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Mission Sapne Colors

Mission Sapne on Colors is a reality show which brings the common man to the fore and connects them with their favorite actor/star. The show promises to fulfill the dreams and desires of the common people.

Sonali Bendre Behl (the hostess of the show) welcomes all and speaks that we have learnt from elders that whenever you do hardwork you will succeed, and get all the benefits in the world. Wherever sweat drops, flower also blossoms there but sweat goes away like water while also taking away the happiness and the human becomes just a viewer. She speaks about Jamat Ali, a 60-year old man is also looking for such happiness which has forgotten the address of his home. First, she show an AV about the life of Jamat Ali. Jamat Ali works as a cosmetic seller whose dreams will be fulfilled by Ronit Roy – TV superstar and Bollywood film actor.

Mission Sapne Sonali Bendre Behl

Sonali then welcomes Jamat Ali on stage. She speaks with him about his family, and he informs that he has four members in his family, 2 girls, 1 boy and himself. His wife has died 20 years ago, and after that his life was badly hurt. He speaks then of his son who got a TB (Tuberculosis) in his bone and was recovering in the hospital and because of shortage of money, they couldn’t get his treatment done, and his wife got tension and stress of her son’s situation and died with those worries. After his wife’s demise, he used to take care of his baby girls and whenever his daughter asks about her mother, he felt too much hurt and felt pain in his heart. He says that every morning, he wakes up and thanks God for giving him whatever situation he is in and feels content. Sonali then asks him about his debts, he answers around 1.5 Lakhs INR which he took for his son’s health expenses. She then informs him about the celebrity that comes on the show to fulfill the dreams of a common man. Furthermore, whatever the celebrity earns on a day will be multiplied by 100 and will be given to him.

Sooner, she speaks that though Jamat Ali’s dreams are still wounded but in this world we have balm for every wound, every misdirected destiny (Muqaddar) has its own fate (Naseeb). She speaks that a well-known actor from India has pledged to help Jammat Ali. She then welcomes Ronit Roy on stage (Ala Re Ala song playing) and hugs Sonali and Jamat Ali. She refers to him as TV and film actor, big entrepreneur and today he has to do some other role which he might never did and that is of Jamat Ali. Ronit speaks that society has given him so much and its time to give it back. She first shows him an AV of Jamat Ali’s life. Jamat Ali is shown to pray and works as a cosmetic/bangles seller and goes to different villages (2 to 3) and with this takes care of his family’s livelihood. He has already performed the marriage of his daughters and the son is handicapped who cannot run;walk;hold weights and hence cannot work. In his family, he has two sons and three daughters out of which two are married, So now he alone works and supports his four member family. He is fulfilling the duty of being a father. His son speaks of working and supporting for his father and family. Jamat Ali says that at the end he needs some cloth and 2 feet land, and nothing else (materialistic benefits) matters, and even this is not sure.

Mission Sapne Colors Jamat Ali and Ronit Roy on stage

Ronit and Sonali are in a pensive mood after listening to Jamat Ali’s words, and Ronit speaks that he is right as at the end only what remains is 2-feet cloth and land and only if God wills. He asks about his age and Jamat Ali responds 60-years and says that once his wife died he got severely hurt and refers the women (wife) as the queen of the house. And even the women brings good luck to the house and if she participates in some thing that will bring wealth and refers the women as Lakshmi. He speaks that because of tension and sadness he came older much sooner, and suggests that his love for his wife was unparallel and he only loves her. The audience applauds on his words. Sonali asks him whether he wants to love only once and only one wife which he continued to hold on with that belief until now.

Ronit learns that Jamat Ali works by selling his cosmetic things by going to different village and earns around 70 INR per day and cycles around 10-12 kms. Sonali speaks with Ronit, and informs him that now he has to work like a cosmetics seller like Jamat Ali, and whatever he earns the show will multiply that amount by 100 times and give it to him. Ronit shares a personal experience when he was just worried about his own living and once he realized many things in life, now its the time to give it back to the society. He suggests the viewers seeing him that even if you give a small portion from your income and cites an example of giving 10 paise out of 10 INR which is 1 % of your income then we don’t need much support from the government and only our population needs to aware of the big good they can do.

Mission Sapne Colors Jamat Ali,Ronit Roy, and Sonali interacting on stage

Ronit goes with Jamat Ali to Lucknow city.

At 11:00 am:
Ronit meets Jamat Ali and will work as a cosmetics seller for a day. He first asks Jamat Ali about the work. He sees Bangles, Bindi, and other cosmetics. He requests the scarf from his and gets one, and wears it. Ronit also learns what to call to invite people – Chalo Chudiyo Lelo, Bindi Lelo..Sabundani Lelo.. He leaves from there and asks Jamat Ali to take some rest. Soon, he meets some people and speaks with an old women and informs her about Jamat Ali (and family) and his help for him. He wants to take a picture with her and also blessings but needs also 10 INR. She argues to give more money than 10 INR and also gives him blessings. The old women spoke in english and gave him 100 INR and his first income is 110 INR (after adding 10 INR from some other people). She also gives blessings and additional money 1000 INR to Jamat Ali and his family. He takes photo with many people there and within 10 minutes he earned 1400 INR because of destiny and puts that money in his pocket.

Mission Sapne Colors Ronit and Jamat Ali, market in Lucknow

He now enters one street and holds a small baby and asks him whether he needs lipstick..He calls the baby’s mothers and asks her to buy something who then calls her mother. He suggests that they have to take something otherwise he will not return back the baby. He sells them Bangles and other cosmetics and earns some money and thanks them. He then meets some girls and sells bangles for 50 INR. He also sells Bindi packets and combs and even compliments women by calling them beautiful. The women audience there speaks that it was a good opportunity and its good that big people are helping the poor. Ronit speaks about his marketing technique where he is selling a 10 INR item for 50 INR. He moves his cart and calls Bindi Lelo, Kangi Lelo… He then meets a man who wants Bindi for his wife, and pays 100 INR and gets a green bangles gift from Ronit.

Mission Sapne Colors Ronit gets a scarf from Jamat Ali at the market

Ronit speaks that he works in movies and now he is helping some man so he is working with the cart and cosmetics. He shows the women there Bindi packets, and after selling some packets, they want to act him like Shah Rukh Khan (SRK). He then dances with a old women there on Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna song from movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Ronit takes photos with people there, continues his work and also requests people for Tea (Chai). He is then invited by Khujoor family for a tea and informs Sonali that his jacket has become wet though the weather season is still winter. Thus, he thinks the work to be hard.

At 2:00 PM:
Ronit takes a Chai (Tea) break to recharge his energies.Ronit informs Sonali with a cheers that it is a Yummy tea and Mr. Khujoor wants him to dance on the song Akha India Jaanta Hain Main Tujh Pe Marta Hoon.. from the movie Naam Tera Naam. Ronit instead of dancing sings the song and takes a leave from them.

At 3:00 PM:
He continues his work and without even selling he is earning money by taking photos with people. As the street becomes crowded, he then decides to wear a bag with bindi and cosmetics. Soon, he finds a newly wed women and offers her Kajal and Bindi. He then sells rubber bands for 50 INR and later searches for a beauty parlour since there will be lot of women there. He reaches Shali beauty parlour and finds it locked. Soon, he finds the proprietor of that parlour and sells some items for 20 INR. Ronit started giving door to door. At 5:00 PM, He ends his work and thinks that he has earned quite a reasonable amount for Jamat Ali and is now returning back to the studio.

Mission Sapne Colors Ronit returns back with Jamat Ali to studio

Ronit comes back on stage with Jamat Ali, and Sonali speaks that his look is good. He speaks that he took elder’s blessing before his work and shows the scarf which he took from him. He speaks on meeting true people and says that his acting work which is ‘Make and Believe’ and many times as they are much involved in acting forgets about the reality and reality of people. She asks what was the thing that has touched him most ? He speaks that there are many things. He speaks about meeting an old women to whom he refers to as Naani. He first asked her 10 INR to which she became angry and then gave him 1000 INR as a blessing for Jamat Ali’s family. She then asks Jamat Ali how he felt about the work of Ronit ? He replies very good. After Ronit’s request, he shows to Sonali on the calls he has to make to sell his things – Chudi Le Lo..Kanga..Powder Cream Le Lo….and gets an applause.

Furthermore, Ronit speaks that he sold women’s items to men by requesting them to buy for their wife, sister. Sonali then informs the amount earned by Ronit which is 4,290 INR out of which 250 INR are deducted (because of Items given as Gifts) so the net amount after multiplying by 100 times is 4,04,000 INR. She congratulates Jamat Ali and also Ronit. Ronit hugs Jaamat Ali and he thanks Sonali and Mission Sapne for the help. He plans to open a small shop in the market so that his son who cannot walk can work while sitting and also can support his daughter’s marriage. Ronit speaks that Jamat Ali didn’t speak of things for him and only spoke about helping his family with that money which is so true of a father. He then gives back the scarf which he earlier wore and gives his love and lots of good wishes for Jamat Ali. Sonali and Ronit hands over the cheque to him. Sonali speaks that time closes all doors, but there are some light openings (Roshandaan) which remains open and Mission Sapne is one such thing. She signs off by saying – Will Meet again, Mission will continue.

Next Week: Cricketer Harbhajan Singh who is fondly called Turbanator will come on the show to work as a Snack Seller to fulfill the dreams of a family. He is seen dancing with girls on Aja Nachle song and even plays some cricket on the road.

Celebrities that are participating on the show:
Salman Khan (Hair dresser), Ranbir Kapoor (Vada Pav Seller), Mika Singh (Tea Vendor), Ram Kapoor (Taxi driver), Karan Johar (Photographer), Siddharth Malhotra, Drashti Dhami (Nimbu-Mirchi seller). Ronit Roy, Harbhajan Singh, and Varun Dhawan (Porter/Coolie)

Image credit: Twitter pages of Colors TV and Mission Sapne

Sneak Peek of today’s Episode:
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Mission Sapne Music Video:
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