Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Disaster Mini Series 15th June 2014 Episode 47, Bindass – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Disaster Mini Series 1, Episode 47 Saima and Reyansh

The show starts with Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaking about the Yeh Hai Aashiqui Disaster series that will go on for 1 month, and then speaks about today’s story of a simple village girl Saima, while the boy is a young soldier Reyansh who can give away his life for the country. He speaks that their story is not so simple though it appears to be.

The story starts with Reyansh speaking with his fellow solider about some infiltrators who wants to trespass at the border, and he informs that since three days they are trying to keep them at bay. Reyansh’s friends wants him to be calm and eat some food. Reyansh speaks about his need to sleep since three days he didn’t sleep. Saima at her home listens to music and gives dry grass to her goats. She belongs to a Muslim family and her mother confronts her for listening to music though at the border firing is going on since the past 3 days. She caresses the small goat by holding in her hands, and her mother prays to God for peace. Saima also prays for peace. [Muslims call God by the name of Allah].

Some time later, She meets her brother who is ill and her mother speaks that they are staying in their own home like prisoners, and cannot go out and even nobody can come to visit them. They have to face this problem everyday and she reminds Saima about something bad happened in an adjacent village and wishes their home and village to be safe. Saima doesn’t want to eat her food since her goats are also not eating food but after her mother’s insistence, she eats a bit. On other end, Reyansh speaks with his friend about the good feelings and relaxation if the firing stops. As the firing was stopped for some time, he takes a leave from his colleague to look at the enemy’s bunker. Saima on her end is also given permission to take her herd of goats outside since firing has stopped. Saima’s mother prays to God for her daughter’s safety.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that we have a peaceful sleep during nights because of our solider’s sleepless and concerned nights while serving the country 24/7. He speaks that for soldiers, silence, peace looks odd since for them the situation is different.

Reyansh goes to some new bunker away from his friend and soon he finds Saima along with her herd. He confronts and points gun at her and informs her about the curfew in that area and wants her to leave from there as it is not meant for civilians. She responds that because of her herd she came there and also cites that the goats haven’t eaten green grass since many days. She doesn’t want him to worry about her and if God wills she is in some problem then its her responsibility so he doesn’t worry. She speaks on dealing with the current situation as a regular thing and also suggests that even taking breath is also a risky proposition. He again wants her to go from there since if somebody sees her then the firing will start again.

She speaks on the past good times of her village and thinks that some bad omen (boori nazar) has come to their village. Just at that moment, the firing starts and he shields her. As she runs to protect her herd, he again protects from fire. He gets hold of her, and she sees his name as Reyansh Shekawat. Somehow, Reyansh rescues her from enemy fire, and is assisted by his colleague who gives him a cover from fire. He speaks that because of her foolishness, the fire has again started and the peace is affected. She responds that foolishness is in fact dealing a crisis with fire, and the ideal thing is peace. He argues that he is in a favor of peace and speaks that if things were sorted via peaceful means then he would have not come there at the border. He asks whether he should be quiet even if the infiltrators tries to trespass into his country and how he can think of peace in such a situation. He adds that because of firing in his area other places in country are safe, and the fire first has to go through him. She speaks that though he is thinking of all the country and everyone but how about her life and the village.

He informs her that they need to change their bunker as it is open and move to a new bunker and wants her to follow him. Reyansh takes her to a safe bunker and says that everybody wants peace. He then asks about her home, and she replies its very close some 2 to 3 miles (1 mile=1.6 kms) behind the mountain. He then asks about her family. She speaks about her mother, elder brother Afsar and the herd. She drinks the water after getting an urge and takes from him. He looks at her and holds her hand while she becomes shy. She is apologetic for being angry towards him, and speaks that he protected her. He reminds to her that it was his duty to protect her with a smile. She argues that his duty is to protect the border and the country, and if there was some other soldier he would have left her and didn’t protect. She speaks on her mistake and accepts it. And informs that because of herd she went outside, and cites that only if the herd eat green grass, then they can give her family wool and milk.

So, she highlights the importance of her herd and speaks that if the herd faces problem then they will almost die as well. She speaks that because of war her life came to standstill. Reyansh informs that because of the war, infiltrators are being stopped. She opens up and speaks that she prays to God everyday for giving her a common life where there is no border and all of them are her own people. She wishes a small house with a small portico where her children can play without any fear of bullets, and in the night gets light from stars and not burning homes. He also wishes a school where she can teach. He listens to her carefully and laughs a bit. He shares an experience of meeting people who have big dreams but is the first time he is meeting someone who has ordinary dreams and wishes a simple life. He smiles, and says that it is a beautiful dream. After listening to him, she feels shy. He informs her that whatever happens she has to be with him, and tells her that need to go via a long distance and another important thing is to be quiet so as to not get fire.

The fire continues at the border as Reyansh runs with Saima on their way back to her home. He is hit by a bullet and is shot on his left hand and blood starts to ooze out. He is adamant to take her home instead of going to the hospital. Rithvik (the host) speaks that many of us don’t know how selflessly our soldier works for us. He speaks that Reyansh protected Saima because of his natural instinct and not for Saima. It’s in the soldier veins to protect the life of fellow civilans, and also Saima has the same believe and wants to save Reyansh’s life because she knew that he will not make to his army base.

Saima supports Reyansh as they walk together and after some distance he couldn’t walk further and has lost lots of blood. She cries and blames herself for his situation. He consoles and holds her hand, and says its fine. She then realized that he holds her hand [Milne Hai Mujh se Aayi.. Phir Jaan song]. She helps him in his walk, and after some distance at the lake as she was about to fall down, he gets holds of her and both share an eyelock. She reaches her home and brings him inside her home. She wants to first clean his wound though her mother is unhappy and cites about societal pressure and taunts. She responds that Reyansh’s situation is because of her and she couldn’t have left him alone. She takes care of him, and he asks whether all the people in village are good. She replies with good people everybody will be nice and then she stops him from speaking more and places her hands on his mouth.

Saima’s brother Afsar comes home and confronts his sister and speaks that as she brought a soldier at home then they can face problems and possibly can get killed as well along with Reyansh. Saima wants to take Reyansh to a military hospital but her brother is worried about her safety. As she insisted to take him to the military base, Afsar slaps her and informs that they live in a remote place where they couldn’t identify who is their own people or the infiltrator. Saima becomes dejected and Afsar wants to only look for their own safety and Reyansh cannot leave here. He gives her an ultimatum to send him away from the house at the earliest. Later in the night, she comes to Reyansh and gives him a dress, and also wants to tell his name as Razzak if somebody asks him and cites urgency. He now wears a Kurta, and she takes him along with her without informing her family.

They walk through the night and soon the morning comes. He fell unconscious and after providing him some cover she takes him to some place and even asked some help from the people there and cited that he is her husband. After hearing it, he becomes a bit surprised and shares an eye-lock with her. He removes his shirt and she begins to clean his wound. She speaks that he is safe there and informs him that once his wound is improved she will take him to the military base. At his bed, he ponders on the strange circumstance – it was his duty to protect her but now she is protecting him, and feels there is some special connection and the more he looks at her, she comes more closer to his heart.

Saima notices that Reyansh lost lots of blood, and she cries. He suggests that she has to take out the bullet otherwise soon he will die. After hearing it, she again covers his mouth since she couldn’t hear his words about death. She begins to cry and he informs her that she has to take out the bullet from his body and mere cleaning his wounds will not help him. Moreover, he will show her the process to remove it. At first she needs a knife, hot water, needle and thread are needed as well and informs that he is with her. She comes with those items, and shivers before cutting the flesh to remove the bullet. Reyansh is in full pain during the bullet removal, and she then removes it. After the removal, he fells unconscious and she goes out to throw the cloth with blood stains and bullet. Some men there saw her throwing something, and then comes there and picks up the bullet and looks at it. She goes back to Reyansh who after gaining consciousness wants her to now stitch using needle and thread.

Sooner, those men come to the home where Saima and Reyansh were staying and wants to nab him. Before their arrival, Saima and Reyansh runs away and are followed by the same men who even fires at them but in vain. Sooner, Reyansh meets his soldier colleagues who then assists and provides cover to them from those infiltrators who continue to fire at them. Reyansh speaks with his colleagues that an ordinary village girl has protected his life and in doing so she has not thought about her life, family and other dangers. Saima continues to cry and he speaks that now he learnt that army alone doesn’t protect people but also others and this has been taught by her. He holds her hand and both share an eye-lock and feels to be falling in love.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Saima never lost hope, and somehow manages to bring Reyansh to a safe place under those difficult circumstances. Now, it was left to the doctors and the God to save his life and we can only pray for the best to happen.

Saima prays for his safety and he informs her while on a stretcher that from now on each one of his breath belongs to her and once he recovers he pledges to drop her home safely. She doesn’t want him to worry with tears in her eyes, and she informs him that the jawaans (soldiers) have told her to drop her safely to the village in their jeep. As she continues to cry, he speaks that at his village, there is a small home with an open portico both at the back and front, and even a farm where children play and enjoy, there is no fire or war zone there, and also there is a small school as well where she can teach. She hugs him and he then proposes her for marriage. After hearing those words, she cries more and he informs her that she doesn’t need to change anything. She nods her head and accepts his proposal and kisses him on his forehead and became a lovestruck couple. [Sang Chale.. Rang Chale.. Phir Kaya Fikir..Kiski Majaal..]

Rithvik (the host) speaks that there was no common thing between Saima a village girl and Reyansh a soldier and they met in an extraordinary situation where once they started following a path in that situation reached a point where they fell in love. Rithvik signs off by saying guys – Keep falling in love.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Disaster Mini Series 1, Episode 47

Info on Cast
* Reyansh is played by actor Manoj Chandila.
– He played the role of Abhay Singh (political advisor of Raghuvanshi family) in Sony’s recently concluded show – Desh ki Beti Nandini

* Saima is played by an upcoming actress – Pankhuri Awasthy.

Image credit: Official Facebook page of Bindass’ Yeh Hain Aashiqui.

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