Kabir to admit his feelings for Anushka; Prashant’s mystery slowly unfolding in Saraswatichandra







Kabir has finally realized his feelings for Anushka and understood he is in love with her, but does Anushka loves him too? Well, the answer is yes, its mutual, but will she agree to accept their relation and marry Kabir. As they both are anti-marriage types, who have seen bad marriages till now and don’t believe in such relation, as it bounds the happiness and freedom of the partners involved. But will Anushka clear her mind and nod yes to Kabir. We surely hope so, but Kabir will have to leave his Akdupan (rudeness) and win her heart by his sweet and rare smile and do a tough task of admitting his feelings to Anushka. He will have to propose her for marriage, and it will be great to be Mr. Sadu (as Anushka named him) to propose Miss Chipkali (as Kabir named her).

Kabir is trying hard to stop her from leaving Ratnagiri, as he can’t see his love departing. He hides her project file and just wishes she does not go. But as Badimaa has seen him hiding the file and is all smiling having understood Kabir’s intentions of stopping Anushka, why she back up Kabir? Everyone has felt love is ringing in the Desai love again, and would want both Kabir and Anushka to accept their feelings and get married. Hope to see this soon!! (One request to the makers, to not make Kabir look weird with extra long hair, he used to look much hot and was a style shop himself, when he was swinging around Ghuman, now that when he finally got his love, give him a proper hairdo and styling!!)


Another track is of our lovely couple Kumud and Saras. Prashant looks like he has nothing to do and managing the expenses without any job, as he is shown looking into Kumud’s flat by binoculars 24×7. He spots the crack in the wall where he has hidden something, let’s guess, it might have the dead body of that girl who disappeared from his flat, maybe his girlfriend, maybe he has killed her being a psycho. Just an assumption, as makers can bring any twist, this can be a suggestion to them too, if they haven’t planned yet, LOL!!. Prashant really is a psycho lover. Now, he has laid his eyes on Kumud and constantly stares at her Chundani (four dots on the neck).

The question is why did Mahesh react like that seeing Kumud’s pic. Was Prashant’s girlfriend Kumud’s look alike, or only had the Chundani resemblance? Prashant calls up Mahesh and they together rush to Kumud’s flat too make the wall fine, and hide the crack. They do this work when Kumud and Saras go on a date. Prashant has earlier stopped the couple from nailing the wall, so definitely there is something. A great mystery to be solved, but it will take time, so story has many tracks going on.


Danny and Kusum, our cutie pie couple is so adorable. Kusum is doubting Danny to be having an affair with his friend Kiran, who messages Danny often and making Danny spend less time with Kusum. Kusum thinks about Anushka’s words about how men cheat their lovely wives, and is suspicious about Danny. She follows him one day and finds Danny with someone having long hair. (As we have seen it, we feel it’s a guy with long hair, not any female friend of Danny). So Kusum, there is nothing to worry, as Danny will not cheat you. Danny is a loving and caring husband, just like his brother Saras.


Back to Prashant, the man who is lusting for Kumud, can’t control himself when he sees her. He wants to just go and get her. He bumps into her acting as if he slipped and lost balance, holding her arm and touching her body all over, to lay his dirty hands on her. Kumud gives him a tight slap, as she assumes him to be an eve teaser, without seeing his face. She is shocked to see his face and what’s next. Same sweet apology thrown up by Prashant. While Kumud is unaware of his intentions, as he presents himself as a good guy. Let’s see how far can he hide his truth and the wall mystery. With Saras and Kumud together, no force on this earth can come in between them. Saraswatichandra is getting interesting, keep watching it on Star Plus and keep reading about it here!!


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