Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 14th June 2014 10th Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V

Recap (Preview): The party is finally realized, and Cheeku attends the party but feels out of place. Dodo tries hard to impress Radhika, and Sid pampers Devika and becomes a photographer for her. Dodo is worried because he made a lie that Yo Yo Singh – a rapper will be coming to attend the party, and expects that his friends and attendees will beat him. After dejection to find friends, Cheeku drinks alcohol and feels bad about it, and vows to not drink again. Kimaya is watching the party via the video web cam. Cheeku decides to commit suicide after dejection at the party since he couldn’t make friends.

Cheeku apologizes to his brothers Sid and Dodo. Sid cancels the party and Dodo then asks people to give money since Cheeku didn’t jump. Kattu comes to Dodo and tries to flirt with him and says he is much bigger psycho than him. Cheeku speaks that he got a banana and even the cake is also gone. He gets a call from Kimaya who speaks that thank god he didn’t jump and she speaks about her being worried. She wants him to chat with her on his laptop and cheeku runs to find his laptop but couldn’t be able to find one. He again jumps in Devika by mistake and she thanks him for inviting her and even kisses him again on his cheeks. Sid becomes jealous and he asks her have she seen his laptop ? Sid runs to stop Devika..

Kimaya again calls Cheeku and wants him to speak Chandu ke Chacha dialogue but he couldn’t utter and finds out that he is drunk and everything is fine for today. they end the call, and he speaks of not drinking again. Cheeku finds Hansraj sleeping over his laptop and as he tried to start it learns that the battery is dead. Kattu speaks with Dodo that the party was good and sadly it is ending now. She reminds that he has no chance and dodo finds Radhika leaving. He tries to impress her and speaks that there is after party as well and asks her who will wait ? He then finds Radhika’s father his teacher there and becomes stunned and calls her as Simran. Radhika’s father scolds him, and he speaks that the party is waste since there was no kiss or money. And only one thing remains is the photos of people via which he will blackmail people.

Sid walks with Devika and wants to drive her crazy. Cheeku at his home womits and becomes worried on how to speak with Kimaya and ponders whether he spoke some bad things with her. Devika’s finds her driver to have hit with the cake. Sid asks for Devika’s number so that he could have some chance with her, and she suggests him to give his mobile number to her driver Ghansham. He gives the number to Ghansham who informs Sid to not call after 10 PM. Sid thinks that Devika is for him. Cheeku starts a video chat with Kimaya and asks her that she was planning to go to college right ? At Kimaya’s end, the bell rings and she speaks of bringing the cake and she comes with a home-made cake and he feels much impressed as the cake even has a organic garden picturised. He finds his name to be Aditya Khosla and feels very elated (I love it).

He then blows over the cake and Kimaya sings Happy birthday song for Cheeku. She shares the cake via video chat and he feels in taking the piece, and she calls him cutie-pie. Cheeku smiles. Kattu wants a high five from Dodo and she shows him some photos which he has taken and wants him to blackmail from now instead of waiting and speaks that it is a blackmail jackpot. As she is about to go, Dodo speaks that he always want to befriend the same people like him and welcomes her in his Dodo world.

Cheeku imagines himself sharing a piece of cake with Kimaya together. Kimaya says that he is lost in her eyes as she has deep eyes and compares the depth to equivalent of Indian and pacific ocean and also much deeper that his own feelings, and also much more than his water supply container at his building. She asks him more and he comes back from his dream. She asks him where was he lost ? He terms this birthday to be the best one of his life and she calls him very sweet and wants to call him Aditya Khosla from now, right AK. He wants her to call him Cheeku as it looked very good for him. She speaks of listening what he spoke to Hansraj and he finds that she felt good after hearing it and thanks God. He then wants to say something special to her.. Main Tumse Na.. She speaks whether he will do a Rap to speak the same and asks him to say.. He contemplates to speak today as it his day and become a tiger. He speaks that he is in much…and Kimaya tries to scare him with a log-out message.

Next Episode: Cheeku chats again with Kimaya who is seen in a pink dress. Devika greets some other boy. Later on, Cheeku hears and sees Kimaya speaking on phone with someone that somebody gets attached to her so much and looked annoyed, and he feels that she is talking about him, and becomes sad..


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