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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Disaster Mini Series Story 3, Episode 49 Ameeta and Rudra

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks that after disasters what remains speak something, and for people they are just disaster but love stories are born there as well. He welcomes all to the 3rd story of Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Disaster Mini Series.


The story starts with Ameeta seen with her boyfriend Arshad. She speaks of running without informing her parents (they were asleep) and thinks that they will forgive her. Both are seen with small bags carrying their belongings.

She speaks to him that her parents were stubborn to not listen about their relationship since they belong to different religions. She now switches to more vibrant look and asks him about his plan and where to go and speaks that she is ready to go wherever he wishes to take her just he should not leave her. Arshad smiles after hearing her patiently. Furthermore, she thinks that once they will be together and realize their relationship and will be one so their name should also be the same. She cites examples of Saif-Kareena as Saifeena and in the same she thinks of them to have one name such as Armeeta and asks him whether he likes that name ? He smiles and suggests that both of them are leaving their homes permanently and in such tough time she is thinking of such non-serious things. Sooner, Arshad finds the weather to be deteriorating with heavy rains. There are heavy floods in their state Maharashtra and people are in the midst of floods and even Ameeta and Arshad bore the brunt.

Sooner then, Ameeta finds herself at the medical camp and the nurse asks her name but she is not in her full senses. Ameeta speaks her name after the nurse repeatedly asks her name, and she also remembers about being present with Arshad and preparing to go with him on his scooter. She comes to her senses and calls Arshad’s name and looks for him at that medical and displaced people camp where even army is also supporting the flood victims. She comes out of the room and asks people whether they have found her Arshad. On the other end, Rudra is seen sitting with remorse on his face. He remembers how he lost his mother due to floods and before dying she tells him that his own destiny will come to him. Ameeta approaches him and asks whether he knows about her Arshad and also give some description, but Rudra is in shocked and doesn’t utter a word. The army speaks that many people have lost their lives and injured due to floods in this village, and soon she learns that all the roads are blocked and around 200 people have died and much more are severely injured. She speaks to herself that nothing will happen to Arshad. Rudra comes to her and offers water, but she still is in the mental state about the remembrance of Arshad. She informs him that he is fair and tall, he then asks her how is she related with him ? She responds that Arshad was going to be her husband, and they were soon to be getting married. He suggests her to not cry and offers his support in finding him. They hear the announcement about food packets and he suggests that they collect food and eat.

She is not interested to eat and he tries to convince her in eating food. He speaks that eating is essential if they need to find Arshad. She agrees and they approaches the food counter, and sooner hears that there is no food remaining at the counter. They find an old lady there who argues with the volunteer on getting one more food packet for her son. The volunteer asks about her son and she replies on finding him there with lot of worry and tears on her face. There are two food packets remaining for Ameeta and Rudra, and Ameeta after seeing the old lady’s condition gives her own food packet and calls her as Daadi. Daadi gives blessings to her, and speaks that Ameeta and Rudra are a good couple. Ameeta goes from there and cries. Rudra comes there and again requests her to eat some food [Dhuva Dhuva Si Hain Zindagi..Dhundla Sa Hain Khwaab Kahi..Kho Gayi Jaane Woh Khushi song plays]. She introduces herself as Ameeta to him then and he introduces himself as Rudra. He speaks that she is Ameeta and her love was Arshad..She then opens up more and informs him that they have left their homes. On hearing it, he responds that their marriage will be definite, she then asks him in a teary voice why is helping her ? He gives a reply that since long time he hasn’t eaten good food and at her marriage he can get some nice food, and then asks her why she has helped the old lady just a while back ? He suggests that she helped the old lady (Daadi) because of hope and adds that hope is very important to lead and move ahead in life.

He speaks on not having even hope and speaks on coming from Punjab with the big hope but couldn’t succeed and lost everything. She speaks on Arshad being his only and last hope and speaks that for her parents she is already dead, and her actions of running away is not taken in good spirits. He begins to search for Arshad and speaks to himself that after looking for hope in her eyes, he also feels some hope for himself. Rithvik (the host) speaks that life doesn’t give second chance but they were drifting towards each other and were coming close.

They begin to go together in the search of Arshad and just to take bicycle she puts her earrings on loan [Kisi Shayar.Koi Raat Ka Tara.. song] at the camp. They go together on the bicycle and stops near the lake and Rudra sees her getting refreshed. He speaks to himself about falling with her but couldn’t speak to her. Both of them reaches the hospital and she asks him about a man Arshad Khan. She then learns that that a body is found of Arshad and goes to see the body and recognizes Arshad and bursts out crying [Iss Dard Ko Dil Mein Rehna Do..] In the night, Rudra supports her and she puts her head down on his shoulder and sleeps. Next, in morning she wakes up and finds her head on Rudra’s shoulders and then she moves from there rapidly. Rudra informs her about getting back her earrings and she gets reminded of Arshad who had earlier given it to her as a special gift. She cries profusely after looking at them [Raha Na Main Apna Jaise song plays]. Soon after, she runs away with that earring and reaches the cliff of the mountain and wears the earring with thoughts about him. As she is about to jump to death and take our own life, Rudra comes from behind and protects her. As she is uncontrollable, he even gives her a slap so as to manage her and then carries her in his hands.

In the night, Ameeta is still lost in her thoughts and doesn’t speak with Rudra and sooner she confronts him and asks why she stopped her from dying ? He speaks of seeing hope in her eyes and she doesn’t want him to show mercy. He then confesses his love for her and says that’s its not important that she also loves him and doesn’t have any hope of love from her. Ameeta’s Daadi speaks that she can never be Rudra’s love, and just after then the volunteer there speaks that all the roads are cleared so they can move back to their homes. First, elders will get the priority, and Ameeta contemplates where to go since she cannot go home. She informs him of not going to her home, he asks her what she wants to do. She wants to stay at the same place and help the people there at that camp.

During the camp work, Rudra is hurt and Ameeta feels something for him and looks at him, and then both share an eyelock. They spend time more time together [Yeh Dil Rukh Ja Zara Phir Mohabbat karna Chala Hain Tu..son.. song]. Ameeta and Rudra are slowly drifting towards each other as days passes by. It is then learnt that Ameeta is pregnant with Arshad’s child and soon Rudra comes with the doctor for her checkup but learns from Daadi that Ameeta has gone again and spoke of leaving the camp. She goes at the same cliff and sits down while holding her stomach and cries thinking on her pregnancy. Rudra asks her whether she is running away from her life or from him. He speaks that she is not doing the right thing and giving much damage to her unborn child and herself. She speaks of not finding the direction where she can go. He comes to her and speaks that he can see love for him in her eyes. She speaks that already he did so many things for him. He then speaks and promises to give all her happiness and will take care of them and asks her to give him one opportunity and if she doesn’t give him that opportunity then for him there is no meaning of his life. He speaks of loving her a lot, and promises again to bring lots of happiness to both Ameeta and her unborn child and then showers a kiss on her forehead thereby sealing their love and furthermore hugs each other validating to be lovestruck couple. [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title track song plays].

Rithvik speaks that there are happiness as well as hope can be found in disasters as well, and speaks that though Ameeta and Rudra have lost their family members but found themselves. On that note, he signs off by saying – Keep falling in love guys, disasters will not stop you !!

Info On Cast
* Rudra is played by Actor Ali Merchant.
– Ali was born in Mumbai on December 13, 1984.
– Worked in the role of Bharat in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Akshat in Amber Dhara, Rituraj in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain (YRKKH).
– Contestant in Big Boss Season 4 (2010) and also a participant in cooking show Welcome on Life Ok (2013).
– Read more about him at his Wikipedia page.

* Ameeta is played by Actress Ruchi Savarn, Ruchi is also a singer and dancer.
– She is currently working in the role of Devika in Sahara One’s Ghar Aaja Pardesi.
– Past works: Role of Jonaki in Star Plus’ Tere Liye, and Radha in Sony TV’s Pyaar Ka Bandhan.
– Ruchi’s Facebook page and Twitter page.

Additional Note:
* Bindass has just released (27th June) the official Title track (Audio song) of the show and if interested, you can download it at this link here:

Image credit: Official Facebook page of Bindass’ Yeh Hain Aashiqui.

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