Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 28th June 2014 Colors 7th Episode – Sneak Peek Snapshot

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Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 7 7th Episode

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7 is in the fourth week on Colors, and Guests on the show tonight are: Actors – Armaan Jain and Deeksha Seth of the upcoming film – Lekar Hum Deewana Dil; and TV actors and beautiful couple on Indian TV Harshad Arora (Zain) and Preetika Rao (Aaliya), known as ZaYa; TV actors and popular and lovable Bahus – Toral Rasputra (Anandi) and Deepika Samson (Simar).

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Hosts: Actors – Ranvir Shorey and Manish Paul.
Judges: Madhuri Dixit Nene, Karan Johar, Remo D’Souza.

* Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Drashti Dhami association with Jhalak ended last week. We wish Maksim and Drashti the very best in their respective careers.
* Manish Paul replaces Drashti as the host and joins Ranvir Shorey from this week onwards.
* Akshat Singh gets the dancing shoes from judges thanks to his splendid performances thereby with this boon he will be saved from elimination.
* Elimination: Purab Kohli got eliminated last week.

Performers tonight

* Ashish Sharma dances with his partner shampa on the Party All night song and are dressed as Ghosts/Vampires/Zombies.
– Dance Form: Drunk Jazz
– Madhuri gives a perfect marks, and Remo says – This is it..
– Score: 30/30
– Madhuri comes on stage and dances with them on the party all night song.
– Manish asks Ashish who will be the winner this time since last time it was a girl, and he responds boys. Manish then asks judges, Remo replies a girl, Madhuri replies a boy, and Karan replies Palak invoking a laughter.
– Ranvir and Manish thinks of a face-off between Jhalak’s boys and girls to know the winner. All the contestants and judges remo and madhuri then dance on stage in turns on the Nachle Nachle Ji Bharke song. After their performance, Karan speaks a line and directs it at Madhuri and other – ABCD padli bahut, Achi baat karli bahut, Thande Aaahein Karli Bahut, Ab Karoonga Tera Saath Gandi Baat. Karan then comes on stage and dances with contestants and fellow judges on the same song.

* Karan Tacker dances with his partner Elena. The dance was elegant, passionate and with suave.
– Dance form: Ballroom freestyle
– Song: Mera haat Mein ..Saare Jannatae ho, Mera Saath Ho song from the movie Fanaa
– Madhuri speaks that Elena is beautiful and Karan is dapper.
– Score: 24/30

* Palak dances with her partner Kruti Mahesh on Balam Pichkari song from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (YJHD)
– Dance form: Bollywood and freestyle
– Palak is dressed as Basanti while her partner is seen as Gabbar from the movie Sholay.
– Madhuri speaks that her dance was good and was full on and entertaining..
– Score: 27/30

* Mouni Roy dances with her partner Puneet as a puppet on the Nagada Song Dhol Baaje song.
– Dance Form: Freestyle
– Karan speaks there are two superstars – choreography and Mouni. He speaks that Mouni emote very well as Puppet which was evident in her emotions, body language and spell bound performance.
– Score: 27/30

* Sukhwinder Singh dances on a hip-hop dance with his partner Bhawna on the song-Sanu Bainde..Velle
– Dance Form: Hip Hop/Freestyle
– Remo speaks to Sukh ji to perform in the same manner like earlier.
– Score: 21/30
– Manish then invites Remo to dance with Sukh ji and Remo comes on stage and dances with Sukh ji.

* Armaan and Deeksha guests on the show dances on their movie’s title song Khalifa on stage, and then Karan speaks that Armaan is very ‘Dil Fek’ (wholehearted) and to prove that point shows a photo showing Armaan as a child with Madhuri and giving a cute facial expression. Manish and Ranvir wants Armaan to recreate the same expression and Armaan then goes and gives hug to Madhuri and greets Remo and Karan (touches his feet as well). They leave from there.

Manish and Ranvir wears mini puppets in their hands and refers to them as Karan Johar and Remo respectively, and Palak wears another puppet and calls it Madhuri. Manish and Ranvir show greetings and love between their puppets and Palak with her puppet who is acting as madhuri speaks that the hottest one was Max (Maksim) but he has already left and cries, and other puppets of remo and karan are consoling her. Manish with his puppet speaks that yes varun our film has become hit.. bringing laughter. Sooner, they show yoga stunts and different exercise position, and the one shown by Manish was lifting the legs fully upside and is foldable. Karan speaks that he cannot do it and they then end the puppet comedy sequence. Madhuri sings the song – Bada Dukh Dena..

Aliya and Zain guests on the show are seen sitting in the audience and speaking with each other and then called by Manish and Ranvir on stage. They ask them why were they arguing ? Manish goes on to say that husband and wife have arguments and suggests that without any arguments between couples will be like water without fish. He then asks them about their argument. Alia speaks that they were arguing on the best contestant, and furthermore, she chooses Karan as her favorite because she likes his chemistry. Karan thanks her for supporting him. Ranvir speaks that Alia is praising some other men in front of her husband and in a heavy tone thinks that she also got Manishya.. (taunt on manish). Manish then wants Zain to clarify who is his favorite so as to provide both chemistry and biology. Zain chooses his favorite to be Shakti. After then, Alia and Zain are in Nok-Jhok mode, Alia speaks that Shakti is not a match for Karan, and suggests that just see Karan’s chemistry and romance, while Zain speaks that Shakti’s dance moves are perfect. Madhuri and Remo wants Zain and Alia to dance with their favorites.

Manish tries to pamper Elena while they are dancing and sits beside her. Aliya and Karan, and Zain and Shakti then dances on Ooh La La song from the movie Dirty Picture. They dance with exuberance and comfort. Zain speaks of his jealousy to see Aliya with Karan, and Manish thinks that Zain have danced with Nari Shakti (women’s power). Remo then suggests in seeing Zain-Aliya dance together and Shakti-Karan will dance as well. They again dance on the same Oh La La song. Remo speaks that Aliya and Zain are a good couple. Ranvir is seen to have a good time with Elena and Karan tacker speaks a funny line and says that Ranvir-Elena has good brother-sister’s love. The hosts compliments Zain-Aliya to be the best couple and even Shakti-Karan. Zain and Aliya leaves from stage.

Ranvir speaks that nowadays people have heart problems in India, and to make heart in good condition people does lot of activities like exercise, walking, cardio, etc. But Manish is not convinced and speaks that to have good heart he keeps beautiful girls close to him and in doing so his heart exercise goes on. He then welcomes gorgeous Bahus (daughter-in law) on Colors show – Anandi from Balika Vadhu and Simar from Sasural Simar Ka. Anandi and Simar comes on stage grooving to the Aashiqana Aaye Karo…song and the hosts welcome them. Manish asks them for coming on Jhalak. Anandi speaks that Jhalak is her favorite show and she watches it along with her family always and Simar speaks of two reasons coming on the show – first being the judges and the second is contestants. So, she doesn’t buy Manish’s earlier argument that one reason for Anandi to come on the show is for him. Anandi speaks that definitely girl will win since she is the hope of the country, and wherever there is hope there is win. Ranvir congratulates them and soon Palak shows her interest to speak with Anandi. Palak speaks that she did comedy on Comedy nights with Kapil, and on jhalak is doing dance, but she haven’t done any daily soap so want to get some important acting tips for it.

Sooner, Anandi comes on stage and makes a taunt on Palak’s figure and speaks that it is suitable for a Bahu. Palak wants to learn how to emote a crying scene since it is very common in daily soaps. Anandi then shows her by emoting a sincere crying scene and wants Palak to do the same scene from her heart. Then comes the turn of Palak to enact the same crying scene, and she does it loudly while carrying lot of emotions on her face. Anandi wants her to calm down a bit and not be so loud, palak again emotes the crying scene bit softer. She couldn’t control her crying scene and then again bursts out at the end. Palak also wants to learn how the daily soap actors speak to themselves so loudly. Anandi speaks that it can be done if you are aware of the situation at hand and keeps it in mind. Palak wants to enact a scene like the one of Savitri who saves her husband from Yamraaj.

Later, Anandi agrees to enact the scene and palak will emote those dialogues on her face. Anandi speaks the dialogue and palak responds to those dialogues and shows different emotions according to different words in the dialogue. After seeing Palak, Manish wants palak to go to the restroom bringing laughter..Now Palak reverses the dialogue-emotion roles, and she herself speaks the dialogue while Anandi has to emote on her face. Palak’s dialogue referring to Anandi’s inner voice (things in her mind) is – How Simar is wearing a better saree than her, and she got not so colorful saree, and how colors have told them to come at 6 pm and then calls 9 pm on stage, moreover she has to go to a party and speaks on feeling of missing her boyfriend because of presence on Jhalak. Palak thanks all and leaves. Stay tuned to Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa tonight @ 9 PM on Colors TV.

Images credit: Colors TV Website and Twitter page of Colors TV, and Twitter page of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa

Jhalak – Sneak Peek 1
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Jhalak – Sneak Peek 2
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Full Video of 7th Episode [28th June]

Jhalak – Songs (used in contestant’s dance and guests) + Short Promos
[youtube id=http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4b3KxwBzb84ncZs5-fkLqdRQwrFhwNFm]

Twitter pages of Madhuri, Remo, and Karan. Madhuri’s motto for this Jhalak’s season – “Earn it to Learn it!”

Twitter pages of Ranvir and Manish.

Twitter pages of Jhalak’s contestants + Choreographers:
* Akshat Singh
* Andy
* Ashsish Sharma and Shampa
* Karan Tacker and Elena Samodanova
* Kiku Sharda
* Kritika Kamra and Savio Barnes
* Mouni Roy and Punit Pathak
* Purab Kohli and Mohena Kumari
* Puja Banerjee and Rajit Dey
* Shakti Mohan and Tushar Kalia
* Sophie Choudry
* Sreesanth and Sneha Kapoor.
* Facebook page of Sukhwinder Singh and Bhawna Khanduja.

Twitter pages of Guests: (the ones which are available)
* Preetika Rao – Aaliya
* Harshad Arora – Zain
* Toral Rasputra – Anandi

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