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Hi Guys, we are really glad to see the response on EMA post, and moreover we are overwhelmed by the fact that our write up has succeeded to bring a smile on your faces. So, we got what we aimed for. We just wanted to pass on the massage to the makers, and we did. We are sure they have read this post and right now, might be thinking to keep the viewers happy. So, fingers crossed to see what happens next in the show. We saw many comments on the post today and we just got free of our other work, we will reply to your comments too. Its good to see when work is appreciated. There is lots of hard work required to please people, and we got some new followers on our site too, so it’s wonderful. The fact is after every dark and silent night, it’s a beautiful, fresh, lively and bright morning. So, on this note, Keep TellyReviewing, and believe this site is YOURS!!





2 responses to “TellyReviews @ 12.34 AM IST:”

  1. pari Avatar

    ur hardwork has brought all this success.this is not only a site were we read an article and then forget about.we feel so connected to u bcoz ur every post has personal touch.
    I appreciate whatever u did for ema fans.hope that atleast now ema team come into senses and change the track as per peoples demand
    all the best to tellyreview for bright future.keep it up.

  2. tellyreviews Avatar

    Hi pari, thanks for your wishes.. yes, you are right, we give a part of ourselves in every post we cover, we don’t want to say this but wants to inform you about it. we earlier said that you are very kind, and again repeat, you are very kind.. keep reading and hope you will have good experience with our site always, best !!

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