Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 4th July 2014 15th Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 15th Episode

Recap (Preview): Cheeku clarifies with Kimaya about his misunderstanding and she doesn’t break friendship with him but gives him ultimatum to make 2 new friends before chatting again with her. Cheeku now plans to get two new friends and gets Devika and Kattu as his friends. He chats again with Kimaya. He informs her of his passion for environmentalist, and she suggests that he can come to America for studies. She also informs him that she cannot talk with him for the next 2 days. Cheeku feels happy on the thought to be Kimaya in America.

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Cheeku speaks that he cannot speak with 2 days and Kattu speaks that he is in love and reminds that he only sees her and all these signs show that he is in love. It turns out to be Cheeku’s dream. Dodo speaks of seeing a new girl via his telescope and thinks that he is in love and Cheeku taunts on how does he know love. Dodo replies that he searches for every love in his colony.

Soon, Cheeku finds Sid with flowers and he wants to impress Devika with them. Sid tries to write a note with those flowers and then finally writes – To my love. Cheeku ponders thinks that he never thought to give flowers to Kimaya so thinks he is not in love with her. Sid goes to Devika and offers her those flowers after taunting a bit she accepts them and thanks him. Sid sits beside her in the classroom and asks for a movie date. She wants him to first be someone then she might think about him and make him as a friend. Sid becomes happy and thinks that one he becomes friend, he can easily become her boyfriend as well.

Cheeku meets  the guard and reads the message and thinks it as love message. The guard asks cheeku to write a love message for his friend’s wife Gulabo,  Meri Gulabo Jo Baat Hain..Woh Gulabo Mein Nahin.. The guard becomes happy, and thinks that love is spread everywhere and soon gets hiccups, and imagines Kimaya instead of guard. Sid’s teacher speaks about polination process between flowers. Cheeku imagines her teacher as Kimaya, and she speaks that flowers pollinate and doesn’t matter if you are in India or America, and Cheeku speaks up that he is not in love, and is scolded by his teacher who sends him away for day dreaming in class.

Dodo meets Kattu and speaks about the girl 63 B and also his dreams to go to Bangkok, Kattu speaks that even he doesn’t have passport. Kattu thinks that Bangkok plans are long term and speaks that opportunities are always near and who knows he doesn’t need to know Bangkok. She gives him an idea that 91% girls want to steal boys who has already a girlfriend, Dodo thinks that as weird. She wants him to imagine that he has already have a girlfriend, and he thinks that she hits him a lot. He speaks that once he takes her as girlfriend, then girls will be attracted to him. He takes the chance and accepts her.

Dodo goes with kattu and all the girls in the canteen are looking at them. She speaks that girls will be jealous after seeing them and vows to prove him how a girl will come and try to flirt with him. Kattu goes to some girls, and speaks that she is madly in love with her boyfriend, and she informs that he is cheating and wants to catch him red-handed. Kattu goes from there to order something, the girl comes to Dodo and calls him handsome,  and she introduces herself as Ritika. She becomes annoyed and then wants him to have respect in front of his girlfriend, and she calls him as Despo. Kattu saves him from trashing at hands of Ritika who goes by suggesting kattu to dump Dodo.

Sid attends his class and the teacher there compliments on his photos. She informs him to not call mam, and instead call her Natty (her name is Natasha). Sid runs from there and speaks that his total focus is on Devika. Dodo is angry with kattu as he was thrashed in his plans, she reminds him of his promise to take her on a date, and wants her to be away from him. Cheeku speaks to Kattu that she doesn’t need to wait. Kattu speaks of proposing to Dodo the next day and thinks that it took lot of time for friendship and partnership. Sid at his creates a photo album and Cheeku hits him and gets scolding. Cheeku is impressed with Sid’s photo but Sid taunts him. Sid speaks that Devika has already told him to become someone and then propose her and wants Cheeku and Dodo’s help. Cheeku speaks that he also loves Kimaya, and as she suggests to open up so thinks of proposing to Kimaya, but contemplates how will he speak golden words to Kimaya.

Next Episode: Kattu proposes to Dodo, Sid also meets Devika, and Cheeku dances with Kimaya (in his dreams) and speaks that the environment studies comes second to him.

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