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It has been long since we conversed. So here are we, back again!! We were indeed busy so could not talk to you all. So, let’s start for which this post has been made. First of all, we are overwhelmed by the response we are getting at this site.(Stats are rocking!!) We know what we are providing you, we don’t regard our site the best, as it will limit us from improving it then. We are climbing the little steps of being the best and towards the glorious light of success. We need you all to help us in our endeavor. TellyReviews is a couple of months old site, which has just learnt to turn up. We (you and us) together have to raise it and then make it look high.

Secondly, we have identified the high interest of readers in few hit posts, which we can see in our stats. Some people are only following the hit shows, but we have to tell you that still we have to cover others shows to give them a justified space on our site. (As they also have lots of hard work in their making). Our work input is for you to acknowledge it. We urge you to discover over sincere write-ups and we are sure that you will be pleased. As you all know this is the not the single site we work for, so time management is being the problem, but we assume we are doing good. We will try to do our best and keep you happy with the posts which you would love to read. You can let us know your interests and your opinion about our site. Thanks to all TellyReviewers for their constant support!! Always judge your time to be spent wisely!! Keep TellyReviewing!!

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  1. Such a great line about success. Very meaningful and true. I like reading your blog. You wrote after one month. Glad to find it today and i love tellyreviews site

  2. I like this site more than other telly news site as i get track of shows i missed. i keep busy with my children and miss many tracks but thanks to this site, it helps me know what is going on. You provide adequate and accurate data. I regularly follow your site. Keep it up guys who are after this site.

  3. I also get my hit shows tracks and spoilers from this site. I used to see other sites before but now hooked on to this site. I want to know more about writers, can I

    • Hi Mayra, You can see About section to know about us. Its rewarding to see people liking our work and giving good response is less time. I wish all our readers leave a comment about their opinions.

  4. tellyreview is much better than other telly sites.ur daily reviews,spoilers and wu of weekend shows, reality shows are other sites give wu of reality shows but u guys do that.yesterday i missed jhalak dikhla ja due to gold awards but i got a quick review through ur wu of jdj.tellyreview is really unique one.hardwork and dedication 2wards work is clearly visible.thats why i luv this site.
    Whole credit goes to hajeera and ameena hasan.u guys rock yaar…..

    • Hi Pari, Thanks for your encouraging words for us. It’s really motivating and inspiring to hear them. We’re very happy to have you since the start of our website, with your support we are moving forward and continue to work earnestly. Keep loving our site and also suggest us for improvements whenever you feel so, we will be glad to act on them. Thanks much !!

  5. I love this site. Pari is right. I also see the admins replying to everyone which no other site do. Good people behind this site. thanks to admins and writers. i don’t comment earlier as i m silent reader like many others.


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