Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 27th June 2014 13th Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 13th Episode

Recap (Preview): Hansraj speaks to Cheeku about one-sided love being the reason for heartbreaks in 72 % of all cases. Cheeku follows up with his misunderstanding and decides to not speak with Kimaya. Dodo tries to meet Kattu but in vain.

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Cheeku disconnects the call with Kimaya and sooner gets a call from her in his phone. He decides to give her a chance and contemplates but then decides to not speak with her. Dodo tries to look for Kattu and then looks through his telescope and learns that she is not taking his calls. He goes to her home and confronts her and asks what she thinks of her. She apologizes to him and then learns that her parents are fighting. Dodo learns the reason for her not coming thereafter.

Cheeku speaks with Sid at home, and Sid makes a taunt at cheeku and calls him Dhakkan (fool) and leaves to his college. Cheeku remembers Kimaya’s words about Dhakkan. Sooner, his parents also speak about Dhakkan referring to tiffin box and he thinks that even his parents think of him as Dhakkan. Sid looks at a sports bike on a friend’s phone and suggests that now he is not interested in them. Devika comes there and sees Sid boasting of having the best model for him. He speaks that Desi models are for time pass and his mind have other things. Devika confronts him on his Japanese models, and he speaks that his father will not accept but she is in all his plans.

Cheeku gets reminded of Dhakkan (fool) word in his school and then some boys fighting in his school. He decides to finish the matter and tries to remove Kimaya’s account from his video chat but couldn’t do. On the other end, Devika speaks that she thought him as innocent and have good heart and calls him loser. She doesn’t want him to show his face to her and goes away. Cheeku presses some buttons of his laptop and Dodo looks at a magazine and Sid wears a boxing glove. They speak on why girls are weird and Dodo speaks that Kattu is not taking calls and Sid speaks there should be some reason. Dodo responds that girls are throwing angers of someone at you. Then, Sid then learns that Devika is angry because she doesn’t like Japanese bikes. Sid goes to Devika and speaks that if she doesn’t like Japanese bikes then he will not but those bikes or even download images.

She speaks that he was talking about indian models, and then learns that he was talking about bike models. Sid speaks why girls are weird again since Devika why became calm he doesn’t know as well. Devika’s friend speaks with her that she became jealous with Sid. But he replies, maybe yes or maybe not. Dodo meets Kattu at home, and she speaks about her parents fight. She then wants him to take her on a date so that she can speak his tragic story. She speaks that as he told directly to a girl for a makeout so he got a slap. She thinks that he should have got born in Bangkok rather than in India. Dodo becomes happy on learning the same but Kattu is not impressed.

They again speak that girls are weird, and Sid speaks on clearing the confusion with Devika. Cheeku then learns that maybe Kimaya was speaking of Dhakkan for some other person, and he thinks of how many good things that Kimaya did for him. Some of them are happy birthday wishes, helped him in making friends, and many more. Cheeku thinks whether he has made a big mistake and runs to have a video chat with Kimaya. He then receives a call from Kimaya and with hesitation attends her call. She asks him why he was doing such odd behavior. He tries to answer but couldn’t utter proper answer. She wants him to open up and thinks that there is a stupid reason and she is waiting. He speaks that he thought that she called him Dhakkan and Kimaya becomes shocked (My God) and he was not talking since 2 days.. She then calls him Dhakkan (fool) though she didn’t call him Dhakkan earlier. Cheeku thinks to write a book on how to become a Dhakkan.

She writes a message to Cheeku and refers to his Dhakkanpanti and doesn’t want to loose his friendship and knows the reason why he think of those things and gives him a challenge to make first 2 friends, and also send her some new photos of them hanging out and then only he can chat with her. Cheeku speaks with Hansraj of having 2 new friends at the garden and speaks that Kimaya told him to do so. Hansraj speaks of himself as one friend, but cheeku speaks of two new friends as Kimaya already knows hansraj. Soon, he has to go to speak with mangeshwar madam, and gets scolded.

Next Episode: Dodo teaches Cheeku on how to make new friends.

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