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Mission Sapne Colors

Mission Sapne on Colors is a reality show which brings the common man to the fore and connects them with their favorite actor/star. The show promises to fulfill the dreams and desires of the common people.

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Sonali Bendre Behl (the hostess) starts the show and speaks that in this world most of the time love is seen with doubts and people think that true love are only found in books or in dreams. However, in real life two ordinary people are neither Laila nor Majnu, or for the matter neither Heer or Ranja. These people moves forward to give a new definition to love, and will find whether dreams will stood the test of situation, this is our mission. She shows the precap showing Ram Avatar and his family who faces lot of problems. Harbhajan singh will come to fulfill the dreams of this family and will work as a Snacks (Namkeen) seller. On a different note, Harbhajan is fondly called as Turbanator and Bhajji.

Sonali then welcomes Manju Devi from Ram Avatar’s family (his wife) on stage. Sonali learns that Manju came with her children Bhavani Shankar and Aarti. Manju speaks that her husband Ram didn’t came to Mumbai because he was ill just before their departure to Mumbai. An AV is shown with Ram speaking that he got an attack which has temporarily blocked his hand movements and even his voice and is seen recovering at his home. He will again visit the hospital for more diagnostics. Sonali asks Manju whether Ram loves her a lot, and she replies a lot. She speaks that 18 years have passed since their marriage and they are in love after marriage. She informs Sonali that her husband also had heart complications and valve blockage before and got operated. Recently, she got some attacks and got paralysed and her tongue and eyes not working properly.

Sooner, she visited a doctor who did full diagnostics and later she went to PGIM and there she got operated to treat Myastenia illness . Sonali then learns that after Manju did biopsy for her blockage in food-pipe and also had breathing problems that she had Cancer. Sonali asks since how many years she is fighting with Cancer, she responds since 3 years. She attended 20 sittings of chemotherapy and 6 chemotheraphy cycles. During her treatment period, her husband Ram didn’t took proper care and stopped taking his own medicines because of which he is now facing health problems. Sonali reiterates that when the time to choose one life, Ram didn’t thought of his own life and just went all out to save his wife’s life. Manju speaks that her husband has taken a loan amount of 6 to 7 lakhs INR which he now owes to people. After then, Sonali speaks about the celebrity that will come on the show who will live the life of her for one day.

Moreover, whatever the celebrity earns, it will be multiplied by 100 and will be given to her. Before calling Harbhajan Singh, she first speaks how Bhajji with his spin gives the batsman a tough time on the pitch and also is an expert in changing the course of a match with his spin bowling. Furthermore, he will come today to bring a spin to the life of Manju and her family. She then welcomes Harbhajan Singh by referring to him as India’s glory (shaan), Son of Punjab (punjab da puttar), Turbanator who comes on the stage on Chak De India title song and greets Sonali and Manju Devi. Sonali welcomes Harbhajan and speaks that he came on the show inspite of his busy life as he is a cricketer.

Mission Sapne Colors

Bhajji responds that first he is a human and then cricketer. He suggests that humans need to help others when needed. He speaks that everybody is busy and you just need to prioritize things, and moreover to play cricket was his dream and he realized it. He is thankful to God for giving him the opportunity to help others as he is a position to offer help. He also suggests that you will get satisfaction if you help others and work towards fulfilling their dreams. Soon after, Sonali shows to Harbhajan an AV about Ram Avatar’s life. Ram stays with his four children and wife in Chandigarh, Punjab. He works as a snack seller and sells them at different shops while going on his scooter. Ram Avatar had got a heart operation and his wife has cancer and because of these illness, he is completely in debts.

As the debts were increasing day by day, he decided to stop his own treatment and instead focus on his wife’s treatment. Ram speaks that somehow he managed to take care of his wife’s illness since the past 4 years. With his earning, he can only support his family living and couldn’t cover the costs of her medicines. He speaks that he has stopped taking his own medicines and only take some medicine to alleviate his breathing problems. Manju Devi at the studio after seeing Ram’s AV suddenly gets a fit and fells down from the sofa. Sonali and Harbhajan are shocked and soon his family and doctors advised him rest. Harbhajan speaks that he is ready and he will work with all the heart and mind in the same way as he plays cricket. Harbhajan leaves to work as the Snack seller. Harbhajan goes to Chandigarh to work as the Snack seller for Ram Avatar.

At 11:00 AM Sector-17 Chandigarh:
Harbhajan drives a scooter carrying snacks and then finds a four-wheeler (Bandi) and puts all the snacks on it and goes towards the square and is surrounded by people. He gets first customer and while selling he speaks about the good cause, and suggests that he is working for a needy person who used to work as a snack seller, and he is living his life and earn money so as to help him in his life and do a small contribution. Harbhajan gets 1200 INR as his first income. He signs autograph to a small girl and gets 10 INR. Soon, he finds another customer who gives him 500 INR for some snacks, and Bhajji speaks that Punjabi people have a big heart. Sooner, he finds another customer from Srinagar, Kashmir who bargains first and then wants a photo to be taken with Bhajji. The young boy also spoke that he liked when Bhajji took the wicket of Afridi. Bhajji then speaks candidly he also liked taking the wicket of Afridi and cites his destiny for the wicket. Harbhajan gets 100 INR from a young boy for taking a photo.

Mission Sapne Colors

After a while, he sells more snacks to a middle-aged man who gives 50 INR to Bhajji after much persuasion. Bhajji then dances with young boys on Hain Nikla Hadipa.. song and then suggests that everyone can do Bhangra there, and sooner finds some people from Bhangra group who sings the Bhangra song and also dances. Bhajji hugs them and also takes photo with some families.

Mission Sapne Colors Bhangra dance

At 2 PM:
Bhajji got full support and he is selling to support a needy person. He gets 1000 INR from a village sarpanch who just gave that money for the cause and even didn’t purchased anything. He speaks to Sonali on his earning at the middle stage of his work and thinks that he earned quite reasonable and also cites that as he always believes that Punjabi people have a big heart and lively (Zinda Dil). Moreover, people are helping to support for a good cause without bothering to buy things, and he is very elated to get such a support and shows his emotion by touching his heart.

Sooner, Harbhajan finds some girls who speaks with him why is he doing that ? He reiterates on helping a needy person, and the cart also belong to that person and by selling the items he is doing his bit. The girls contemplates on what to buy and then decides to buy some spicy snacks. They want him to sing a song, and he also calls his pet name as Sonu, and gets 300 INR from them and wants them to contribute here instead of going to coffee shops. Next, they want a dance with Bhajji, and he agrees and dances with them for a while. [Tu Hi Nachle.. song]. He speaks that the snack is much sweeter than him, and shows his charm and goodness to those beautiful girls, and also takes photos with them. The girls speak about having good experience with Harbhajan.

Bhajji finds a young man who challenges him for a hand bout which he accepts, and Bhajji wins the bout. He plans to sell the snacks within one hour since otherwise they can get damage. Sooner, Bhajji meets a colleague and friend from Punjab cricket team who is a fast young bowler. Bhajji speaks that his friend’s bowling speed was coming to 128 km/hr, and he wants him to achieve 140 Km/hr by next year. Bhajji is then challenged by his friend who wishes to hit him for a six on his own bowling, and both of them goes to a nearby place to have a game of cricket. Bhajji starts to bowl and his friend prepares to bat. Bhajji’s bowls are being hit for many sixes by his friend and the friend wins the challenge but still pays 500 INR and leaves. Bhajji now opens the game of cricket to people there, and a young boy challenges to clean bowl him. Bhajji responds candidly that even Shoaib Akhtar didn’t clean bowled him so could he do ? The boy is very confident and then bowls against Bhajji who is unable to play well and misses the ball many times and sooner is clean bowled as well.

Mission Sapne Colors Harbhajan On Mission Sapne with cricket bat

At 4:30 PM:
Bhajji continued to work at his cart and sold snacks, and even took photos with his fans for a price. Though the day was not so good cricket wise but his main aim to work tirelessly for Ram Avatar and sell as many snacks was met. He speaks that the life of a snack seller is tough and he salutes all his brothers/sisters who works in selling snacks and his heart goes with them. He speaks of earning quite sufficient amount for Ram ji and hopefully it will help him and leaves from there.

Sonali speaks that many times we think that big people doesn’t bother about needy and poor people but whatever Harbhajan did today will bring change in those thoughts. She welcomes again Harbhajan on the stage, the man of the moment. She asks him how was his day ? He speaks that the day was very different and not related to his daily routine but he was very happy during the day. He speaks that Sector 17 in Chandigarh is the same area where he used to go during his childhood and has fond memories. After so many years he went there and it was a good day. Bhajji speaks that the day and his attempt was successful, and she then invites Manju Devi’s children as Manju was advised rest by doctors. Bhavani Shankar and Aarti comes on stage and greets Bhajji. He learns the boy is 15 years old and studies in Sector-35, and Aarti studies in 4th class and her school is in Sector-4 and their home is in Sector-45 which is far from there schools and they walk such a long distance.

When posed a question to Bhavani by Sonali, he wishes to become a cricketer, and there is no cricket in school. He goes to grounds and plays with his friends. Harbhajan also speaks that he has also started playing cricket at the grounds with friends and it was his interests then. Bhajji says that before training you need to get first support and passion from inside then only you can think of becoming a cricketer, and he sees that passion in Bhavani. Furthermore, he gives his word to Bhavani that if needs training then he will be ready to take his responsibility bringing applause from the audience. Bhavani is happy to get training support from Harbhajan in future, and Bhajji speaks that his life will be successful if he is able to Bhavani and needy people. Thereafter, Sonali asks Bhavani what was he doing with his hands when he was sitting with the audience. He now takes out a red cricket ball and wants an autograph from Bhajji. Sonali speaks that he is shy so was not telling about the autograph before. Bhajji gives his autograph on the ball, and speaks to Bhavani that once he plans to go for training then he will help him join the best academy in Chandigarh. Bhavani nods his head and also promises to Bhajji in doing the same. Sonali then turns to Aarti and asks about her dreams. She plans to become a teacher and even doesn’t watch Cricket. Bhajji also takes the responsibility of Aarti’s school and regards himself like his elder brother. Sonali thanks Bhajji on his wholehearted support.

Mission Sapne Colors Bhangra dance

Sonali now speaks on how much Harbhajan earned which comes out to 7,800 INR and out of which 1,500 INR are deducted (snacks items, scooter and cart) and his net income is 6,370 INR. The total net amount is 6,37,000 INR and gives the cheque to Bhavani and Aarti. She speaks that Manju Devi’s family will be happy because of the financial help, but on the other hand both are struggling and have health issues. She speaks that Harbhajan has played the biggest match of his life and won, and urges all to make a promise that if dreams are our own or of others we will not them lose or unfulfilled. She signs off by saying – Mission will continue.

Next Episode: Heartthrob and actor Siddharth Malhotra will come on Mission Sapne.
* Final episode since from 6th July on Colors @ 8 PM, The Anupam Kher Show is starting and also all the celebrities have came on the show except Sid.

Celebrities that are participating on the show:
Salman Khan (Hair dresser), Ranbir Kapoor (Vada Pav Seller), Mika Singh (Tea Vendor), Ram Kapoor (Taxi driver), Karan Johar (Photographer), Siddharth Malhotra, Drashti Dhami (Nimbu-Mirchi seller). Ronit Roy (cosmetics seller), Harbhajan Singh (Snack seller), and Varun Dhawan (Porter/Coolie)

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* Additional Info:
Lambert–Eaton myasthenic syndrome causing commonly lung cancer. Read more about it on its Wikipedia page.

Sneak Peek: Harbhajan on Mission Sapne
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