Love By Chance 28th June 2014 5th Episode Bindass – Promo Snapshot

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Love By Chance Bindass 4th Episode

Love by Chance is a romantic comedy backed by serendipity. The show covers real stories of people and every week a new love story will be shown.

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The story is of a boy and a girl who have a chance meeting on the road. The boy is an army man and comes back to his town and on his way meets the girl on the road. The girl is seen driving a white scooty and not in good control of her bike and after seeing him wants him to be away from her. However, instead of moving away, he drifted to sit on her scooty’s front and somehow she managed to control her driving, and stops the bike.

As she is recovering from that incident, the boy learns that she belongs to the family of army lieutenant (potentially her father). During their conversation, she speaks of her dislike for the army life. She then inquires about his work. Some time later they again meet outside in a park and he is seen doing exercise and push ups. He speaks a lie of being a film director to boast and impress her since he knows that she doesn’t like army life. She then asks him about the movies he made. He replies – Army 2, Border 2 with much confusion on his face. She ponders when does Border 2 actually came..

Sooner, they meet again close to the water pool, and he pukes out his tea/coffee most likely during their conversation a part of his lie might be known to her. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that now comes the time, when the boy will do whatever he can for his love (Love Ke liye Kuch Bhi Karega in hindi). The boy spoke a lie to impress her and during their meetings might have tried to cover the lie many times while drifting towards her and eventually falling in love. Finally, both of them realized their mutual love, shares an eye lock and becomes lovestruck. Stay tuned to Love By Chance on Bindass this Saturday @ 7 PM.

Info on Cast

* The young boy is played by actor and model Ankit Bhatla.
– Ankit Bathla was born on 10 October 1988 in New Delhi, India and graduated with a degree in Economics (Honors). He worked in American Express as a trainer before his foray into acting.
– Best known for playing the role of Ayush Parekh in Colors’ show Hamari Saass Leela (2011)
– Plays the role of Madhav in Big Magic’s show Beta Hi Chahiye which focuses on the family only yearning for a male offspring.
– He had also played the role of Karan Singh in Star Plus’ show Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera
– Read more about him on his Wikipedia page.

* The role of young girl is played by actress and model Swati Rajput.
– She has appeared in Colors’ show Shaitaan earlier.

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