Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 28th June 2014 14th Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 13th Episode

Recap (Preview): Sid speaks on Japanese bike models but Devika thinks that he was talking of Indian models but later learns that Sid was speaking about bikes and not girls. Cheeku clarifies with Kimaya about his misunderstanding and she doesn’t break friendship with him but gives him ultimatum to make 2 new friends before chatting again with her. Cheeku now plans to get two new friends.

Cheeku meets his teacher Mangeshwar mam and she informs him that he didn’t give him report and then speaks that in the garden she found new flowers and appreciates his work in gardening. She wants to bring photos of flowers and also he should be in the photos. He plans to give this good news to Kimaya and then speaks that but first he needs to make two new friends. Cheeku speaks with Dodo at his home, and Dodo speaks on different classes of friends, and he says wherever he goes people befriends him. sooner, Sid comes there and cheeku request him to take photo of his flowers but didn’t get a favourable response from Sid. Cheeku wants to hangout with Dodo so as to learn how to make friend. Cheeku tries to convince Dodo for even taking photo and he agrees.

Dodo wants to get hold of the girl from behind, and innocently he should introduce himself, and she will then asks his name, that’s done you will have a friend, and wants to show a live demo and then holds the girl nearby and call her Aashna. The girl speaks that this is the second time that he is hitting on her. Kattu comes there and supports Dodo and calls herself as Aashna. Dodo apologizes to that other girl and kattu then greets Cheeku as well. Dodo asks Kattu why was she coming close to him ? Kattu says that she doesn’t mind about Dodo and Kattu becomes Cheeku’s savior and helps in taking photos of the garden and flowers.

Kattu goes to Cheeku’s garden and he informs her that flowers are hybrid, and speaks that its just not a passion and calls the flowers as his friends. She understands him and he holds one plant pot and she takes his photo and even takes a selfie with both of them. She wishes him all the best and she informs him on sending the photos by mail. Sid meets Devika and gives her a flower from Cheeku’s garden and informs her that after much efforts he got that flower. He wants to take a photo of Devika with the flower and she agrees. Cheeku comes there and he speaks that the gardener has told him that he has pluck the flower from there. Devika asks him about Cheeku’s garden, and he informs the flower is from his garden, and then she learns about it. Devika goes to Cheeku’s garden and calls it beautiful and asks him why didn’t he inform her before. He calls his garden work as passion and she taunts Sid on plucking the flower from a very dangerous forest. Sid starts to take her photo there, and she invites Cheeku for the photo and Sid becomes jealous but takes the photo. Cheeku thinks about the third time praise for his garden. Devika wants Sid to go from there, and praises Cheeku more and calls his work great.

Hansraj shows Cheeku an article which was published which is called The wonders of nature. Hansraj speaks of taking Kimaya and Devika’s photos and cheeku informs that he already has their photos, and takes a selfie with Hansraj. Cheeku thanks mangeshwar mam for his help and he informs the teacher that he wants to work as a environmentalist and will work for organic farming. She speaks that environmentalist doesn’t have any future and suggests that they are just good for hobby and wants him to consider biotech engineering. Cheeku speaks that he found two new friends Devika and Kattu and chats with Kimaya but he is still sad. He speaks of his dream being shattered since he wanted to become environmentalist.

She cites some examples of acting schools were not there, and wants him to come out of his comfort zone and there can be numerous possibilities and he can meet very special people in a sweet voice. She informs him of not coming online for the next 2 days, and he ends the chat on a happy note. Cheeku after the chat gets hiccups and remembers about Kimaya’s words meeting special people outside India. Kattu sees Cheeku with his telescope and informs him that he is using Dodo’s toothbrush and suggests that he is in love with Kimaya. Cheeku speaks that abroad means america and Kimaya lives in America so thinks that she loves him.

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