Ayesha refuses to marry Arif; Ghalib tries to prove Ayesha’s truth, but lands in jail in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

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Arif has finally confessed his feeling for Ayesha infront of his mum Farida. She gets glad that finally her son has chosen someone and straight away takes Arif’s marriage proposal for Ayesha to her home. Nilofer is happy knowing Arif is a very humble man, good at heart, highly educated and from a good family. She instantly agrees as Ayesha was mad about him. Ayesha does not agree, and refuses to marry him as love has entered her heart for Adi and she does not want to go away from Adi. Arif admits that he really loves her and will keep her happy all the life. Ayesha asks him can he give his life for her. Arif is shocked and thinks.

Ayesha says when someone loves, they don’t think to answer, they just risk their life for their love, just like Adi did for her. She praises Adi for coming before the truck risking his life to save her life. Farida asks Ayesha to think again. Adi hears Nilofer convincing Ayesha to marry Arif and gets hyper. He confronts her asking how can she make his wife Pankhudi marry someone else. He says this won’t happen and asks Anisha to explain this to Nilofer. Anisha calms him down. Ayesha tells Adi that she is not marrying Arif. Adi is relaxed and meets Arif. He tells Arif that he is really happy today with Ayesha’s decision. Arif thinks he will wait for the day when Ayesha accepts his love and comes to him, she has something in him that he fell for her, and he won’t lose her at any cost.

On the other hand, Nafisa is getting closer to Rubel. Rubel regards her just a good friend and wants to spend a day with her to celebrate her birthday. He lies to Payal. Payal doubts him and asks him to spend a day with her, but he refuses to do so as he is giving priority to Nafisa now. Nafisa is really happy knowing Rubel chose her over Payal. Nilofer does not like Nafisa and Rubel being together and decides to take her daughters away from this family. Ghalib comes to Diwaan mansion and smiles seeing Ayesha. She is shocked seeing him and calls out Adi. Ghalib brings Ayesha’s identity proof and shows it to everyone. Adi does not believe any of the proofs and asks Ghalib to leave. Ghalib says Ayesha is his wife and he won’t go without her. He hits on Adi though Adi is already unwell. Ayesha gets tensed and worries for Adi. Ghalib sees Ayesha’s concern for Adi and fumes. Harish calls the police and makes Ghalib get arrested for attacking Adi. Ghalib leaves unwillingly but promises that he will not forget Ayesha and will come back. So many lovers of Ayesha, all dying to get her love, let’s see how the show progresses!!






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