Heroes – The Fightback Files 16th June 2014 Channel [V] 23rd Episode Written Update

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Heroes the fightback files Channel V

The story is about Ramya a young girl who lives with her mother in Trivandrum and is set in 2012. She is seen sleeping in the night and then receives a call that her father has been arrested for alleged rape charge in Mumbai. Her parents are divorced and now she stays with her mother while her father used to work in Mumbai.

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Theme of the Episode: Fight for your father’s Self-respect and prove his innocence from Alleged Sexual Harassment charges.
* The theme was not directly related to a women’s fightback for the abuse which used to be the core part of all Heroes episodes.

Ramya’s mother informs her that a junior employee in office has accused her father of rape so now he is in a jail in Mumbai. The mother suggests that first they should get clarity before going there, and she reiterates that her ex-husband had an extra-marital affair before so she can’t trust him anymore and doesn’t want to face him. Ramya decides to go to Mumbai to help her father even though her mother is not interested.

After landing in Mumbai, She was told by the lawyer to visit a hospital after which she got scared. She reached the hospital and finds her father to be in a critical state as people in jail has beaten him very badly as he was arrested for alleged rape. The doctors have put him in a medically induced coma until his health improves. As a concerned daughter she doesn’t believe that her father has did any wrong, and wants to know every details of her father’s case. The lawyer informs that an employee Meghna has written a complaint stating that her boss (Ramya’s father) has abused her in the apartment and even after repeated warnings, he didn’t stop and forced on him, and thereafter she called her friend and got him arrested. On the other front, Ramya’s father Alok story is different and according to him Meghna was coming close to him from the party, and after he dropped her home she invited him to her appt and there they became intimate and he regards the sex to be consensual and not rape.

The lawyer informs her that now the rape laws are strict, and the police got DNA evidence and CCTV footage of Meghna’s apartment which are not helping her father. Sooner then, Ramya decides to check those footage, and notices that when her father touched Meghna she didn’t stop him and took him to her home. In another CCTV footage, she finds Meghna to be normal and talking on phone. The lawyer says that the evidence is not too useful for them. After going through another time, Ramya notices that she was wearing a wrist watch when they entered the building together but as she returned and went to complain she wore a watch. She thinks that’s too odd that somebody after getting assaulted will wear a watch as their first priority would be to inform police, and do other things.

Ramya asks for more footages around the building so to get more insights and leads. She asks the lawyer whether he has met her father’s friend Sameer Bajpai (sameer uncle) as Meghna was an employee of him as well. Next morning, Ramya visits Sameer Uncle and after greeting him, she speaks that her father Alok is recovering well. Sameer speaks about knowing her father since last 15 years and he couldn’t believe that he did something wrong. He speaks that Meghna is a very respected employee, and now she is on leave until the matter resolves, and suggests Ramya to not be worried.

Later, She comes again at the hospital and the lawyer gives her some items belonging to her father including a laptop. She remembers that her father used to keep the password as her name and date of birth. With that data, she breaks into her father’s laptop, and she finds emails warning Meghna Arora repeatedly for dress code violations at office, and this was informed to both her father and Sameer uncle. She also checks another mail sent by her father to Sameer about financial irregularities in their office and also spoken about the need to complain to the CFO. After a while, She again looks at some new footage showing the front portion of the building and finds the car of Sameer and also sees Meghna. She goes back to flashback and remembers the words spoken by Sameer where he was praising Meghna and also informing her that he didn’t go to her home. She now learns that Sameer uncle has framed her father falsely and vows that he need to pay for it.

Soon after, She goes to Sameer at his office, and informs him that her father is fine, and will soon be out of coma as told by the doctor. She then shows the footage showing his car at Meghna’s building where Meghna is also seen there. She speaks that he has told a lie, and even went to pick-up Meghna after the alleged incident with her father. She also informs that even she is aware of her father’s email sent to him regarding financial irregularities and she is sure that he was part of those financial mess. After realizing that he is caught, he asks Ramya what she needs from him. She first wants him to ask Meghna to take back her complaint, and secondly, he has to leave the company. Finally, she slaps him hard for bringing disrepute to her father.

She speaks that Meghna has dropped the complaint and also Sameer uncle left the office, and her father woke-up after some days and became fine. She speaks that rape laws should not be misused and there are some girls who files false complaints. She regards herself as a true hero as she fought for her father.

Next Episode: The story is of Rhea Sharma, a young girl who was harassed by policemen on the road during the night while she was going in a car. The policeman asks her to remove the jacket and then take photos of her using their mobile phone thereby abusing her.

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Sneak Peek of today’s Episode:
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