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Love By Chance Bindass 4th Episode

Love by Chance is a romantic comedy backed by serendipity. The show covers real stories of people and every week a new love story will be shown.

The show starts with Kavi Shastri (the host) cleansing his shoes and going on a date with a girl, and the shoes are polished to impress the girl and doesn’t want to take any chance. He speaks after seeing a girl, the boys always want to put their best foot forward but they forget that the story doesn’t end there. This is because after putting the foot they will come to terms with reality but will always try to put the best foot forward first, right ?

In the army camp, a young army man is speaking with his girlfriend but he is bullied by his colleagues who are throwing some mod at him. He is not happy with them and they are informed by their senior that the army tag is chick magnate and once they go home many girls will vouch for them. He points to Lieutenant Kanishka Mehta about it and says that girls are flat and on a good note this is tested and proven idea. The boys wants to go ahead with the plan and chants Alpha Bravo. many times. Kanishka comes to his town and meets his friend. The friend comes with his girlfriend and doesn’t give him lift, and soon as he was standing on the road, a girl on a white scooty approaches him and is seen in not control of her bike. She hits him and in the process he sits on her scooty’s front and she drives the bike in that way. He wants her to stop but in vain and after going some distance they fell from the bike and the bikes also strays close to them. They don’t get serious injury and gets some bruises and the girl even wears a helmet as well, and they try to relax and recover [Lukka Chuppi Nain pe Atakka..Addiction satta song plays].

She scolds him and asks him why didn’t he stayed away from her on the road, and also she used her scooty’s horn. He asks about her condition, but she speaks on being fine. After some persistence, she gives him the nod to drive his scooty as she couldn’t drive the bike because of strain in her legs. Kanishka drives the bike with her, and on the way asks what she told her name ? She replies to him to not hit on her and speaks that she is the daughter of an army man. He speaks on being afraid, and then asks about her home since he has to drop her at home. She gives him the direction though not very pleased to give it.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that both are from army background, and the boy will definitely take the chance to hit on her, but there will be two possibilities – either he will hit the target or will be miss (rooster’s sound). Kavi speaks this while holding a big scissor.

Some other day, Kaniksha encounters the same friend to whom he calls Paaji, the one he met on the first day. He was jogging at that time, and stops paaji who is now seen with a different girl than the one during their last meeting. Paaji is bit embarassed but tries to convince that she is his Bhabhi (sister-in law). paaji then leaves from there. Sooner, the same girl comes on the road and again hits him and he sits on her bike’s front like last time. She argues why does he stand in the middle of the road and he wants to try some other thing like coins collection. She speaks on learning to drive scooty by herself and then crashes the bike and both fell on the ground. He advises her to buy a bicycle instead of driving the bike. He suggests her to travel in army cars with red beacons but she cites those cars as her biggest problem creators in her life. Kanishka sees his own innerself who advises him to introduce himself to the girl as Lieutenant Kaniska Mehta. He ponders to take the suggestion of his inner self and he asks her why she is not happy to be a senior army man’s daughter ? She calls it nonsense, and shows her strong dislike to army kid’s life.

He speaks that yesterday she was proud of being an army man’s daughter, she then informs him that she spoke like that just to make him afraid. She speaks that army man’s life is boring with strict regulations and rules and cites that army party doesn’t have fun. She then wants to introduce each other as they don’t know each other names. He speaks of knowing her name – Doesn’t matter after which she laughs and introduces herself as Shreya. He introduces himself as Kanishka and doesn’t not listen to his inner self who has suggested him to speak on his lieutenant position. She asks him about his work, but he cites some urgent work and runs away.

Kanishka calls his friend at the army camp who suggests him to speak a lie that he works something other than in army. Kanishka ponders on that thought but his friend gives him an analogy, and says that if his life (car) goes on fine then later speaks the truth maybe he will get scolding from her and things will be fine, but if his life (car) faces problems then he can switch to other car (partner). On that note, Kanishka ends the call. He looks at her photos at some blogging platform and speaks on different professions – Doctor, Engineer, Superman, Professor, Asst Professor, and then speaks director Kanishka. He decides to act like a director/filmmaker.

Next morning during his jogging, he again finds her approaching towards him and runs to escape from her, and goes on to sit on the top of a tree. She stops her bike and asks what he is doing there ? He responds on eating Apples but she informs him that the tree is of Jamun fruit. She asks him to speak truth, he responds that in order to be safe from a women’s bike he came to sit there. On that note, she opens up and says that she doesn’t hit him intentionally and only by mistakes but today wants to hit him today for fun. She invites him to come with her but he cites that he has some job. She then asks him about his work, whether he is actor/model as he looks like a stud and thinks acting is his profession. He doesn’t listen to his inner conscience and goes ahead to inform her that he is a director. They begin jogging together and she asks him on his movies. He speaks on making documentaries, and she thinks it of boring and asks him whether he made entertaining movies. He again replies yes, and she insists him to tell her about his entertaining movies.

Kanishka was doing pushups and he cites his movie as Border to which she responds it was made by J.P. Dutta, and he then speaks Border 2 with the actors who were alive in Border. He then speaks another movie name Army but she thinks it starred SRK, and he responds Army 2. Sooner then, he asks about her work and she replies of being a student of Mass Communication and his inner self feels that now he will get bashed up since Shreya is from media studies. He proposes her to go for some coffee, and leaves for a coffee place. She asks him whether for his documentaries he shoots with his own camera or have DOP (director of photography). He doesn’t know the abbreviation of DOP and feels lost. She answers DOP means camera man. He then suggests that instead of using DOP he uses ABC in his work and regards it a better technique than DOP. Sooner, he gets a call from his friend who asks him about his life and his partner Bravo as he himself is Alpha. He replies that Bravo.. bravo to highlight things are fine at his end, and as he is talking Shreya takes his video via her camera.

He advises his friend to go on a shoot, and suggests that the hero is with his heroine, situation is bad, please understand, he cannot speak openly. He informs his friend that he is acting like a director and signs off by saying Roger. She asks him why was he speaking in the tone of Army people like Roger, Bravo ? He responds that his next project is regarding army so he spoke those words. She becomes a bit annoyed as his next project is also regarding army (since he earlier told her to direct Army 2 and Border 2). He then asks her why she hates army people ? He didn’t get a reply and she informs him of speaking on this matter with many people. She then asks him about his so much interest in army ? He says that how much she dislikes them he does the opposite and have strong liking, she then suggests him to join army.

She speaks of not joining army since she doesn’t like them. She feels a bit awe after listening to him. She informs that moreover she doesn’t like lies, he was drinking coffee at that time and pukes it out after listening to her.

Kavi speaks that from now on he has to do love ke liye Saala kuch bhi karenga (He will do whatever he can do for love). Now, love is a game between two people and the important rule is just don’t give up, come what may.

Some other day they again met during morning jogging hours. She informs him that her bike is not working at all. On hearing it, kanishka feels happy as his legs will be safe now. She also brings coffee in a container since the coffee shops are closed in early morning hours. He teases her and drinks all her coffee though she brought the coffee for both of them. He asks her about different balls, army parties which she is entitled to because of her army background. She is not interested in them as she feels them boring however she might go with someone while looking at his eyes. He asks her who is that someone ? first, she replies the son of Kuldeep uncle but she declined his offer as he was boring, and then Raghav has also asked her but he declined him as well. He thinks that her attitude is very strange since she doesn’t go to parties with her parents and boys.

To counter that, she begins to cough like an old lady while he is a bit nervous on her cute passes towards him. She then speaks that if a cute boy asks him for those dates, then she will go while looking at him with a smile. He becomes more nervous and offers her a coffee instead. She returns his coffee and says that he will not understand what she had tried to convey and leaves.
Kanishka feels elated after seeing Shreya’s coming close to him and have feelings for him.

Kavi speaks that in DDLJ, Raj has said to Simran that he will not come with style on her wedding day, but if Raj doesn’t come then how would the story might have progressed, right ?

Kanishka is seen at a party and thinks that Shreya is also there but learns that the girl is his Bhabhi (paaji’s wife). He speaks with paaji on how many girls he has. He then finds Shreya there. Kavi at his end speaks that he wants to run the tune of DDLJ at this moment but cannot run it as they don’t have the music rights. Shreya asks him how is he present there ? In the same moment, paaji comes there and calls him lefty..Kanishka tries to send him away and somehow manages to convince that he is a director and came for a documentary to Chandigarh. He is at the ball but a women there tries to dance with him, and after lot of persistence, Shreya takes him away from that aunty.

She takes him to a park and speaks that she really likes him a lot and wants him to say something. His inner-self wants him to say that he also likes her. He speaks thank you after which she is confused. [love by Chance tune].. Next day, he takes paaji’s photos who suggests him to speak lie with confidence. Sooner,he gets a call from army unit and attends the call who wants him to come to the base by next day. She speaks to his sister Gunjan about his duty call where he has to reach the army base in next 24 hours. furthemore, his battalion is going to Dras sector.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that a boy and girl met, and the boy spoke a lie with the girl because the situation was – Do or Die. Upto then, things were going one since today or by tomorrow the hero will tell the truth to his heroine. The situation was tight and the hero has only few hours to think and plan. There was less time and he has to do things now.

Kanishka meets Shreya at a park and she informs him that he was very funny since he told thank you to a girl who confessed her liking for him. He seems a bit lost and she asks him about his shoot. He asks him why is he giving discrete answers – Yes or No. He then speaks on saying her something and she thinks that he got guts to speaks something very important. On hearing it, he asks her how does she know what he is going to speak ? She thinks that he will also speak the same words and will confess his liking for her, and furthermore if he is too brave, he might say that he loves her. So, its not rocket science to infer about his feelings. She then confesses her love for him – I love you Kanishka Mehta. He also responds that he loves her but there is something. Both comes close for a kiss but he shies away and says that he is not Kanishka mehta. She then suggests that he is a spiderman. He goes away from her a bit and without looking at her speaks that he is Lieutenant Kanishka Mehta.

She thinks he is bluffing and calls him loser. He speaks that he is serious and not cracking jokes. She becomes annoyed with him and scolds him and doesn’t want to listen to his banter. He thinks that she is misunderstood but she insists that he has hurt and played with her feelings. She reminds to him that earlier she told of her dislike for army people and lies, and he has hurt her with those same things. Kanishka speaks that he didn’t do it intentionally but Shreya is not in a mood to take his words. In the same moment, his friend paaji comes there and calls her as Bhabhi. She becomes more unhappy and leaves from there.

Kavi speaks that what to say, he thought that shreya will forgive him but that was not the case at that time, he speaks that yes speaking a lie is wrong but the boy told her truth sincerely.

Kanishka comes home and does kick boxing at his home and his sister Gunjan supports him and says that now she will go and speak with Shreya about him and wants him to not loose hope. Gunjan meets Shreya at the coffee shop, and tries to convince the importance of army and asks her how come she cannot have liking for army since her father was an army man. As Shreya is least bothered to hear her, she then speaks about her brother who is just 23 years old and as brave officer is going on an army mission to the Dras sector. She speaks that anything can happen to him, and maybe he can come alive or might die and come in a coffin box. After knowing all this he is going there because he is a fauji (soldier) and he has the responsibility of the country. Shreya doesn’t agree to her, and Gunjan leaves from there after calling that it was hopeless to talk with her.

Kaniksha is at his home and thinks that he should not have spoken a lie with her, and then leaves for his duty call in paaji’s jeep. He finds the road to be blocked by a barricade and shreya comes there and informs him that she put those road blocks. She again reiterates on being angry with him until now because he has lied to her. He apologizes to her for his big mistake but what else he could do since he used to like her a lot after seeing her. He thought that he might loose her so he spoke the lie and says this is not an explanation for his lies, and speaks that he is very sorry. Kanishka carries a gloomy and the look of guilt on his face, and shreya changes her facial expression from angry to suave and loving. She speaks that nothing to worry and lets forget what happened, and speaks that he acted director and has wooed her (fielding) and now she wants to see whether he can do the same amount of wooing with him as fauji (soldier).

She wants to see whether Lieutenant Kanishka mehta is as loving as the film director Kanishka, and wants to see whether he will pass in this test of fail and she is awaiting his response. Kanishka feels very happy to hear her words, and she also carries a smile on her face while both are sharing an eyelock. Paaji horns at them from his car, and she replies to him that now she is her Bhabhi. Paaji responds that she borrowed his line. [Lukka Chippi. Ishq Addiction love by chance song]. She speaks of not being convinced by his sister’s words but by her own, and then he gives her a tight hug and he doesn’t want to go but then leaves for his mission. She awaits for his call [Love by chance song plays] and showers him a kiss from his scooty.

Kavi shastri (the host) speaks that doesn’t matter how many road blocks come in your way of love, all’s well that’s ends well. And moreover thinks that Bhabhi ji (shreya) was not so stubborn as she looked. She realized at the last moment what love is. Love is about giving someone a chance, giving yourself a chance, Isn’t it ? He speaks that Kanishka even after knowing Shreya’s dislikes have put lot of efforts and investments on this relationship and also took a big chance, so it was justified that Shreya also gave him a chance. Therefore, we should give love a chance. Kavi meets paaji who is seen with his wife, and informs Kavi that she is a Bhabhi for him. Kavi is puzzled and signs off by saying – Why everybody is Bhabhi for him..LOL!

Info on Cast

* Kanishka is played by actor and model Ankit Bhatla.
– Ankit Bathla was born on 10 October 1988 in New Delhi, India and graduated with a degree in Economics (Honors). He worked in American Express as a trainer before his foray into acting.
– Best known for playing the role of Ayush Parekh in Colors’ show Hamari Saass Leela (2011)
– Plays the role of Madhav in Big Magic’s show Beta Hi Chahiye which focuses on the family only yearning for a male offspring.
– He had also played the role of Karan Singh in Star Plus’ show Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera
– Read more about him on his Wikipedia page.

* Shreya is played by actress and model Swati Rajput.
– She has appeared in Colors’ show Shaitaan earlier.

Images credit: Twitter page of Bindass TV

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