Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 21st June 2014 12th Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 12th Episode

Recap (Preview): Cheeku decides to commit suicide after dejection at the party since he couldn’t make friends. Kimaya wishes Cheeku by preparing a cake specially for him, Dodo befriends Kattu and his plan to come close to Radhika doesn’t realized, Cheeku tries to confess to Kimaya but couldn’t do as he was not in his own because of the drink. Hansraj speaks to Cheeku about one-sided love being the reason for heartbreaksin 72 % of all cases. Cheeku follows up with his misunderstanding and decides to not speak with Kimaya.

Cheeku gets a dream talking with Kimaya and holds flowers and speaks that she is the best in the world for him, and he bends down on his knees and gives the flower to her and speaks that they are nothing in front of her. After taking the flower, she smiles and speaks that how come he deserves her and calls that he is neither genius nor cute and he is a big Dhakkan (fool).. Cheeku comes back from the dream and Dodo speaks with Cheeku that Kattu is not seen when he needs her the most..

Dodo call kattu but she doesn’t pick up his call, and soon Cheeku wants to talk with Kimaya but then decides to give the laptop to Sid. Sid decides to upload Devika’s pic and thinks that she will only think about him. Dodo goes to school and meets Kattu who says she was busy so she didn’t attend the call. She tells him to come on a date then she will tell everything. Both fight a bit on his date with Radhika. Kattu speaks that what he wants to say cannot be passed by censor. She wants him to call Radhika at the parking lot at 4 pm and she will come there at 3:30 PM. Hansraj is confronted by a girl who wants to take Cheeku’s place beside him, but he doesn’t give his space to her. Cheeku comes and Hansraj speaks that he has left a place for Cheeku maharaj but he doesn’t take it and then he instead invites that girl invoking a laughter from other students..

Dodo meets a boy who gets a new customer for taking a photo with Yo Yo singh. Dodo receives a message and feels excited to meet Radhika at 4 Pm. Cheeku on the other hand finds people with their friends, and laments on loosing his only friend Kimaya. Cheeku comes to the canteen and there learns that one organic sandwidch is taken by somebody and then learns that Hansraj took it for him. Cheeku scolds Hansraj and while walking meets Devika, who tells him to remind his brother Sid at 5 PM for uploading her pics without asking her. Hansraj asks Cheeku about his mood, and Cheeku informs him that Kimaya has told somebody that he is a fool. So, now cheeku thinks that Kimaya is like everybody else. Hansraj wants Cheeku to attend Kimaya’s call, and Cheeku contemplates whether to take the call, and then decides to not attend the call. He meets Sid, and Sid informs that Devika has called him at 5 PM. Cheeku informs Sid that she is calling him because he has uploaded the pics without her permission. Sid thinks that Devika will be calm and not be angry with him.

Dodo waits for Kattu and its already crossed 4 PM, and calls her since Radhika might be coming anytime. Sooner, Radhika comes there at the parking lot, and speaks that he doesn’t know what to say and he doesn’t have courage, strength and is on the way. He remembers Kattu words on how to impress girls. He speaks that he wants to make out with her. She calls it nonsense and slaps him hard. She goes after insulting him. Dodo speaks on teaching a lesson to Kattu as it was her idea to Dodo to open-up with Radhika. Sid learns that Devika is calling him and Devika at the canteen is angry with Sid. She is complemented by people for her pics, and she then sees her pics who tells her that because of pics her popularity has grown many folds. Sid comes there and meets Devika and starts to apologize. He speaks that he was checking Study in Australia but somehow uploaded some pics.. Devika just listens to him, and doesn’t speak. She informs him to not delete the photos and with a smile wants him to take permission before uploading pics and calls it good manner. Sid becomes elated.

Dodo comes home and speaks with Cheeku about being slapped by Radhika. Cheeku asks whether he is missing Radhika or Kattu. Sid comes there in a happy mood, and shows them the contact list of all girls who was interested in Sid and he then throws the list since now Devika will come in his life.. Cheeku receives a message from Kimaya who wants him to come online once. He thinks that either he has to choose self-respect or Kimaya’s call. He decides to take Kimaya’s call after contemplating a lot who asked him where was he ? She speaks about her worry for him and also she tried so many times to reach him but in vain. After remembering about Kimaya’s words which he heard calling Dhakkan (fool). He speaks that he doesn’t want to speak with her while looking angry and disconnects the call again, thus at that moment he choose the self-respect over Kimaya because of his misunderstanding.

Next Episode: Dodo confronts Kattu and she insists him to take her on a date so as to listen to her tragic story. Sid and Dodo later speaks that’s its better to clarify misunderstandings. Cheeku learns about the same and runs towards his laptop to chat with Kimaya. He starts speaking again with Kimaya with the intention to clarify things at his end.

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