Rudra curses himself after knowing Mala’s truth and confronts Dilsher in Rangrasiya

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Rudra did not give any chance to let Mala explain why she left her husband Dilsher and went to Tejawat. While Paro could not see Rudra disrespecting his mum, knowing how much he respects women. Rudra is totally unaware of Mala’s bitter past and thinks she is totally wrong. Dilsher has told him the same thing all his life, that beautiful women always cheat and should never be believed. He has filled poison in Rudra’s mind against Mala. Paro applies the reverse psychology on Rudra, as she blows verbal fire on Mala, just to see Rudra defending her. Her plan works, Rudra starts melting, but not able to accept Mala back.

Rudra asks Paro for the honeymoon trip, but she refuses as she wants him to deal with his pain of past first, only then their present and future can shine. She tells Rudra that they are together forever and they will go after everything sorts out between him and Mala. Dilsher seems to understand love now, all thanks to Paro. He now realized his mistake, what he did in the past, what made Mala leave him. He apologizes to Mala and they catch up Rudra’s childhood pics and have a laugh recollecting their old good memories.

Rudra comes there and is shocked to see Mala having a laugh with Dilsher. He tells Dilsher to be ready as Mala can run again, breaking their trust and happiness. Rudra calls her a bad woman for swapping between two men whenever she wants, from Ranawat to Tejawat and back to Ranawat now. Dilsher slaps Rudra for spitting poison. He speaks his heart out and tells its all his mistake, he has filled this poison in him, he always filled his ears against Mala. He tells Rudra that after Paro came in this house, he understood the power of love, its meaning, and how a person keeps his loved ones happy with love, respect and care, but he did not do any such thing with Mala.

Rudra does not want to hear any explanation and leaves. Dilsher asks Mala not to worry. Mala talks to Paro and shares her pain. Mala tells Paro how Dilsher changed when he was jobless, he met with an accident and lost his leg, then she managed his business well, but it did not make him happy, but made him doubt on her, thinking is she using her managerial skills or her beauty to run his business. Things turned worse between them, where Dilsher used to beat her up daily, he used to drink wine and one day even Rudra was about to, but she stopped him. She could not bear his taunts and beats anymore and left him. She wanted to take Rudra with her, as she loved him a lot, but Dilsher did not allow her to take Rudra and kept him.

Rudra hears all this about what his mum faced. He thinks how much Dilsher lied to him about Mala’s ill character, and how she has dumped her little son for Tejawat’s love. Rudra goes angrily to Dilsher and confronts him about this big lie. Rudra is shaken up by this truth and curses him, that it would have been better if he was not born, or died at birth or was an orphan, atleast he would have not got such parents who ruined their son’s life in their fights. Rudra takes support of Paro. Keep reading.



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