Raman’s amusing struggle to be Ishita for 24 hours in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Raman talks to Bala and convinces him to teach Adi, thinking he is Raman’s son, not Shagun’s. Shagun and Ashok do not have time for Adi and they won’t do anything to make his future bright. Raman is concerned about Adi a lot and knows that only Bala can give him the right guidance and turn him good. Bala agrees and says don’t know Ishita will agree for this or not, knowing I have to go and see Shagun’s face daily. Shagun convinces Ashok to let Bala teach Adi as he is best for him, and this is high time Adi needs a good tutor, for his good future. She says their relation will be professional and she won’t mind if Bala is related to Ishita.

Raman thinks Ishita will not agree easily and he has to do something. Bala talks to Ishita and she being a good hearted woman, asks him to go ahead and teach Adi, as Adi really needs a good teacher and Bala is best for him. She asks Bala not to worry about Shagun, and Raman really loves Adi a lot, maybe Adi will understand Raman some day. Ishita says Shagun is Raman’s ex wife but Adi is not his ex son, he will always be Raman’s son and Raman’s love for him will never get low. Bala is happy with Ishita’s reply but does not inform this to Raman.

Raman comes home and tries to pamper Ishita to convince her to allow Bala teach Adi. He says lets go for coffee or a long drive. She checks his temper and understands that something is fishy and calls up Bala. She comes to know that Raman does not know she agreed for Bala teaching Adi. She talks him Raman directly that she knows about Bala and Adi’s matter and she is not really convinced yet. She asks can he do anything for her. He says yes firmly and is shocked when she asks him to become her for one day, that’s being Ishita and showcasing her goodness, sweet, caring, helping and loving nature. Raman agrees as he does not have any option.

Raman bowls her over by his extra concern for Amma, extra respect for Iyers, and extra love for her. He thinks when will this 24 hours end, and is doing all this for Adi. He attends a Madrasi puja function with her and also does the puja with her, making Ishita proud of him. Ishita thinks Raman has really changed and feels he is doing this for her. Ishita is mistaken, but Raman is really a good man. They have a romantic moment when Raman stares at her and smiles seeing her sleeping like an angel.

Mihika takes full advantage of this challenge, and teases Raman a lot. Raman has to agree to everything Ishita says, and now even Mihika. Mihika makes Ishita sit in Raman’s lap saying its part of the rituals of the function. The scene is hilarious as Ishita sits on him and he realizes the powerful pain by her weight. This show is really wonderful and we feel the credit goes to the lead couple and their amazing chemistry, they just justify their roles so well that no one else could do it. Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel are one of the hottest couple on small screen and words get less to praise their acting skills, keep going guys, you rock the show!!

Ishita made to sit in Raman’s lap for meeting ritual’s requirements
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One response to “Raman’s amusing struggle to be Ishita for 24 hours in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”

  1. pari Avatar

    u r absolutely right,raman and ishita are one of the hottest couple on small screen.their little nok jhok add more spice.
    I wish in star plus awards they win maximum number of awards.

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