Pakhi to counter the bitter truth of Raghav and Kalpi’s marriage in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan

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Filmy scene: The confused Hero lands in hospital after meeting with a deadly accident. Is he lucky or unlucky to have two heroines by his side, where if he holds one’s hand, the other will slap him? He has a lady Hitler too who melts down and gives him blood to save his life!! Raghav is the hero we are talking about, with two heroines and still staying without his love. Making a girl wait at ‘his’ home, making other one wait at ‘her’ home, sounds funny, but he is the man who is keeping all his love to himself. Come on Raghav, share it atleast with anyone. Both the heroines have all reasons to be angry on him. We told you how he has complicated many lives, and now a big twist ahead in the show. Let’s discuss this upcoming track in detail.

We sometimes feel sorry for Pakhi, as she is bearing the revenge of her husband for her dad’s mistake. She puts sindoor in her Maang and dresses up. Raghav asks her to reason for this sindoor thing. Pakhi tells him that it’s her believe in applying sindoor, and who knows one day she will get his love too, as they became friends gradually, they can become lovers too. She thinks her marriage needs a spark of love and wishes Raghav falls for her one day. But Raghav has Kalpi all over my mind, heart and soul. He just wants to see Kalpi happy and want to help her in getting a loan. But Kalpi asks him not to make her feel weak by his constant support, and let her do something on her own. Raghav agrees as he knows his Kalpi is very strong. They meet many times despite their decision of not meeting for one year, the fate brings them closer again and again, and luckily we get to see some romantic moments between them.

Kalpi and Pakhi will get an invitation for their friend Ria’s engagement party. Kalpi will decide to go. Pakhi will ask Raghav to accompany her, and he will give her excuses to skip it. Later on, Raghav meets with an accident, where Kalpi and Kamla will be shocked witnessing it. Kalpi rushes him to the hospital with Kamla’s help. The doctor starts treating Raghav and asks them to arrange blood, as Raghav has lost a lot and is very critical. Kalpi and Kamla get worried for him. They ask them to fill up the consent form and Kalpi will be signing it as Raghav’s wife being in hurry and naming herself Kalpana Raghav Singhania. Kalpi is not in her mind to think of the consequences. Kamla will stand up to give her blood as it’s a rare blood group and only she can save him now. Kamla saves Raghav’s life and Kalpi is really thankful to her. But don’t know Kamla gave him blood thinking he is Kalpi’s husband or Pakhi’s husband….. !!


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Kamla calls Pakhi and informs her about Raghav’s accident. Pakhi leaves the party and rushes to see Raghav at the hospital. Kamla consoles her. Pakhi will learn about Raghav and Kalpi’s secret marriage at the hospital where doctors will refer Kalpi as Raghav’s wife. Pakhi will be shocked hearing this truth. She does not confront Kamla, as she needs the answer from Raghav. She decides to wait till Raghav comes in his senses and answers her. Pakhi’s heart is about to break. Will Pakhi accept this truth and move out of Raghav’s life giving Kalpi all the rights of a wife? Will Kamla let this painful thing happen to Pakhi? How will Kamla do justice with her daughters? Also, just think what the next track can bring for us, Raghav losing his memory and remembering only either Pakhi or Kalpi as his wife, thus hurting the other. Whom do you want to see Raghav with, post he gets well from accident thing? This show can literally show us anything!! LOL!! Keep reading.





57 responses to “Pakhi to counter the bitter truth of Raghav and Kalpi’s marriage in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan”

  1. sana khanam Avatar

    I like this post. very nice writing skills reflecting by this post. Ek mutthi twist will be good. I wish to see Kalpi Raghav together. My vote goes to Kalpi as wife. I don’t watch regularly, just on off if any good twist comes. I keep this site at top read as best to read it all at one place.

  2. Ash Avatar

    You have wrote a lot on Paakhi in the article strangely though the story is all about Raghav and kalpana’s love. Kalpi and Raghav are meant to be for each other. Pakki is the third wheel here. Paaki is selfish and her love for Raghav is just infactuation! The story will loose every bit of its essence if they split Raghav and kalpi!

  3. Bhanu Avatar

    Pls don’t feel pity for Pakhi coz she is always happy and so are her parents.Its Raghav and more than him Kalpi who is suffering badly.Raghav and Kalpana are made for each other and most importantly viewers love their jodi period!!Kamala all her life has done injustice to her own daughter Kalpi so this time she should be positive towards her.If no Raghav+kalpana=Ragna then there is no Ek Muthi Aasman for the viewers coz show is dead then infact its almost dead now!!

    1. Soni Avatar

      This show is all about Kalpana-Raghav Lovestory..this pakhi was,is n will alwys a hurdlen btween these love birds.
      The tantrum queen pakhi kapoor is shameless yukk even we don’t feel pity for her coz she doesn’t deserve our pity..this is all coz of her own n flying in her la la la land..

      Raghav kalpana r made for each other only.. Raghav should stick his love his real wofe Mrs.Kalpana Raghav Singhania not wid forced wife pakhi kapoor…

  4. seetal Avatar

    we only nd only want kalpi as raghav wife.paakhi shud move on.both can be wife bt raghav nd kallpi actualy luv each other

  5. saru Avatar

    pakhi is manipulative and cunning and evil character in the show.she doesnt love raghav..she is obsessed with raghav..she should get hurt..she should die then only show will become better…she is psyco to be true..
    kalpi really loves raghav..her love is pure and angelic selfless..she deserve raghav and happiness..ragna forever..raghav loves kalpi alot..
    btw no one feeling pity for pakhi..

  6. Witty Kitty Avatar
    Witty Kitty

    Right now, the two characters that are KILLING this show are Kamla & Pakhi. Kamla because of her bashaans & her constantly putting Pakhi over Kalpi. Pakhi is a bubble head who believes what she feels like,when she feels like.Actress playing her doesn’t help….being an atrocious actress.

    With this memory loss & which wife to choose track, the show is going the gissa pitta Bollywood way. About time,the writers and creatives of both Zee TV & DJs get sacked for their pathetic ideas!

    As to which wife to choose,I say Kalpi. But for that,Zee TV & DJs will have to get over their obsession & favouritism of fairer skin or the actress as the case may be!

  7. Mihika Avatar

    Raghav and Kalpi love each other and that is what is required in a relation…pakhi is just an unwanted particle in their relation along with kamla and her never ending bhashan….if zee brought in a show which deals with the real life situations of poor people and their dreams then it is better they show some reality in their concept rather than sticking to sati- savitri pakhi and an over acting lady kamla. why should a rich girl only get to marry a rich man? and why does kamla need to poke her nose in everything? its better they unite raghav and kalpi as husband wife or else they are free to end this show because it gives all wrong messages to the society which is not at all acceptable for current generation.

  8. arya Avatar

    Lol but ur article focuses on pakhi more. Plz dont pity her. Fir viewers, pakhi is most insensitive, selfish, cheap, unkwoingly manipulative vamp we have ever seen on tv. I realy hate pakhi to the core. On the other hand, kalpi is selfless. She hurts herself but doenot want to hurt her aai though her aai is d one who hurts her the most. Ragna is the soul of ema. Its no ragna no ema. RAGNA 4EVA.

  9. Kavitha Avatar

    Pls don’t feel pity for Pakhi coz she is always happy and so are her parents.Its Raghav and more than him Kalpi who is suffering badly.Raghav and Kalpana are made for each other and most importantly viewers love their jodi period!!Kamala all her life has done injustice to her own daughter Kalpi so this time she should be positive towards her.If no Raghav+kalpana=Ragna then there is no Ek Muthi Aasman for the viewers coz show is dead then infact its almost dead now!!

  10. Kavitha Waghmare Avatar
    Kavitha Waghmare

    Raghav and Kalpi love each other and that is what is required in a relation…pakhi is just an unwanted particle in their relation along with kamla and her never ending bhashan….if zee brought in a show which deals with the real life situations of poor people and their dreams then it is better they show some reality in their concept rather than sticking to sati- savitri pakhi and an over acting lady kamla. why should a rich girl only get to marry a rich man? and why does kamla need to poke her nose in everything? its better they unite raghav and kalpi as husband wife or else they are free to end this show because it gives all wrong messages to the society which is not at all acceptable for current generation.

  11. Mrs Thilakavathy Janardhan Avatar
    Mrs Thilakavathy Janardhan

    We sometimes feel sorry for Pakhi, as she is bearing the revenge of her husband for her dad’s mistake. This we of ur post refers to which we urs or EK Muthi aasmaan cast if both u r totally wrong. I hve no ill feelings aganst the person who does this role all our antagonisation are only towrds the role say paki. If one shd feel sry for her she shd be either selfless innocent or good hearted she has none of the above. Bcz she inherits the qualities of her parents by blood and by qualities and there are umpteen instances to substantiate the same and her maid mother (kmla) wililingly supports the cunning and evil nature of paki . Rgiht 4m childhood paki has been a rival (not a competitor bcz competitions can and she be with two equals)for klpi and has been willfully intentionally snatches the genuine rights of klpi n every instance ,and klpi is intelligent butnot cunning and venamous and really cares fr her mom’s self respect and kamla as she spends most of the time with paki develops a deep affection for pki ( and kamla is cheating her own conscience syng tht paki is komal as if klpi is rock hearted). Though pki is kmlas brt up pki is pucca neetu and shahils inheritance. wn klpi’s progress report is shwn paki hides hers 4m her mom and uses kamlas affection for her advantage. Like wise wn a tution master comes there also paki tries to play fun of him only 2 drive him away will klpi do like tht. During those progress report incidents paki if she is good she ought to have told abt klpis results first and shd have rejoiced first but no nver. then rgv gifts a pen to klpi , pki uses kmla as her trumph card and grabs it from her and finally she exploits rgv also from klpi the saddest thing is kamla standing by paki becs she first wedded rgv. Pki nvr listens or obeys anyone’s words except kamla. The same paki whn kmala gave sindhoor as gods gift did she ask wt gift she gave to klpi why she nvr asked and wbn kmala is about to leave 4 vitobas temple pki arrives right in time to give her prasad y did she nt tel or ask kmala to take klpis prasad also. she nver cared she came in car gave her prasad asked kmla to pray for rgv and paki and went away and tth time she was aware tht rgv loves pki then paki nver asked wt klpi was to offer to god. Kmla is just a maid of neetus house then why she reports eachand every tiny detail of her house holdissues and shares all infomatns abt klpi to pki but nver shares ny secret of pki to klpi. fr eg pki lvng rgv (itis nt eve infatuation). Ad now too paki is not in love with rgv but she wants and is deliberate in klpi nt getting rgv and here also she uses kmla as her trumpcard. Pkis love the veryword love is wrong for pki is just a show off that she loves him as the vry first instance she is shown as falling for RGVs phsical looks and not his quaities she is attracted by his external appearance which under no grounds canbe termed as love. If she is kmlas brt up pki shd now raise to the occassion and get away from rgv. In school pki sys that she treats klpi as her bahen but she shd prove tht she is one. And paki is cunning whn they were to go 4 exams she teases klpi and makes her late for the exams but wn she was late klpi helps her to get into exam hall the right time . Every where pki is shown as the embodiment of nvenom and cunning and she no way deserves a man like Rgv.

  12. TellyReviews Avatar

    Hi all, you guys commented on why we wrote about Pakhi. Guys she is just a character in this show, and show needs to focus on other unimportant roles too, can’t always focus on leads. The truth has to break to Pakhi. We just wish she moves out from RagNa path and let them unite. We got sure about how much everyone love to see Raghav and Kalpana together. Its sure they rock, but writers are bringing twists and lets see what they bring next. You can still leave your suggestions about the show, maybe they can come across this and show the viewers what they wish to see, so make a group impact on them, keep commenting, it matters!! Thanks to all for sharing your opinions!!

    1. arya Avatar

      Its ok to write about unimportant charactor but sorry to say we dont feel sorry 4 that selfish, over despo, cheap, characterless, manipulative vamp, pakhi at all. Cvs in the name of bringing twists r throwing ra ………………..khi unwantedly on viewers and the irresponsive channel does not care abt its viewers. Abve all its frustrating to know tht media finds pakhi poor. What a joke.

      1. arya Avatar

        Sorry not poor media feel sorry for pakhi.

    2. Mihika Avatar

      we have no issues with anyone posting about other characters ..but we can never feel sorry for pakhi becoz she is at fault too….come on she is a girl of 21st century and fully educated…y is she running behind a man who loves someone else..heights of dumbness and totally unbearable….by the way thanks for acknowledging the fact that raghav and kalpana are the leads and not any other like kamla or pakhi

  13. nital Avatar

    EMA show started with unique story n now that story has turned so unique that nobody will dare to see that in their worst dream.
    EMA is curse for society so I just wish this show should go to bin soon.
    EMA is promoting marriage of brother n sister,as in early epi they showed Raghav as pakhis brother n Kamla bai only asked her to call brother to Raghav n now same lady is pushing pakhi towards Raghav n hurting her own daughter Kalpi.
    EMA is insulting motherhood where all mothers are evil. Kamlabai thinks about whole word but her daughter Kalpi is Robot for her.Kamla thinks Kalpi is born not to marry, which mother on earth say that. Kalpi is only for fullfeeling kamlas dream of being rich but she hayes rich people.
    EMA is promoting Kamla over god.Gods are commodity use as per ypur choice.
    EMA promoted attempt to rape is ok as KALPI is poor girl and its there fate.
    EMA is promoting rich girl over poor girl.Only rich girls get what they want n poor girls are for humilations n for use n throw.

    EMA showed temple marriage of Kalpi and Raghav in temple so my question is if you wanted to show Raghav and Pakhi as couple why they dragged God and sindoor marriage, just to humilate poor girl n our belief.
    EMA is promoting only two character evil Kamla and selfish brat Pakhi.

    1. nandhini Avatar

      Ya true

  14. tellyreviews Avatar

    folks, we tellyreviews’ content crafters have the same opinion on wishing RagNa to be united, the wording in our post might suggest a bit of soft corner to pakhi but that’s not our intentions. hope you can understand us !!

    1. Mihika Avatar

      we do understand and appreciate that you want the same as fans but the mere thought of pakhi gets everyone’s good mood on fire…no one can stand that gud for nothing over dumb girl with kamla being her mother in dumbness….thank you for acknowledging that raghav and kalpana are leads and they should be together

  15. Dee Avatar

    Why is so much importance being given to Pakhi, she’s not as innocent as she portrays. She delusional, desperate & manipulative as everyone has seen in the last few episodes. She’s only sticking to Raghav for her own selfish obsession, for her Raghav is something she wanted & as she always gets whatever she wants, she’s using all her tricks to get Raghav.
    Raghav & Kalpi truly love each other & should be together, maybe now Pakhi for once can do the right thing & leave Raghav & Kalpi alone & also that self centered Kamala & Gauri will put Raghav & Kalpi’s happiness before their selfish ambitions & revenge
    No matter how much you people try no one is gonna feel sorry for Pakhi or want her with Raghav

  16. Natalie Avatar

    Pokie always stole kalpi happiness, first she took her mother’s love and now raghav

  17. Sammy Avatar

    Correction… We DO NOT feel sorry for Pakhi. Not ever! She us a manipulative scheming evil thing. She knows Raghav loves Kalpi and he has told her that they’re friends but in her delusional psycho world she is determined to make him love her. Why? Just because he wants Kalpi instead of her. She’s holding his hand and telling the cow Kamla that he likes the color of her dress because Kalpi is there and she us determined to hurt her. How can we even appreciate such a useless character. Plus she looks like a drag queen….she’s not even feminine looking. Do not in the future presume to put ideas into our heads that sometimes we feel sorry for her. We never feel sorry for her and we tell EMA creators that every chance we get in every forum that we can find. Just look at the results of your poll. Then look at the ratings since May 9. Come on. We’re not fools that u have to tell us who we’re sorry for. I can tell u for sure if EMA ever decides that Raghav will remember Pakhi as his wife and forget Kalpi they can kiss goodbye to their stupid show.

    1. Amanda Avatar

      Paakhi led about Raghav liking red, he clearly told Kalpi he doesn’t like dark colours, he likes pastel colours. So, that was aloe intended to hurt Kalpi. No doubt, Paakhi is a manipulative b****.

      1. Amanda Avatar

        Sorry, meant to say ‘she lied… that was lie intended…’

    2. Mattie Avatar

      I thought I was the only one that thought Paakhi looked like a drag queen! She is just not a pretty girl, she is faired skinned though, most Indians put importance on fair skin.

  18. Nethra Avatar

    The story sucks and how! Kamala and Pakhi have upset my balance ! cant tell u how much EMA stress has damaged my mood and quality of life! Arguing/ranting or putting forth our views to the cvs and the channel is like hitting our head against a rock.there are channels who just need a little convincing by fans to change track if their favourite show is not going the way they want it to go,but EMA cvs clearly know which button to press to get the viewers angry and they still decide not to do anything about it cos of favouritism towards the fair skinned! They like to see fans getting angry,swearing,being negative,but they do what they do fully aware fans love Ragna/aashna and they are tickling us with Rakhi for us to get more upset! And not to forget,the behaviour of the unimportant characters /sidekicks of the show only adds to our wounds n dissapointments.They took a swing and we took it hard! We are wounded and they are loving it!The chaos and despair among the fans has never been heard!They say,the urge to destroy ones own masterpiece is also a creative urge and EMA cvs seems to be fulfilling theirs! RIP EMA.

  19. Angelpureness Avatar

    EMA started of its journey promising to show something different and the beautiful thing is that it did do just that. The tracks were crisp, the characters were spot on. It did not linger or drag. It was modern and positive. There was balance in the characters. It talked about positive social messages, which it promised to do so. It talked about equality… the poor can dream just as the rich and they can achieve a better life through education, hard work. Then EMA gave us a revenge track and a beautiful love story. I as a viewer was looking forward to see how the cvs would balance Kamla’s dream for Kalpi, Ragav’s dream for revenge, Kalpi’s dream that her mother would accept her and be fore her, that she would not have to always share her mother and get small bits and pieces here and there and Ragna love story. It talked about equality in relationships… in love. Having started with a bang, well balanced intellectual scripts most of the time… relate able situations and characters. Our expectations grew, we couldn’t wait to see how the characters would grow to merge all these things together.

    Instead what did we get… a mahasangham… where some fool decided oh lets go the tacky way… bring in bride confusion… like seriously how does Kamla justify that somebody will approach a nanny for the girl’s hand in marriage… from there on Kamla has taken the path of delusional… maybe metal illness is air borne in the EMA world… thank you Gauri!

    From the month of May we viewers have had to suffer watching nonsensical tracks… totally unrelate able characters.
    character: past – present
    Kamla: biased, selfish – delusional, selfish, more biased
    Vithal: occasionally strong – wimp
    Kalpi: thankfully not enough damage done to her character as yet
    Ragav: intellectual, smart, sharp – wimp
    Sammy: supportive friend – hibernation
    Pakya: clown – hibernation
    Prem: Jerk – hibernation
    Pakhi: spoilt brat, modern, selfish, self involved, manipulative – same only with see-through saris and heavy makeup

    Pakhi does not love Ragav, she is in lust… one does not fall in love with a person through I contact… you can count the number of times they interacted before wedding… even their conversation was very basic. So please don’t insult us by saying it is love.
    They portrayed Pakhi as a strong modern girl, a today’s girl… how does such a girl accept a marriage where her husbands intention is to punish her… how does such a girl want to win a man who loves another… why is she not affronted for having being dealt with the short end of the stick.

    Is Pakhi so delusional, your father killed his father… he is never going to love you!

    Revenge… what revenge?

    Is Gauri really a looney? Feeding a girl stale food and gifting her broken gifts is your idea of revenge… You were a doctor when you were sane right… you are sane right now right?

    Ragav was supposed to go all mental with his revenge… the dude looks more lost… with a tail between his legs… oh I have lost my love… huh!

    Kamla… you have never showed concern for your son, why do you have no expectations from him, why is your dream for a better life only for your daughter.
    The Kapoors are murders… do you understand what that means… do you need a dictionary… gosh your illiterate, my bad… I forgot… it would not help!

    Oh gosh I could go on… I shall end with… cvs hire yourselves a better team!

    All I say please production houses and channels… todays viewers have changed… we are the educated lot… being a housewife or not is secondary… also you have joined the international platform… please do cater for us too. The 80s and 90s tracks is not going to be acceptable to us… characters and plots need to be realistic and relate able… please cater to this generation and we are not interested in time travel. Also nobody tunes in to a serial to watch a mature actor perform nor listen to bhashans!

    Apologies for the long response 🙂

    1. Sammy Avatar

      Your comment nicely sums up the crap they’re giving us.

    2. Angie Avatar

      I think most of the comments above have summed up mine… All I can say is I started watching EMA thinking it was a serial with a message but somewhere along the way it has gotten into a mockery of viewer’s sensibility. They rushed the Ragna marriage track and then got Raghav and Pakhi married in the name of revenge in the name of revenge and twist. OK fine where’s the revenge? All that’s happening is Pakhi trying to manipulate Raghav and Raghav letting her get away with it cos he doesn’t have a choice. His mother suddenly regains her memory then she has just disappeared… So much disconnect!
      Do the story writers and CVs really know what they want to show?

    3. Amanda Avatar

      Sums up what every Ragna fan is thinking. The few times (if not once) Paakhi went on a date with Raghav, she talked about her designer dresses. So dumb! With Raghav leaving in the middle of the date because he was imaging being with Kalpi. I’m sorry but no one is this dumb. All the signs of Raghav & Kalpi being together were always right in front of her but she chose not to believe them. Any one with a right mind would have started questioning this.

      1. Sammy Avatar

        And what did Pakhi do after that one date? She went home in tears because she saw Kalpi holding on to him and played with her dolls. Remember? I wonder if she still has them….

    4. Dr.Amy (@Amy_doc123) Avatar

      Perfectly summarises what all fans r thinking right now!! None of the characters make sense except for our dear Kalpi..there is no logic now..if EMA was about promoting equality, then why are we shown Kalpi suffering all alone and shedding tears? Pls do not say that Pakhi is also crying..yep..she is shedding crocodile tears amongst all the luxuries and having exactly what she needs by her side!!

  20. pari Avatar

    since i never watched this show i dont know to whom vote should be given.but after reading above all comments it seems to be that raghav and kalpi are true lovers and i think true lovers should never be my vote is for kalpi.

    1. Nethra Avatar

      Well Pari,pls watch Ragna scenes ( skip pookhi n kamaal scenes)and u will very well know the reason!

    2. Sammy Avatar

      Pari go to YouTube and check out Ek Mutthi Aasman Episode 150 full episode and you’ll see why we’re fighting for them to be together.

    3. Amanda Avatar

      Start from episode 125.

  21. sam Avatar

    i never seen a serial got this much attention as ema do for the injustice bein done….and the inhumane writers dont even care what the viewers who without us the show wont reached tis far thinks….i knows nothing of ur all culture cuz im from the Caribbean but started watchin ema through a friend who very much in tis type of thing…i was lovin the show the faith in their god which they had and how dreamin big can soon be reality….until now where im learnin when u pray to ur gods and they dont give the answer u want go against it,that poor girls goes through hell, that a mother will put someone else in front of her biological daughter happiness,that their daughters are slave to their wants without be concern of her aspirations,that a husband who considers his daughter a princess is quickly persuaded by his very aged wife desires, that a strong handsome determine man can soon be a spineless wimp and not fight for his love,and a woman who had no memory takin revenge by enjoyin kitty parties and last but definitely not least a selfish self center rich brat that dont look good in saris nor can act still gets everything she wants without consider her so call “friends” or “sister kalpi” feelings but always sarcastically askin how shes doin….so yeah tis is what i ve learnt thnx to ema….i do enjoyed readin everyones comment and i totally agree wit u all….my luv for the actors ash and rachna is why i still read cuz i no long turn my tv to zeetv….kudos to u guys for portrayin ur characters so beautiful since thats all thats goin for ema right now….they need to change their writers or production team on the whole cuz they bringin down 2 very talented ppl

    1. Sammy Avatar

      Well said.

  22. pari Avatar

    Hi!!! nethra and sammy.i will definitely watch this show.after seeing such huge support for ragna it seems that both hve sizzling chemistry thats why fans want them onwards i will also follow this show just for ragna.

    1. arya Avatar

      No now ragna fans r on boycott mission. We only watch ragna scenes or kalpi scenes online. Bu plz do watch it online from epi 125. If u start watchin it frm now, u will think this is d worst serial u hve ever watched.

  23. Rakhi khare Avatar

    Its only kalpi, kalpi ,kalpi i dont know how many times on how many sites we have to give to say that ragna is made for each other. To bhi cv ke kanome ghantiya nahi bajati

  24. Kajal Joshi Avatar
    Kajal Joshi

    Don’t know wot to write… Lots of things to write if CVS listen us….1st….change kamlas live to puki….as she doesn’t deserves her love as she is selfish… Rhoda sa pyaar kalpi & pakiya ko bhi karo……charity vegans from home first….so do ur charity…. 2nd….vithal pls stop being lovers….as u r father of two kids now always kamla is not right….kalpi ki khusi ke vaare main socho….
    3rd…..kalpi…khud ko aai ki katputli mat banane do…Saadi me baad pati hi sab much hora hai….agar aai ka palu pakado GI to Saadi bhul jaaogi…..4th rags…if u really loves kalpi & wants her in life to stop being mamas boy….& go be a man let ur love be with u…San ko pats chal na chahiye ki kalpi is no more kalpi jhadav but she is ur Mrs singhaniya…special ly to puki……..last but not least ……kamla s baby puki……stop seeking your love in rags….apne lust ko samjo ragna me pyaar air tyaag ko samjo…..apne jams ma me tyaag ko samjo Jo every time she gives u what u want at the cost of kalpi’s life….agar tum apne lust ko luv kahoge to kya who such ho jaayega….gym…main Jo rakhi ka scene dekha that tab hi patta chap gaya its ur only lust…that images rags kisses u all that…& kamla ko bhi patta hai ki puki ka luv lust hai remember one scene where she says ki rags uske saath puri raat tha ….in dreams …& all that….how can still she think of puki….

  25. nandhini Avatar

    V wan raghav n kalpi together till end of this show as a husband wife that is it.So plz EMA team try accept our wishes… Then for sure this serial will be hits .tq

  26. nandhini Avatar

    I’m from Malaysia …I’m a big fan of EMA…so plz make raghav n kalpi together till end of show as a husband n wife that’s its.Hope the director will change the script for us..coz without ragna fans the show won’t be hits.

  27. falak nawaz Avatar
    falak nawaz

    we want ragna no space for other between them so i want raghav wit kalpi

  28. neeta shah Avatar
    neeta shah

    we want raghav and kalpi together no space for pakhi or others betn

  29. Girija jinnaa Avatar
    Girija jinnaa

    What surprises about EMA creative crew is that is the only team that has a fetish for twists always. While other serials do have twists they do not have this many twist one every fortnight. And every twist is supposed to take the story on an interesting note but in EMA exactly the reverse happens. While the creative crew of EMA is hell bent of making every twist give heart attacks to their viewers it regresses the quality of the story content very badly.
    There is absolutely no continuity in the story. The character Gowri Singhania who was the root cause of major twist in EMA Raghav ditching kalpi and marrying Pakhi is shown as the dumbest female on earth. When the creative crew plans a twist they should know what to do after the twist. But sadly that is not the case with EMA crew. They bring the twist for the sake of the twist and totally they mess up the whole thing.
    Marrying for revenge is not a very appealing concept because the girl concerned can easily go to the police for domestic violence and so the revenge must be very subtle so that it does not come under domestic violence. But the creative crew just did not know the ABC of how to show the revenge scenes that they made all the scenes kiddish and at one point they even made the enemies Singhania and pakhi becoming friends. Then where does the question of revenge arise? After the marriage fiasco the EMA crew just were at the four lane cross roads and did not which way to take.
    They are so confused that they even forgot so many characters in the bargain. Sahil kapoor and his son prem kapoor are missing totally. When Singhania realizes his mistake and wants to give divorce to Pakhi Gowri gets into theatrics and prevents him from doing so because she wants to take revenge on kapoors but how to take revenge on them that she does not know. Neetu is happy the only discomfort she is going through at the moment she does not have the comfort of AC in kamla bhai’s chawl otherwise she eats well and is happy go lucky. And this is revenge mind you!!!!
    It is evident that the creative crew is confused as to who is the main character kamla bhai or her daughter kalpana? Because they shift the focus from one to another and till date they have not made up their mind as to what to do next.
    Now there is another twist is Raghav’s major accident and accident should naturally follow with amnesia the only question whether it is going to be total or partial amnesia. If it is partial whom is he going to forget kalpi or pakhi or Gowri or herself. ( She deserves to be forgotten she is too irritating).
    If the creative crew’s intention is to continue to have EMA on air for quite some time there is only one remedy for it. Bring the famous lovers Raghav and kalpana together and make Pakhi the vamp and with this you can easily move the story ahead without any problem.
    The million dollar question is the EMA is the only crew in the indian television industry that does not care about the viewers. If they don’t and decide to separate Raghav from kalpi then they have to face the music- draw the curtains of EMA.
    Actually viewers are stoically putting up the show right now because till now Raghav has not yet fully accepted Pakhi as his wife and the doors of Singhania’s house are still open for kalpi. This hope makes the viewers cling on to the show though Raghav- Pakhi scenes and kamla bhai’s stand are irritating. If they shut the door for kalpi we will shut the door on the face of EMA blatantly. Bury EMA and we will sing encomiums of Raghav and kalpi.

  30. nandhini Avatar

    we wan raghav and kalpi togahter till end of show as a husband and wife.plz dont make them separate..plz EMA team do something dont make it bored.

  31. Lalitha Avatar

    Hi Ragna Fans, today’s episode is little disturbing. Raghav should insist saying Kalpi again and again and Dodtors must say that. ONLY Kalpi can cure him . Raghavs improvement is on Kalpis Hand. Kalpana must keep her word that she will set everything right once he is out of danger. No more Kamala or Pakie. Since she signed as his wife she must fulfill her duties as a loving wife. Oh Ragana it would be awesome with your chemistry.we fans need some feast to our eye .Sincerly love you Ragna. . Both of u are GREAT as a couple. Be so all through your life. Love you both.

  32. susheela kulkarni Avatar
    susheela kulkarni

    Dear EMA Team ?
    Do you really bothered about What your & RaghNa Fans wants ?
    What is the script you are writing about ? Don’t you have your plans for what would be the next twist & turn in your story ?
    What your creativity team is doing ? What for they are being paid ?
    What for the EMA like daily sops are aired in tv channels ?
    Is it not that the Entertainment is the sole motto of daily sops that are aired in channels ?
    Is it not that viewers’satisfaction is the only aim of EMA serial ? Don’t you know that EMA Viewers whole time ever demand is only one i.e. RaghNa for ever & union of Raghav & Kalpi for ever ?
    When u hv twisted the story from Raghav’s marriage with Kalpi to Raghav’s Revenge purpose, don’t u feel that u r responsible to target Kapoors to lead ahead that Revenge aim of Raghav ? Rather your present story of falling on Pakhi & her attitudes ?
    R u not morally responsible to twist tge story lines to change script for Characters of Kamla, Pakhi ensure to alter those ill &;wrong social messages that those roles are trying to deliver & impact on the society ?
    Dear EMA & your Creativity Team,
    If you really have positive answers for the above, then V r definetely sure that you will take all n every twist to fulfill them and to lead to RaghNa and to do Raghav’s Revenge,;Business and to unite Raghav & Kalpi soon !!
    All the best wishes to you EMA for your next positive twists to lead & to make RaghNa happen for ever. !!
    Edited · Like · 5 · More · 3 hours ago

  33. susheela kulkarni Avatar
    susheela kulkarni

    Dear my all friends & our & Bappa’s RaghNa fans ;
    Its high time now to BOYCOTT Watching EMA’s daily episodes & let it go to hell. & To Boycott all posts on Likes & on Comments. V should just keep quite for some time till EMA comes up with some positive twists to RaghNa, EMA has disregarded the Comments & disrespected the requests of its esteemed & valuable Viewers, JUST FOR THE SAKE OF PROMOTING ONE ACTOR, PLAYING A NEGATIVE ROLE ? !! ; & ON THE TOP OF IT EMA is trying to deliver ill & wrong social messages & against the strong belief of true love & respect , of Divine , God,, Divine & pure n true love, respect for the elders, relatives, customs, traditions etc.; & is now EMA is planning to lead its story lines to the detriment of all these strong believes and are playing with the sentiments & emotions of its viewers and the mass public !!, just for the simple cause of / just for the sake of promoting one person / actor !! This is totally ridiculous & STUPIDITY OF EMA TEAM !! THEREFORE EMA DESERVES TO BE BOYCOTTED IN TOTTO.
    Now ;
    Dear friends, I would also like to state here that FOR PROMOTION OF ONE UNLIKED Charactor Actor, EMA is now trying to TWIST its script creativity in such a manner that ” so far what ever that Pakhi was dreaming EMA may trying to make it into Real in story ; & what ever was happened Real with RaghNa or Kalpi & Raghav in EMA, they are twisting / shifting it to be the dreams ( of RaghNa , Raghav & Kalpi !! ?? ) / or which have happened so far vth RaghNa are only dreams ? !! If this is the UNIQUENESS of EMA or if this is the SO CALLED CREATIVITY of EMA , then no body wants it at all or Neither the Viewers wants to watch it at all & The EMA fans & RaghNa lovers will NEVER like to watch it ever in the life of EMA !! So EMA , you may / can go off air now as nobody will be watching you now onwards ; !!
    Pyare Dostho, Issiliye, :-
    Aur hame agar aage positiv RaghNa keliye twist na dikhaye tho hame EMA ko BOYCOT karna hoga; Aur hum sab na koi likes or na koi comments EMA ko bheje. Yane No Likes or No Comments to EMA till Positive twists for RaghNa !! Also Pl.stop watching EMA when it’s aired daily in Zee tv channel till we see positive twist for the union of Raghav & Kalpi. ok.
    Rakhi Khare and 6 others like this.

  34. susheela kulkarni Avatar
    susheela kulkarni

    Dear EMA Team, pl.change your present story lines and creativity script tracks which you are presently purposefully ( forcing in your EMA Episodes just with your sole selfish purpose of Promoting that one Pakhi Character Actor) throwing it on the Viewers as against the your own original story script & pl.bring back the EMA’s Original script creativity lines vth the past Glory of RagNa love n to unite Raghav & Kalpi then to lead EMA its purpose, RagNa’s ema in its story as purpose ;-
    Dear Yaaars, Very True. Dear Friends,:-
    We have lost all , as of now, all that past RagNa Momentums, the past blossoming RagNa love, the awesome Glory of the then Ragna,, etc. etc.
    In fact, now it has / EMA has now become almost Star Less & Character less;- Else, Can one imagine a Cockroach in Pooran Poli !!?? What a stupid creativity, the EMA Team has got, OMG, Deva, Bappa; On the one hand EMA shows divine blessings like Ghende ka Fool fell on Kalpi’s Photo; & Quite Contrast to that, now they are depicting the Univrsity Topper, Civil Engineer Kalpi’s New Restr Entrepreneur of Mumbai Express, which has Cockroach in its Pooran Poli?? – Oh ! What a Class !! of creativities by its Team !! EMA, now you are making even the MOCKERY OF Hygine Food, even, ; Oh Bappa, ! aEMA ko Aaap apna Sharan may lelo, pl. aur RagNa ko aage badhavo;
    Else, friends, what is it’s all happening in EMA? RIDICULOUS!!; By the Way, EMA, kya jaroorath tha ? Cockroach ko Pooran Polike andar dikhaneka ? dikhake, fir kya huva? JUST TIME PASS, ; ? Has it served the purpose? Has Kamla punished Manda,? the Manthara, who did this Nonsences ? Have they caught hold of supporting role for the Cockroach, Neetu ? A Kya ho raha hai? Bagwan ! RagNa ko Baksh do ! and EMA ko Lead karo, Bappa:
    EMA , also pl.note so far what ever you created pakhi promotion twists that is sufficient for that character actor to get for her a supporting role in any serials in tv as she will never suit or nor she has features or Talents or acting skills or natural beauties ( like sweekt Kalpi urf.Rachana Perulkar who vl b always a heroin & suit for lead role even in.movies too ) to get any lead role in tv sops ( pl.forget about the role in movies, if she dreampt about it !! ) ; So EMA dear, pl.change the tracks to suit RagNa , make it to happen soon in EMA without pulling its story tk fjrther foolish & stipid twists & if you continue to bring ridiculous twists then EMA TRPs will reach the Drains & Drainage as Garbage as EMA will be unliked by all its valued & esteemed viewers !! So All the Best to you EMA to change the tracks to bring Bappa blessed RagNa soon ; ; !!l.

  35. Raj Avatar

    Kalpi and ragav is truely we felt they made for eachother. So dont separate them. As a result we wants kalpi and ragav join together infront of their immortal love. Kalpi is right pair of ragav.

  36. Raj Avatar

    kalpi and ragav made for each other. So pls dont separate them. Both are immortal lovers.

  37. Khashmir Avatar

    Ek Mutthi Aasman ended on a sour, twisted note. The biggest mistake in the storyline was made when they got Raghav married to Pakhi and refused to rectify the mistake. The second biggest mistake was in changing the lead actress playing the part of Kalpana. They substituted Rachana Parulkar with Asha Negi. What a big blunder. The third biggest mistake was that the concept of revenge never got to a logical conclusion. The fourth biggest mistake was that the perpetrators of evil e.g. Sahil Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor & Pakhi never paid for their crimes, in killing Raghav’s dad, and causing his mum to lose her marriage and her memory. The fifth mistake was that Raghav never divorced Pakhi before he ended up marrying Kalpana. isn’t that supposed to be illegal? Basically, the producers & creative writers (CV) killed the show, with their shortsightedness and twisted illogical turns in the storyline. What could have been an award winning series was reduced to a fistful of crap. RIP Ek Mutthi Aasmaan.

    I wish a good producer & creative team could do a sequel to this series (a Part II) that would rectify all the wrong twists and turns and lousy mistakes that dogged the old series.

  38. Rose Avatar

    This us a nice entertaining movie. Indian movies are very nice about love stories but what I hate generally with Indian movies is,the bad person or people who spoils smooth movies always escape from been caught up until day one when the movie us ending with only one good life ending for the one who had suffered throughout which is not enough happiness yo be expressed in Indian movies. I would want bad people to be captured,happiness continues more than suffering,there must be more happiness shown for couples who have suffered so much in the movies. Secondly I think the Indian police officers are generally very dull,weak and corrupt! They can’t do anything right in movies. They only respond nicely to the rich and oppress the poor regardless of their innocence. It pains so much! If this is portraying what is real in police force in India,this is so sad and madness of the highest order the the government officials should do something about. Otherwise,reach for the star is so lovely,think of the sexy Raghav,the pure hearted Kalpi and Kamla and Vithal and Pakia act so bravelyly and straight to the point especially to Neetu and Amanda

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