ram Kapoor. After seeing these replies, Kapil asks Sajid, Whether he brought Ram for promotion of his movie or to accuse him invoking laughs. Kapil informs before signing off that tomorrow he will come once again with the team of Humshakals and also the film’s heroines (Esha and Tamannah) [Bipasha Basu is also acting in the movie but haven’t visited on CNWK].

The short promo shows the Humshakals team (boys) having a good time with Daadi. Daadi calls Saif as Nawaab Saab in a funny manner, and then gives him the medicine for improving his hindi. The first pill to be taken in the morning with water, and the second one need to be taken in the evening along with Kareena invoking a laughter. Additionally, Saif and Riteish will groove and dance with Palak who is seen in black and red-colored dress. Furthermore, Kapil will make the boys sit on the ground during his interaction as well with the audience bringing many laughs. Bittu is also going to flirt with actresses – Esha and Tamannah. Daadi will also have a gala and hilarious time with Ram Kapoor as shown in the preview during last week’s episode.

Images credit: Twitter page of Colors TV, Kapil Sharma FC, and Humshakals Fan Club.

Full Episode – Humshakals Day 1 On CNWK:
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CNWK: 14th June – Short Promo 1:
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